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Track Internet Dropouts and Notify Your ISP with RPi | Make:
Outages with your broadband can drive you to frustration, but you can use the Raspberry Pi, and command line scripting to monitor it.
ifttt  speedtest  raspberrypi  rpi  raspberry_pi  bandwidth  internet  isp  speed  comcast 
2 days ago by chenyang
Take These Steps to Secure Your Raspberry Pi Against Attackers
A Raspberry Pi can be easily hacked if your not careful. Follow these tips to safeguard your Pi from attackers trying to get at your network.
linux  raspberrypi  security 
3 days ago by pb314
Skripte zur Einrichtung der Homematic CCU2 Oberfläche in einem LXC Container unter Debian basierten Distribution auf ARM-Basis (x86 experimentell).
iot  smarthome  homematic  homeautomation  virtualization  raspberrypi  linux  os 
4 days ago by der_dennis
is a lightweight, Linux/buildroot-based distribution for running a HomeMatic CCU on embedded devices like the RaspberryPi...
homeautomation  homematic  raspberrypi  linux  os  sdcard  smarthome  iot 
4 days ago by der_dennis

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