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Ramda Documentation
A practical functional library for JavaScript programmers.
javascript  programming  functional  ramda 
28 days ago by vegarev
Kliesli Compositions in JavaScript – Luis Atencio – Medium
You’ve probably read many times that the goal of functional programs is to achieve a state where you can compose only pure or side effect-free functions. One day, you sit at your computer at work…
monad  either  task  functional-programming  compose  ramda  maybe  javascript 
7 weeks ago by gorekee
Pagination - Roman Zolotarev
A down-to-earth example of functional programming style for absolute
beginners. In three flavors: vanilla JavaScript, JavaScript with Ramda,
and Elm.
ramda  Elm 
8 weeks ago by nanoxd
Node.js Geocoding Proxy with Paperplane
Tutorial on creating a location geocoding proxy server in Node.js with Paperplane
ramda  js 
8 weeks ago by nanoxd
articulate/paperplane: Lighter-than-air node.js server framework
paperplane - Lighter-than-air node.js server framework
ramda  js 
8 weeks ago by nanoxd

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