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Tech political naivete
How a lack of nuanced education has led companies like Google and Facebook to build dangerous political machines
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3 days ago by nelson
How Not To Make Coffee
A rant about the Keurig "Coffe Machine"
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7 days ago by archangel
The Same Old Story | West Hunter
People often reinterpret past events, recast them in terms of some contemporary ideology. When historians talk about the Monophysites in Byzantine times, they often suggest that those struggle are a mask for a kind of proto-nationalism. Maybe they were: and maybe nobody involved was thinking anything remotely like that. The Communists tried to come up with Marxist interpretations of ancient history, which led them to spend way too much time talking about Mazdakites in Sassanian Persia and the Zealots of Thessalonika . And Spartacus: but at least Spartacus was cool.

Then there are feminist versions of history. Let us never speak of them again.

Generally, this is all crap. But we could at least hope for something new along these lines: bullshit perhaps, but at least fresh bullshit. Obviously the reality underlying both the Punic Wars and the Crusades is the ancient struggle between EEF and ANE.
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8 days ago by nhaliday
How Not To Make Coffee | https://adequateman.deadspin.com/
And all of this for a purpose that is, on its face, highly dubious. Common defenses of the Keurig go something like Yeah, but when you’re staying by yourself in a hotel, it’s really convenient, or I live alone so it’s really great for me. But the thing is, you can brew a single serving of coffee with a drip coffeemaker that involves no computing components whatsoever; even at the level of pure individualism, it only slows the process down by a few minutes, tops. You can brew a single serving of coffee with a French press involving absolutely no moving parts; I do it every day, and it takes maybe 10 minutes from the time I turn the heat on under a kettle of water to the time I fill my absurdly large travel mug. To whatever extent people did not brew single servings of coffee prior to the advent and widespread adoption of the Keurig machine, it was not because they couldn’t do it; it was because it makes more sense to just brew a pot of coffee so everybody can have some.

Only a culture sunken to a really frightening and apocalyptic level of libertarian stupidity would regard the Keurig machine [...] as a technological improvement upon the drip coffeemaker, or the French press, or putting some coffee grounds in a fucking saucepan with some water and holding it over a campfire for a little while until the water smells good. It is not technologically superior to any of those! It is vastly technologically inferior to all of them. It is a wasteful piece of trash. It is not a machine engineered to improve anything or to resolve a problem, but only and entirely the pretext for a sales pitch, a means to separate someone from their money.

Appropriately, then, it also makes shitty, bad-tasting coffee! The Keurig machine is the stupidest machine in the entire goddamn world; it is as stupid as the society that called it into existence. I would suggest taking your Keurig machine outside and smashing it with a fucking sledgehammer, but the exotic materials inside it probably would irradiate a watershed. Bury it in a salt cavern. Jettison it into space.
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10 days ago by kme

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