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The Top 100 Greatest Tours of All Time
"I saw them on tour."
Five words that nearly every music fan has uttered.
Seeing a live performer on tour forever links both artist and fan to a particular venue, on a particular date, in a certain moment in time. Sometimes, the tour has a special, personal meaning to the individual fan, like the first time seeing a show with a future spouse. In other instances, a concert tour transcends live events and is a cultural moment.
Vivid Seats and Consequence of Sound explore the tours that were remarkable in quality, impact, influence or attendance. The deciding factor on how to rank and include tours? Asking ourselves, "Would we want to go back in time to check out this show if we had tickets?"
We limited each artist to just one tour, to promote inclusion and diversity, and strived to include tours of various genres and eras. The finished product captures memorable tours that hopefully all music fans can appreciate.
Vivid Seats/Consequence of Sound Top 100 Greatest Tours of All Time
24. Led Zeppelin - North American Tour 1968/1969 (1968-69)
It’s telling that Robert Plant and Jimmy Page can’t leave their homes without being asked about the chances of a Led Zeppelin reunion. It tells us that reporters and fans can’t take a hint, but it also reminds us that Zeppelin, for a time, were as big as any band in the world. Like many iconic bands before and after them, critics didn’t initially get Zeppelin, panning their records as derivative and unimaginative. That’s what makes the group’s earlier tours so intriguing. They had something to prove, and their 1968 North American tour saw them go from supporting bands like Vanilla Fudge, Country Joe & the Fish, and Iron Butterfly to headlining the very same tour, culminating in concerts like one in Boston where the band transformed one album’s worth of material and a handful of popular covers into more than four hours that left everyone spellbound. – Matt Melis
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2 hours ago by rgl7194
Christmachine Audio Reference Music Server Playlist #12 ~ The Best Of The “Led Zeppelin” Catalog Pressings…[Post Special] [Second Pass Edit 07/02/14][MIRROR Post Special] – Christmachine
Here is the Led Zeppelin Discography Referred to throughout this review:
Led Zeppelin (1969)
Led Zeppelin II (1969)
Led Zeppelin III (1970)
Led Zeppelin IV (1971)
Houses of the Holy (1973)
Physical Graffiti (1975)
Presence (1976)
In Through the Out Door (1979)
Coda (1982)
Led Zeppelin I (1969) Best Releases / Pressings...
music  ledzep  record  audio  review  comparo  ranking  discography  playlist 
7 days ago by rgl7194
The Best Of The “Led Zeppelin” Catalog Pressings…[Post Special] [Second Pass Edit 07/02/14] – Christmachine
The Best Of The “Led Zeppelin” Catalog Pressings…[Post Special] Part 1 of 2
This first section was written early on, I have returned to edit to make it seemless with part two, no latency here. I do not yet know how this mega post review is going to be laid out yet. I know that sounds strange, but I know what releases make the grade, just not sure how I will lay it out here. So this should be interesting. I have been listening to only Led Zeppelin for two weeks now and I am ready to lay it all on the line. Well almost, I had to listen to other stuff like The Black Crowes first three albums in Hi-res to rest my mind. OMG The Black Crowes in Hi-rez (listening now) & The Black Sabbath Dio Albums as well (I’m In good hands fo’ sho’!!!) Obviously that is not to say that this list did not take many years of listening to compile. I had my favorites, but I had to take into account the Deluxe Reissues released at the beginning of this month. This includes the first three records of the catalog reissues, in all three formats available, including CD’s, 24Bit/96kHz Hi-Res, and vinyl.
At first I had a very hard time being as subjective as possible because although there are the releases that I clearly prefer. There were also many releases that had decent quality, although I still did not prefer them (or find their sound quality better) over my original favorites… some were close but clearly not superior. Therefore different from the few reviews I have done so far, I decided to add some new factors into my decisions specific for this review based on availability, price, and reputation. Of course sound quality will always be the number one determining factor, but there are releases (especially the Original and early Vinyl) that come very close to the best although they are still inferior IMHO.The thing is many people do not know the difference, so I build this guide with you in mind so you can go directly to the pressings recommended and know you are getting decent sound quality even if you have to settle with sources farther down the list. Still although there is lots of good, the bad is still quite bad…I expose the comparable sources with easier availability at a better price and acceptable sound quality to boot. The Law of diminishing returns is in full effect.
music  ledzep  record  audio  review  comparo  ranking  discography 
7 days ago by rgl7194
2018 JavaScript Rising Stars
「GitHubのスター数の増加数をまとめたJavaScript Rising Starsの2018年版」
javascript  github  star  frontend  ranking 
7 days ago by yoshiagi
The Best Song on Every Judas Priest Album
‘Sad Wings of Destiny’ (1976): “Victim of Changes”
You might be forgiven, on first listen, for believing this is an early Black Sabbath song, with Halford sounding a little too much like Ozzy Osbourne in places. But Priest are definitely on their way with their second album, and “Victim of Changes,” clocking in at a less than eight minutes, demonstrates their early taste for ponderous but powerful rock epics. Also worth mentioning is “Dreamer Deceiver” from the same album, which is almost equal in stature. The riffs have arrived!
‘Sin After Sin’ (1977) : “Dissident Aggressor”
The band’s move to a major label brought the opportunity to be produced by Deep Purple’s Roger Glover, which they accepted with open arms. There’s a new sheen on the presentation, but also the songwriting as those classic Priest devices become trademarks. On “Dissident Aggressor,” new drummer Simon Phillips really makes his presence felt, delivering a double-bass-drum performance that boosts the energy of the entire band. The fact that Slayer later covered the track says it all.
‘Stained Class’ (1978) : “Exciter”
The ’70s classics are coming hard and fast now – few harder and faster than “Exciter,” which offers Halford the chance to scream like he’s never screamed before, on top of a truly relentless rhythm section led by latest drummer Les Binks. The only album to carry songwriting credits by every band member, 'Stained Class' opens the door to darker lyrical themes (and the legal controversy over backtracking). “Exciter” also marks the moment when Halford and Glenn Tipton fused their songwriting skills into a more powerful force than ever before.
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9 days ago by rgl7194
pwnhead | Database for Security Researchers and Conferences
pwnhead is a database&ranking system for security conferences and security researchers.
security  ranking  drama  database  conference 
9 days ago by plaxx
A Ranking of All the Characters in the ‘Ocean’s’ Universe - The Ringer
From ‘Ocean’s Eleven’ to ‘Ocean’s 8,’ here is the hierarchy of the members of the heist movies’ ensembles
More than the deliciously convoluted heist plots and the flashy, Soderberghian direction, the Ocean’s movies rely on their characters. And one of the supreme joys of watching these movies is seeing a bunch of famous people get into character and have a really good time together. The characters are what make the initial recruiting montage in Ocean’s Eleven one of the best in cinematic history, and they make the final moment of that movie—in which everyone gathers at the Bellagio fountain before trickling away, one by one—so perfect.
But the parts that make up the Ocean’s ensembles should not be considered equal—there is a hierarchy here. And with Ocean’s 8 adding a slew of new characters into the mix, now is as a good time as any to determine what that hierarchy is. This has never been tried before—no matter what Reuben Tishkoff tells you.
movies  oceans_11  actor  actress  ranking 
11 days ago by rgl7194
Sourcerer - A visual profile for software engineers
Sourcerer is a visual profile for software engineers that helps you learn things about yourself, connect with others, and become a better engineer. Think of us as a hash of your code that digs deep, analyzes your technologies, habits, and preferences to show the world who you are as a software engineer.
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12 days ago by arthuralvim

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