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26 Amazon Dash Button Hacks You Probably Didn't Know About — Dash Button Dudes
Whether you're an industry veteran or a hungry brogrammer, one of these
hacks will make your Sundays a lot more interesting.
hack  amazon  dash  IFTTT  hacks  hardware  iot  Pocket  RaspberryPi  alexa  amazondashbutton 
yesterday by nickel715
Build a home assistant mobile application with Watson and IoT Platform services
The tutorial shows how a mobile application can use the Watson Conversation, Text to Speech, and Speech to Text services to understand user commands, which are then used to control devices through IBM IoT Platform services. It also shows how to integrate a Raspberry Pi as a home gateway that receives commands from and sends events to the mobile app. Finally, it shows how to store images by using Object Storage Service.
dev  watson  raspberrypi  iot  node-js  swift  howto  javascript 
yesterday by monks1975
Movidius | Neural Compute Stick | AI Programming
£70 hardware accelerated neural network USB stick, with some vision specific APIs.
hardware  raspberrypi 
2 days ago by tomtaylor

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