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raml-org/api-modeling-framework: DEPRECATED (new version coming soon) - API and domain modeling tools for RAML, OpenAPI Specification (OAS) and RDF
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june 2018 by reorx
raml-spec/raml-10.md at master · raml-org/raml-spec

RAML is a language for the definition of HTTP-based APIs that embody most or all of the principles of Representational State Transfer (REST). This document constitutes the RAML specification, an application of the YAML 1.2 specification. The RAML specification provides mechanisms for defining practically-RESTful APIs, creating client/server source code, and comprehensively documenting the APIs for users.
april 2018 by calvincchan
Free and Open Source API Documentation Tools | Pronovix - https://pronovix.com/
We explored free and open source API documentation solutions, and compiled the results of our research in this post.
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september 2017 by Boggin

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