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Slack is the opposite of organizational memory
This is as much about culture as slack and it’s a bit too rangy to offer great insight other than “sometimes a bit of peace and quiet is needed”
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7 days ago by mr_stru
Slack is the opposite of organizational memory
Goodhart’s law is the one where turning a metric into a target makes it a bad metric. Slack subverts valuable work by making productivity = availability on slack.

Productivity as a metric is problematic because it’s so hard to measure or even to define in a general way. In economics, total factor productivity is basically wages minus capital, and is flummoxed by the fact that better tools don’t put more money in people’s pockets (employees are generally paid for their time).

At work, productivity conflates delivery and business value. We know how to measure the first but we mostly care about the second. Optimizing delivery rate has bad effects on products and teams:

Middle managers will make deliverables smaller and less valuable so they can declare a win to their bosses or so the C-suite can brag to shareholders
Which in turn moves design work from domain experts to PMs, resulting in nuts designs
And it increases utilization, which leads to burnout, reduces safety margins, stifles innovation (that’s what those spare cycles were getting used for)
These points are part of a larger tug of war between middle managers and programmers. That argument is out of scope for this article, except to say that pervasive chat empowers middle managers (i.e. people who like to check in a lot) to do so, at the expense of your creatives’ well-being and your long-term organizational health.
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8 days ago by ianmclaury
Why C is vastly superior to C
In this article I'll give concrete examples of why C is vastly superior to C in all possible counts.
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15 days ago by cito
What’s really wrong with node_modules and why this is your fault
I was never really concerned about the size of node_modules — my thinking was that you should not care too much about the tools you need to do the job. If you need a 20 kg hammer to drive a nail, you…
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27 days ago by eitland
5 Tasty Python Web Scraping Libraries
TLDR. I like to cook. I like to program. I tolerate Chef's foodie-focus because it's kinda the whole metaphor to that library's namespace.

This post here is tedious however. I don't want to have to reason why BS is a Stew and Requests is a Farm. I, really, really, don't.

Just explain clearly what you mean and stop your hipster-ing. Too much to ask?
29 days ago by jluc77

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