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Stormy Daniels visits Springfield to oppose Illinois' 'pole tax' - News - The State Journal-Register - Springfield, IL
“There is, however, lots of evidence linking clergy, especially the Catholic Church, to rape, so where’s their tax?” she asked.
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19 hours ago by imaginaryfriend
Żołnierka zgwałcona na poligonie. Wiemy, co się wydarzyło na ćwiczeniach - WP Wiadomości
Żołnierka została zgwałcona na poligonie przez innego żołnierza. "Było jej wstyd. Bała się, bo chłopaki wiedzieli o wszystkim i się z niej śmiali". Publikujemy informacje, które znajdują się w uzasadnieniu wyroku Sądu Okręgowego w Suwałkach. Przedstawiono w nim przebieg szokującego zdarzenia.
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5 days ago by harcesz
girlwriteswhat comments
'...I've read some older romances from the 1980s and earlier where there was no consent, not even in the privacy of the heroine's mind, and where she experiences genuine, deep trauma. Then, over the course of the next 200-300 pages, the hero manages to prove to her that "if you knew me then like you know me now, you would have consented that day," and they end up living happily ever after. -- Most examples of that particular plot have been expunged from mainstream romance, but that doesn't mean they don't exist elsewhere. They've just been mostly relegated to the more graphic and eroticized subgenres of erotica and "romantica" or erotic romance. Nearly all such books where the trope is very overt include warnings on the back cover regarding "ambiguous consent" or what have you (something I support). -- Further to the trope as it existed in the past: -- “In those books in the ’80s, we didn’t see [the male lead] as a rapist. We saw him as a virile man who was so taken with this woman that he would do anything to have her. I think it’s important to go back to those books and realize that, even though there was a traumatic event, at the same time, in the course of that story, we find people who begin a dialogue and begin to gentle themselves into a meaningful relationship, and that the hero is not demeaned by that gentleness.” [https://www.publishersweekly.com/pw/by-topic/new-titles/adult-announcements/article/75360-it-s-still-complicated-romance-publishing.html] --
Feminists certainly view this as problematic, and many publishers even of erotic romance have guidelines that simply do not allow an actual traumatic rape to be part of the couple's romantic journey. The "consent in the privacy of her own mind just before penetration" was a way for authors to get around that restriction while still maintaining that sense of a "man so taken" with this particular woman he would do anything to have her.'
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8 days ago by adamcrowe
Aeon Essays -- Consistency shouldn't be the test of truth in sexual-assault cases by Linda Martín Alcoff
'When I was nine years old, on a sunny summer afternoon, I was kidnapped and sexually assaulted. I didn’t have words to describe what happened; I was too young to know the vocabulary of sex. I lacked an understanding of the event: how to name it, what its effects were likely to be. In the raw, I knew what had happened, where it had happened, who my assailant was, and where he lived. Yet today I could not tell you the date, not even the month. I can’t describe the clothes he or I wore. The man got away. I still have post-traumatic stress disorder. At the time, I told no one. -- Much later, my mother described how my personality changed during this period. My normally high grades dropped precipitously; I became withdrawn, staying mostly inside the house. She thought I might be going through early puberty but, out of concern, she made an appointment for me to meet with the school psychologist. I was called out of my fourth-grade class and taken to a small room with no windows. I found myself sitting next to an adult man I had never seen before. The door was shut. I vomited all over the desk. -- Decades passed before I could start the work of piecing together a way of understanding the event and its impact on my life. I was in my mid-20s, in couples therapy with my husband; we had gone in for help with our sex life. Only there did I begin to realise the repercussions of my childhood experience. I startled easily, and could never bear to be chased, so I had difficulty with sports. Films with certain kinds of scenes triggered terror for me, so I had to walk out but could not explain why. I had recurring nightmares. And there were certain things in bed that I simply could not do. -- As I began fitting together these parts of my life into a pattern, the question of language arose. What to call the event? The perpetrator was a neighbour, but not someone who held power over me through his role in my life. He simply caught me as one might catch an insect. So when I read accounts of abuse and molestation, often involving seduction, manipulation and a build-up of trust before physical violence, none of that rings true in my case.' -- A predator preyed upon a child who lacked a strong parental bond, a child made vulnerable because she couldn't trust her parent(s) to cope with bad news. And so, she bore this all alone, betrayed.
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14 days ago by adamcrowe

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