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What It Takes, by CDNCrow
Gen. "The ZPD recruiter repeatedly emphasized how difficult the academy training program was, that it was designed to push the strongest and toughest mammals to their limits. She'd calmly explained that she would be the judge of what she could handle."
Zootopia  Genre.Gen  Rated.PG  Judy.Hopps  Nick.Wilde  Original.Female.Character(s)  Original.Male.Character(s)  9000-9999.words 
8 weeks ago by settiai
The Hogwarts Potions Professor, by seekeronthepath
Gen. "An exploration of what a strict, unapproachable, safety-conscious potions teacher MIGHT have been like.

Featuring homework feedback, discussions between teachers, and a growing awareness that Potter is not quite what Severus was expecting..."
Harry.Potter.(series)  Genre.Gen  Rated.PG  Severus.Snape  Harry.Potter  Minerva.McGonagall  Andromeda.Black.Tonks  Ted.Tonks  Rubeus.Hagrid  Hermione.Granger  Ron.Weasley  Pomona.Sprout  Filius.Flitwick  Quirinus.Quirrell  Voldemort  Poppy.Pomfrey  Molly.Prewett.Weasley  10000-14999.words 
january 2019 by settiai
Memories Pressed Between The Pages Of A Book, by Angel Ascending (angel_in_ink)
Gen. “What are those?”

For a second, Molly thinks he might have dreamt the question. Yasha doesn’t talk very much, and she rarely asks questions, which suits Molly just fine. Still, he cracks open one eye and looks in the direction she’s looking. All he sees is a clearing by the side of the road filled with tiny purple and blue flowers.
Critical.Role  Genre.Gen  Rated.PG  Mollymauk.Tealeaf  Yasha  1000-1999.words 
january 2019 by settiai
Belong, by ectoviolet
Gen, with background slash. "Webby has a lot of questions. She always has a lot of questions; there’s just so much she doesn’t know. So much world she’s never seen."
DuckTales.(2017)  Genre.Gen  Genre.Slash  Rated.PG  Webby.Vanderquack  José.Carioca  Panchito.Pistoles  Donald.Duck  Huey.Duck  Louie.Duck  Dewey.Duck  José.Carioca/Panchito.Pistoles  2000-2999.words 
january 2019 by settiai
Dudley Dursley and the Sorcerer's Stone, by mannelig
Gen. "Dudley Dursley, 37, has only just put his daughter on the Hogwarts Express and said goodbye when Platform 9 3/4 is attacked. In the ensuing explosion, he blacks out - and wakes up as an eleven year old back in Privet Drive. Confused and wary, he finds himself blundering through his life all over again, and unfortunately, being eleven isn't the only surprise in store."
Harry.Potter.(series)  Genre.Gen  Rated.PG  Dudley.Dursley  Harry.Potter  Petunia.Evans.Dursley  Vernon.Dursley  Minerva.McGonagall  Hermione.Granger  Neville.Longbottom  Hannah.Abbott  Draco.Malfoy  Rubeus.Hagrid  Seamus.Finnigan  Dean.Thomas  Cedric.Diggory  Albus.Dumbledore  Pomona.Sprout  Severus.Snape  Quirinus.Quirrell  55000-59999.words 
december 2018 by settiai
The Applicant, by Anonymous
Gen. "Finding a job is hard at the best of times, but for a highly qualified nurse, it's even worse."
Animaniacs  Genre.Gen  Rated.PG  Hello.Nurse  Otto.Scratchansniff  Slappy.Squirrel  Wakko.Warner  Yakko.Warner  Dot.Warner  2000-2999.words 
december 2018 by settiai
breathing's just a rhythm, by brinnanza
Gen. "Caduceus leans up on an elbow to peer over at the other cot in the cabin. He can’t see anything, not even a different shade of shadow, but the rustling abruptly stops. The breathing speeds up just a fraction, fast and shallow and laced with tension. “Nott?”

