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(116) PiDash FULL TUTORIAL - How to make a Raspberry Pi powered dash for Megasquirt / TunerStudio - YouTube
PiDash FULL TUTORIAL - How to make a Raspberry Pi powered dash for Megasquirt / TunerStudio
PiDash  FULL  TUTORIAL  -  How  to  make  a  Raspberry  Pi  powered  dash  for  Megasquirt  /  TunerStudio 
2 hours ago by kilroy2
geraldoramos/pigeon: Pigeon is a simple 3D printed cloud home surveillance camera project that uses the new Raspberry Pi Zero W
Pigeon is a simple cloud home surveillance camera project that uses the new Raspberry Pi Zero W single board computer ($10). It uses a custom designed 3D printed enclosure that fits the board and the camera. A wall mount is also included. The software should work with any Raspberry PI version, but the 3D design is made specifically for the PI Zero W platform.

The goal of this project is to provide an easy way to setup a basic (yet functional) hackable cloud camera at the lowest possible cost.
pigeon  raspberry  pi  raspberrypi  zero  w  surveillance  home  camera  cloud  dropbox  ifttt  upload  cheap  3dprinted  3d  printed 
5 days ago by 44sunsets
This $16 Raspberry Pi case has a 3.5 inch touchscreen on top - Liliputing
Raspberry Pi computers don’t need a case, but it’s not a bad idea to put them in one to reduce the risk of breaking something. Plus some of them look nice… and others actually add functionality to Raspberry Pi’s cheap single-board computers. via Pocket
IFTTT  Pocket  case  hardware  pi  raspberry 
8 days ago by ChristopherA

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