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Expo: Towards Rapid VR Prototyping – Shopify AR/VR – Medium
вирт митинг румы для прототипирования AR/VR
ar  vr  prototyping  rapid  avatars  interactions 
15 days ago by akimkin
go-chassis/go-chassis: a microservice framework for rapid development of micro services in Go
a microservice framework for rapid development of micro services in Go - go-chassis/go-chassis
golang  microservice  microservices  framework  rapid  development 
23 days ago by pinterb
Diet Program
2 week diet program by Brian Flatt. URL leads to my affiliate offer
no  carbs  diet  2  week  rapid  weight  loss  fat 
8 weeks ago by darkman0408
GitHub - mediatoolkit/pareco: Pareco is tool for copying and syncing remote directories
Pareco is tool for copying and syncing remote directories - mediatoolkit/pareco
rapid  file  transfer  copy  sync  remote  opensource  floss  tool 
10 weeks ago by gilberto5757

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