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Elysium series - DreamingPagan
Part 1 To the Upper Air
James Flint goes to sleep expecting a battle the next day. What he's not expecting is to wake, eleven years in his own past, with a very different fight on his hands - to save the people he loves and his own soul.

Part 2 Persuasion
James has a new life - a happier one than he ever could have dreamt, but the man in the mirror still presents a problem.
!a  !fanfic  gen  black_sails  thomas_hamliton  flint  thomas_hamliton/flint/miranda_hamliton  timetravel  miranda_hamliton  rated:M  threesome 
17 days ago by indramiel
A Visit to Earth, 2378 series
Part 1 Dublin, February 2378
Miles and Julian go on the lash. After a few pints, truths and secrets are revealed.

Part 2 Packing for Earth
Julian packs for a trip to Earth. An offhand comment reveals a deep cultural misunderstanding.
!fanfic  !a  slash  ?sequel_ao3_subscr  ds9  julian  garak/julian  garak  rated:M 
april 2018 by indramiel
Summary: Prompt: "how about arranged marriage for whatever ridiculous reason, I mean who cares about the details, that’s what makes me cry in my pillow at night. Imagine Cullen, shy and smitten with Dorian, pining and heart all aflutter from a brush of hands - that’s it, that’s my prompt."

He’s ten when his younger sister dies. He’s never seen abominations before, but his father spoke of them, many times, desperate mages working at the behest of demons, and they loomed and they struck and she never stood a chance. King Pavus begged for a truce a mere fortnight ago. An obvious ruse, his father scoffs now, ordering his men to remain where they are, where they’ve been for months, stationed in Tevinter and keeping order where there is none. It’s chaos there, and whispers of slaughter often breach the frontier.

“What if we’re only making it worse, father?” Cullen asks, and he cups his cheek and it stings, and he clenches his jaw to keep the tears from soaking his face.
!fanfic  !a  slash  dragon_age  cullen  dorian_pavus  dorian_pavus/cullen  rated:M  arranged_marriage  au 
april 2018 by indramiel
Take all my loves, my love
Summary: Dorian isn't stupid. He knows what he and Cullen are doing, where the boundaries lie. He's not going to make a mistake.

(He definitely is.)
!fanfic  !a  slash  dorian_pavus/cullen  dorian_pavus  cullen  dragon_age  rated:M 
april 2018 by indramiel
Richard's Infinite Pornlist
Summary: That time Richard Hendricks used a slightly ludicrous (and fairly ambitious) project to ignore the sexual epiphany he was having.
!fanfic  !a  slash  silicon_valley  richard_hendricks  jared_dunn  jared_dunn/richard_hendricks  rated:M 
april 2018 by indramiel
Things Ain't So Lonely Anymore
Summary: Ficlet set in hoosierbitch's Dyslexia-verse. Clint doesn’t give them anything but his name. He would tell them his SHIELD ID number, because that’s allowed, but he can never get it right, eight numbers, two of them repeats and while it probably wouldn’t hurt for his captors to think he’s retarded, it would hit a little close to the bone to keep saying it wrong.
!fanfic  !a  slash  avengers  clint  coulson  clint/coulson  rated:M  mcu 
april 2018 by indramiel
Gifts, Stolen and Received
Summary: "It's my step-daughter," she said, eyes wet with tears and hands trembling with fear. I heard a rush of air as if a thousand fairy tales had been turned upside down at once.
!fanfic  !a  gen  het  crossover  harry_dresden  dresden_files  labyrinth  jareth/sarah  sarah  jareth  dresden_files/labyrinth  rated:M 
april 2018 by indramiel
Summary: Bashir makes a choice.
!fanfic  slash  !a  ds9  garak/julian  garak  julian  angst  rated:M 
april 2018 by indramiel
A Different Way of Looking at Things
Summary: After Destiny (3x15), Julian realizes that Garak really has been flirting with him for years, and he decides to take matters into his own hands. (spoilers for 3x15 obviously)
!fanfic  slash  !a  ds9  garak/julian  garak  julian  rated:M 
april 2018 by indramiel
The Home Series
Part 1 In The Dark (PG) : Garak and Bashir are trapped in a Dominion prison and Garak can't sleep...

