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You're Calculating Retention Wrong
Enterprise-tier / high ARPU customers typically have longer contracts. This presents less opportunity to churn. The high ARPU value that they present to your SaaS company also increases the likelihood that a lot of customer service time and effort is spent on retaining them.

Your highest churn is likely coming from your low-tier plan customers. These customers are less likely to have annual contracts. Your company might take them less seriously and may not direct the right amount of time and effort into retaining them. Though they might not represent a significant loss in MRR when they churn, their choice to discontinue can still affect your brand's reputation—which can negatively affect future acquisition.
calculate  retention  rate  right  guideline  explanation 
4 days ago by yoichi
Tribune analysis: Drug-sniffing dogs in traffic stops often wrong - tribunedigital-chicagotribune
"Tribune analysis of three years of data for suburban departments found that only 44 percent of those alerts by the dogs led to the discovery of drugs or paraphernalia."

For Hispanic drivers, the success rate was just 27 percent
dogs  drugs  detection  failure  rate 
17 days ago by dandv
Largest brain study of 62,454 scans identifies drivers of brain aging: Schizophrenia, cannabis use, and alcohol abuse are just several disorders that are related to accelerated brain aging -- ScienceDaily
Researchers studied 128 brain regions to predict the chronological age of the patient. Older age predicted from the scan compared to the actual chronological age was interpreted as accelerated aging. The study found that a number of brain disorders and behaviors predicted accelerated aging, especially schizophrenia, which showed an average of 4 years of premature aging, cannabis abuse (2.8 years of accelerated aging), bipolar disorder (1.6 years accelerated aging), ADHD (1.4 years accelerated aging) and alcohol abuse (0.6 years accelerated aging). Interestingly, the researchers did not observe accelerated aging in depression and aging, which they hypothesize may be due to different types of brain patterns for these disorders.
brain  aging  rate  accelerated  imaging  in  vivo  human  correlation  peer-reviewed  research  population  depression 
21 days ago by Michael.Massing

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