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Dave Akerman | Dave’s World
Dave puts electronics into space with weather balloons and chases down the payload when it pops. Great blog posts demonstrating homing/tracking, long-distance comms, star trek inspired interfaces, great stuff!
raspberrypi  arduino  blog  electronics  balloon  gps  lorawan  project 
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Introducing AdGuard Home
y less so than dedicated tools. As an example, this article compares AG for Android and h
Adguard  DNS  networking  raspberrypi 
yesterday by seanryan
Pi Retrobox: Build your own DIY Raspberry Pi all-in-one arcade joystick - howchoo
Pi Retrobox: Build your own DIY Raspberry Pi all-in-one arcade joystick - Added June 09, 2018 at 11:14AM
diy  electronics  raspberrypi  retro-gaming 
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