“Sorry,” Nott whispers back, high pitched and just a shade too loud. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to wake you. I’ll keep still.” Concentrated rustling, faster and louder, and then it stops again. Caduceus can hear in Nott’s breathing that she’s holding herself still."
Critical.Role  Genre.Gen  Rated.PG  Caduceus.Clay  Nott.the.Brave  1000-1999.words 
november 2018 by settiai
Deprivation, by SETI_fan
Gen. "When only one member of your party doesn't have Darkvision, it's easy to forget to provide a light source. When that party member has a traumatic history...well, that can be more than a mere inconvenience to them."
Critical.Role  Genre.Gen  Rated.PG  Percival.'Percy'.de.Rolo  Vex'ahlia  Keyleth  Vax'ildan  Grog.Strongjaw  Scanlan.Shorthalt  Tiberius.Stormwind  Pike.Trickfoot  Trinket  4000-4999.words 
november 2018 by settiai
Monkshood and Mums, by Wizardheart83 (Plant_Murderer)
Gen. "Lyle and Rose Evans have been raising Harry for years, with his Aunt Petunia co-parenting from a distance, but the situation is far from ideal. The wizarding world waits, a looming threat to any progress that they might have made. If Petunia cannot love and accept the wizard that Harry will become, he'll need someone that can- and an unexpected letter may offer just the right alternative.

(Worlds collide, compete (and combine?) in this third fic in the AU where Harry is being raised by his muggle grandparents)"
Harry.Potter.(series)  Genre.Gen  Rated.PG  Harry.Potter  Mrs.Evans  Mr.Evans  Petunia.Evans.Dursley  Dudley.Dursley  Remus.Lupin  15000-19999.words 
november 2018 by settiai
Along the Way, by Wizardheart83 (Plant_Murderer)
Gen. "Harry and his grandparents, Rose and Lyle Evans, have accepted an invitation to spend Christmas at Privet Drive with Aunt Pet and Dudley, if that means they have to also spend it with Vernon and his sister Marge, well the road towards (love? reconcilliation? acceptance in grief?) their shared future was always going to have a few bumps...

(second fic in an AU where Harry is being raised by his muggle grandparents)"
Harry.Potter.(series)  Genre.Gen  Rated.PG  Harry.Potter  Mrs.Evans  Mr.Evans  Petunia.Evans.Dursley  Vernon.Dursley  Dudley.Dursley  Marge.Dursley  8000-8999.words 
november 2018 by settiai
Flowers for Harry, by Wizardheart83 (Plant_Murderer)
Gen. "Less than a year after the death of the Potters, Rose Evans and her husband Lyle take care of their orphaned grandson, Harry, and try to take steps toward a future where he'll be loved and accepted. Spring is coming, and with it, the memory of stiring warmth, and the first real hope for life and growth. ( The au where Harry's muggle grandparents were alive and well)"
Harry.Potter.(series)  Genre.Gen  Rated.PG  Mrs.Evans  Mr.Evans  Harry.Potter  Petunia.Evans.Dursley  Dudley.Dursley  2000-2999.words 
november 2018 by settiai
Miss the Sky, by AnaliseGrey
Gen. "When Caleb and Molly are captured by an arcanist up to no good, will they be able to keep each other safe?"
Critical.Role  Genre.Gen  Rated.PG  Caleb.Widogast  Mollymauk.Tealeaf  Jester  Nott.the.Brave  Original.Male.Character(s)  15000-19999.words 
november 2018 by settiai
Albtraum, by AnaliseGrey
Slash. "The world around him is solid-looking, but there’s just enough fuzz at the edges of his perception that he can recognize it for what it is- a dream.

No, not a dream. A nightmare."
Critical.Role  Genre.Gen  Rated.PG  Caleb.Widogast  Trent.Ikithon  Yasha  Beauregard  Fjord  Nott.the.Brave  Mollymauk.Tealeaf  Jester  Caleb.Widogast/Mollymauk.Tealeaf  1000-1999.words 
november 2018 by settiai
the heir of something or other, by dirgewithoutmusic
Gen. "When kids in the Slytherin Common Room tossed jeers at the pudgy feet of Millicent Bulstrode, Harry rose up to do something about it. This Harry, now one of Snape’s own, got fewer House points lost but many more detentions– it had never been the colors on his hem that Severus hated.

