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PC remote control in Linux guide Remote control PC in Linux with Irrecord guide
With the previous LIRC instructions we have created the interface between the remote control receiver hardware and the operating system or software. Now we have to teach-the remote control the desired keys to assign the respective commands – for instance, the “Program +” button command “Page Up” or “Pageup”. There are different tools that we use with the command irrecord.
lirc  linux  raspberrypi  infrared  remotecontrol  irrecord 
50 minutes ago by cyberchucktx
debian - Using OpenVPN with systemd - Unix & Linux Stack Exchange
You need to create the service file by enabling openvpn@<configuration>.service.

For example, if the configuration file is /etc/openvpn/client.conf, the service name is openvpn@client.service.
openvpn  raspberrypi 
2 hours ago by photoangell
Netzwerk Management Server mit Raspberry Pi - Administrator
Netzwerk Management Server mit Raspberry Pi - Administrator
network  raspberrypi 
3 hours ago by thosch66
Raspberry Pi LED Spectrum Analyzer | Adafruit Learning System
A Spectrum Analyzer shows the loudness of different frequency bands (low, mid, high) in real-time, letting you visualize music. Using a RasPi, RGB LED Strip and some wire, make yourself a dynamic display and media player. This project is based on some great python xmas light code from the LightShowPi project, and advanced users can even configure it for song voting via SMS!
raspberrypi  led  electronics  howto  hardware  software  python  sound  audio  project 
5 hours ago by danesparza
ClusterHAT Review for the Raspberry Pi Zero | Climbers.net
Cluster computing on a £100 budget with 4 Raspberry Pi Zeros and a ClusterHAT, networked together using USB gadget mode and no cables. Includes downloadable plans for a tiny acrylic case for the cluster.
raspberrypi  zero  cluster 
9 hours ago by ianweatherhogg
UPDATED: 5 Node Cluster of Raspberry Pi 3s | Climbers.net
Building a Raspberry Pi 3 cluster for only £80 (£250 including five RPi3s). Parts list, build photos and downloadable plans for laser-cutting the acrylic case.
raspberrypi  cluster 
9 hours ago by ianweatherhogg
Bargain 5 Node Cluster of PINE A64+ | Climbers.net
Building a 5-node PINE A64+ quadcore cluster for under £75 (£190 including five quadcore A64+s). Parts list, build photos and downloadable plans for laser-cutting the acrylic case.
raspberrypi  cluster  design  inspiration 
10 hours ago by ianweatherhogg
Home · ccrisan/motioneyeos Wiki
motioneyeos - A Video Surveillance OS For Single-board Computers
raspberrypi  surveillance  video 
12 hours ago by wkorfhage

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