Part 2 Home (NC-17) : Sequel to In The Dark. Garak and Bashir are home after their ordeal.

Part 3 Secrets (PG) : Sequel to Home. Julian has a secret. Winner of both the 1999 Golden O for Best DS9 Single Part Story, and the 1999 ASC Award for Best Garak/Bashir Romance! :0)
!fanfic  !a  slash  ds9  garak/julian  garak  julian  rated:M 
april 2018 by indramiel
Interspecies Courtship Rituals
Summary: Finding himself the object of an intense and frightening
Cardassian-style pursuit by Garak, Bashir tries to teach his suitor
a thing or two about human relationships.
!fanfic  !a  slash  ds9  garak/julian  garak  julian  rated:M  dub-con 
april 2018 by indramiel
Summary: Garak and Bashir make love.
!fanfic  slash  garak  julian  garak/julian  !a  rated:M 
april 2018 by indramiel
Forged Link
Summary: Sisko visits Garak after returning from the Founders' planet in Broken Link, and what Garak has to say makes Sisko fear for Bashir's safety.
!fanfic  slash  ds9  garak  julian  garak/julian  !a  rated:M 
april 2018 by indramiel
Dreams of Reality series
Part 1 The Path of Water
On a cold night of Hanukkah, Oliver reflects on what has brought him to the happiness he has found.

Part 2 The Long Road
Separating from Elio after their summer pushes Oliver to a crisis; he must make a choice.
!fanfic  slash  oliver  elio  elio/oliver  rated:M  !a  call_me_by_your_name  ?sequel_ao3_subscr 
april 2018 by indramiel
Thoughts that go like bullets through you (the time you told me that you wish you were dead)
Summary: Alec finds out his father has been cheating on his mother and finds comfort in magnus in his office at 1 am after the party.
(Takes place post-2x08).


Let alec lightwood cry he needs to let stuff off his chest okay.
!fanfic  !a  slash  alec  magnus  alec/magnus  rated:M 
april 2018 by indramiel
Sucker Punch
Summary: In which the Iron Bull discovers that Dorian isn’t using his watchword because he doesn’t believe Bull would actually stop.
!fanfic  !a  slash  dorian_pavus  dorian_pavus/the_iron_bull  the_iron_bull  dragon_age  rated:M  bdsm  hurt+comfort 
april 2018 by indramiel
Cold blooded
Summary: The heating is malfunctioning on the station and the temperature drops quickly. Some of the inhabitants are ill-equipped for a cold climate, one of them our favourite cardassian spy, I meant tailor of course.
Can Doctor Bashir keep his cool and Garak warm? Find out right here!
!fanfic  slash  !a  rated:M  ds9  garak  julian  garak/julian 
march 2018 by indramiel
Blessed be the mystery of love series
Part 1 Blackbird on my shoulder
You know the story: Elio moves to New York to go to school, he and Oliver get back together.
This fic is set after all that. Elio brings Oliver home for Christmas and Oliver insists they tell his parents they're together. This is set Christmas of 1984, a year after the phone call.
"It’s going to be fine,' he replies giving his knee a light squeeze, ‘calm down.’ Of course, it’s going to be fine. Elio knows it’s going to be fine. It’s just his parents; it’s just the house, it’s just B. They’ve done this all before.
‘I just don’t understand,’ he begins, which earns him an exasperated sigh from Oliver, ‘Why we have to say anything."

Part 2 Cursed by the love that i received
This is my take on the whole 'Elio moving to New York and them getting back together' thing. This is set the fall before blackbird on my shoulder.
He flew into JFK yesterday. Oliver had offered to meet him there, but Elio said he’d manage on his own. Oliver’s stomach twists at the thought of seeing him again. It probably was just as well to keep their meeting more private, not surrounded by lovers joyfully reuniting at the gates.
Oliver glances at his watch. Elio is not late yet, but he’s cutting it close.
’He probably doesn't even want to see you. His parents probably put him up to this,’ Oliver thinks, shaking his head.