This was not wishing Harry an easy path. This was not wishing the boy a warm House. This was Harry, three weeks in, sleep deprived and considering running away and going back to Privet Drive. This was Harry in the back of Potions class, blank-faced under Snape’s disdain the way he’d perfected under the Dursleys’s torments.

When Quirrell shouted “troll in the dungeons, thought you ought to know,” and Harry overheard that there was a girl in the bathroom crying, he still ran off to make sure she got out okay. He hesitated first, at the back of the little pack of Slytherin first years (at the back so that no one could get behind him)– he hesitated.

And Millicent Bulstrode, who could never quite keep her tummy tucked in enough, could never brush all the cat hair off her robes, never quite keep her temper in check, hesitated, too."
Harry.Potter.(series)  Genre.Gen  Rated.PG  Harry.Potter  Millicent.Bulstrode  Neville.Longbottom  Draco.Malfoy  Severus.Snape  Hermione.Granger  Ron.Weasley  Dobby  Percy.Weasley  Fred.Weasley  George.Weasley  Colin.Creevey  Luna.Lovegood  Remus.Lupin  Astoria.Greengrass  Sirius.Black  Peter.Pettigrew  Rubeus.Hagrid  Cedric.Diggory  Voldemort  Lucius.Malfoy  Nymphadora.Tonks  Alastor.Moody  Molly.Prewett.Weasley  Ginny.Weasley  Ernie.Macmillan  Zacharias.Smith  Susan.Bones  Dennis.Creevey  Cho.Chang  Hannah.Abbott  Alector.Carrow  Amycus.Carrow  Anthony.Goldstein  Pansy.Parkinson  10000-14999.words 
november 2018 by settiai
no place like home, by dirgewithoutmusic
Gen. "When Petunia Dursley refused to take Harry in she forfeited his birthright protection, so Dumbledore took the baby to the safest place he knew: Hogwarts.

The applicable staff (mostly just… not Snape) took Harry in on a rotating schedule as he grew from baby to toddler to child. They traded extra credit for babysitting among the older students, and Harry grew up knowing a few dozen different laps that were safe and warm to nap in.

This was a Harry who grew up among books, among old transient walls and learned professors. They gave Binns night duty sometimes, and let him talk young Harry to sleep. This was a Harry whose world changed, on principle, daily. The stairs moved. The walls became doors. You had to keep your eyes open–you had to pay attention. So he did.

He grew up in a school. Knowledge was power, but knowledge was also joy. This was his sanctuary. There was magic in his world from birth."
Harry.Potter.(series)  Genre.Gen  Rated.PG  Harry.Potter  Albus.Dumbledore  Minerva.McGonagall  Bill.Weasley  Nymphadora.Tonks  Penelope.Clearwater  Charlie.Weasley  Cassius.Warrington  Hestia.Carrow  Flora.Carrow  Fred.Weasley  George.Weasley  Molly.Prewett.Weasley  Lee.Jordan  Peeves  Draco.Malfoy  Filius.Flitwick  Rubeus.Hagrid  Ginny.Weasley  Cedric.Diggory  Percy.Weasley  Hermione.Granger  Neville.Longbottom  Luna.Lovegood  Seamus.Finnigan  Cho.Chang  Remus.Lupin  Ron.Weasley  Sirius.Black  Barty.Crouch.Jr  Alastor.Moody  Anthony.Goldstein  Alecto.Carrow  Amycus.Carrow  Dean.Thomas  Colin.Creevey  Dennis.Creevey  Daphne.Greengrass  Pansy.Parkinson  Moaning.Myrtle  Voldemort  10000-14999.words 
november 2018 by settiai

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