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[OPINION] Aswang: A strange new energy
Contemporary Filipinos have humorously deconstructed and reconstructed the aswang and its beastly kin as intimate parts of the Filipino worldview, much like the beasts of ancient Greek mythology
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Filipino Bloggers Rally to Defend Rappler News Site
Bloggers are protesting Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte's move to shut down independent news website Rappler, holding "Black Friday" protests over the weekend condemning the attack on free expression in the Southeast Asian nation. Karlo Mikhail Mongaya reports for Global Voices Advocacy: "Although Rappler has received some financial support the US-based Omidyar Network, it is fully is owned and operated by Filipinos who reside in the Philippines. Nevertheless, President Duterte insinuated in his July 2017 State of the Nation Address that Rappler is 'fully owned by Americans.'

Supporters held 'Black Friday' protests on January 19, condemning the attacks against the besieged news site and demanding stronger protections for media freedom...

Filipino bloggers collectively wrote and signed a statement expressing their commitment to freedom of expression, and their solidarity with Rappler. Initiated by Mom Blogger Noemi Dado, the statement is part of an outpouring of support by Filipino social media users and netizens for Rappler and in defense of press freedom."

Bloggers can sign on to the statement here (https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdD9yvTEC9hXtpG9EKH1Hd1EwYAsJx6WUv7He5A8wdshHQqfA/viewform).
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january 2018 by dmcdev
Filipino Bloggers Rally to Defend News Site
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Philippines revokes licence of leading news website Rappler
Rappler, a critical media outlet reporting closely on President Duterte's government (including coverage on the country's ongoing war on drugs) has had their operating license revoked. Critics say Rappler is being targeted for their reporting, while the government alleges that the ruling was based off Rappler's violating "a provision in the country’s constitution restricting media ownership to Filipinos," as Rappler is foreign (American)-owned. "'The issue at hand is the compliance of 100% Filipino ownership and management of mass media. It is not about infringement on the freedom of the press,' Duterte spokesman Harry Roque said in a statement Monday.

'No one is above the law. Rappler has to comply,' Roque added. Rappler’s acting managing editor Chay Hofilena said the company would file a court appeal against the Securities and Exchange Commission ruling, which is due to take effect in 15 days.

'This is pure and simple harassment, the seeming coup de grace to the relentless and malicious attacks against us since 2016,' the website said in a statement.'" - AFP
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Facebook rules the Internet in the Philippines. Rappler walks the line between partnership and criticism » Nieman Journalism Lab
When you’re a journalist, you know you have gatekeeping powers. A platform will create an algorithm, but an algorithm doesn’t exist in a vacuum. What signals go into that algorithm? Who is the gatekeeper there? The second part: What’s the position of platforms on human rights? What’s the line between freedom of expression and dangerous expression? Where does it move into inciting hate? Because that’s where it’s moved into in the Philippines.
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Iloilo's coffee oasis
RT : Did you have your coffee yet? writes about a unique cafe he found on a recent trip to Iloilo
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