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What Socialism Is and Is Not, For Dummies. | Awesomedome.com
Ostensibly written to combat ignorance, but so in-your-face it's not apt to convince anyone who isn't already neutral on the matter.
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21 hours ago by mindways
You're using <em> wrong
We need to start considering why we are italicising text and using the right tag for it. We can make our tools better. We can make the web better.
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4 days ago by xer0x
City cycling in London is a joke
Earlier this year I was involved in a small discussion thread on bicycle paths on Reddit. The thread was about new 'cycle superhighways' in London. I commented that to me, these bike paths looked - at best - about on par with mediocre Dutch bicycle paths. Some redditors, presumably from the immediate area, convinced me that actually there is a lot going on in London to improve matters. In fact, in their opinion biking in London is alright. And the cycle superhighways are great!
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20 days ago by marten

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