Part 3 Like hephaestion who died
Elio and Oliver go to the Met, and Oliver has feelings
This is set at the end of September of 84 so between 'cursed by the love that i received' and 'blackbird on my shoulder.'
'The apartment. He stopped thinking of it as his apartment weeks ago when Elio started spending most nights there, but it wasn’t theirs yet either. Oliver would like nothing more than to ask Elio to move in. To stuff his clothes into the dresser, litter the apartment with his cassette tapes, and squeeze his well-worn paperbacks next to Oliver’s leather-bound texts on the bookshelf. But that was too much, too fast. Elio was eighteen, he had just moved to a new city, and started college, he had so many opportunities to explore, and Oliver did not want to impede on any of it. So as much as it pained him, he tried to hold Elio at arm’s length, insisting he stay at his dorm one night a week and try to get to know his classmates.'

Part 4 Drowned in living waters
Set the summer of 1985. Elio spends the first six weeks of summer in Italy and Oliver remains in New York. When Oliver arrives in Italy they make up for lost time.
'Those six weeks had been interminable. He tried to keep himself busy; transcribing music, riding into B., swimming at the river; but the days dragged as he thought of Oliver. He missed his smell, the feel of his hands on his skin, his laugh, the joy in his voice when he talks about his work, and that particular look he reserves just for Elio; full of adoration and security.'
Can be read on its own or as part of the series.
!fanfic  !a  slash  call_me_by_your_name  elio  oliver  elio/oliver  ?sequel_ao3_subscr  fluff  au  rated:M 
march 2018 by indramiel
Sacrificial Lamb - rurounihime [LJ]
Arthur's been overworking his knights, so they come to Merlin as a last resort. 
[8 000]
kink:first-time  fandom:merlin  length:under10k  rated:m  pairing:arthur/merlin  via:ologist  stars:7  &crack  #crack 
december 2016 by asebi

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!a  !fanfic  #crack  &crack  ?sequel_ao3_subscr  (femslash)  alec/magnus  alec  angst  arranged_marriage  au  au:fashion  au:magic  au:royalty  avengers  bdsm  black_sails  call_me_by_your_name  ch:alexcabot  ch:borgqueen  ch:emmaswan  ch:evilqueen/regina  ch:janeway  ch:oliviabenson  ch:ruby/red  ch:seven  ch:snowwhite/marymargaret  clint/coulson  clint  coulson  criminalminds  crossover  cullen  dorian_pavus/cullen  dorian_pavus/the_iron_bull  dorian_pavus  dragon_age  dresden_files/labyrinth  dresden_files  ds9  dub-con  elio/oliver  elio  fan:daxilla  fan:fabala_belle  fan:gbrooke  fan:kristen_fi13  fan:nohappyending4u  fan:notpiecebypiece  fan:projectcyborg  fan:winged_mammal  fandom:merlin  fandom:ouat  fandom:svu  fandom:voyager  fanfiction  favorite  fic  fic:1d  fic:crossover  fic:hp  fic:merlin  flint  fluff  franchise:startrek  garak/julian  garak  gen  harry_dresden  het  hurt+comfort  jared_dunn/richard_hendricks  jared_dunn  jareth/sarah  jareth  julian  kink:first-time  kinkmeme  labyrinth  length:under10k  magnus  mcu  miranda_hamliton  oliver  pairing:arthur/merlin  pairing:harrylouis  prentiss/rossi  richard_hendricks  sarah  ship:alex/olivia  ship:j7  ship:janeway/7/borgqueen  ship:redswan  ship:snowqueen  ship:swanqueen  silicon_valley  slash  stars:7  the_iron_bull  thomas_hamliton/flint/miranda_hamliton  thomas_hamliton  threesome  timetravel 

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