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4 signs this bull market is on its last legs - Michael Sincere's Long-Term Trader - MarketWatch
Typically, strong rallies that occur on low volume don’t last very long, and this didn’t. The next day, although the Nasdaq COMP +1.02% was still strong, the Dow DJIA +0.55% was barely positive. In addition, for the bull market to continue, the 400 lost points must be won back, and soon.

Hint: Big rallies are common as the market transitions from a bull to a bear market. In fact, during a bear market, monster rallies are not surprising, but what happens next is important. For example, a strong rally that reverses direction intraday is a highly bearish signal. Astute traders take advantage of rallies in a bear market by using shorting strategies.
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august 2014 by jmbond
Rookie » Odd Girl In
My lifelong commitment to my own individuality rendered me incapable of being part of something bigger than myself.
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june 2014 by wintergirl
13 killed in clashes as Morsi’s supporters rally in Egypt – Hindustan Times
Hindustan TimesAt least 13 people were killed in clashes across Egypt during nationwide protests, demanding the reinstatement of ousted Islamist president Mohammed Morsi. The deaths of Muslim Brotherhood activists were reported in capital Cairo, Alexandria, the Suez …Deadly Violence Erupts During Rallies Across EgyptNew York TimesThirteen killed in Brotherhood clashes with police in EgyptReuters13 dead, […]
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january 2014 by zennie62
Stpehen Curry’s huge fourth rallies Warriors by Mavs – USA TODAY
USA TODAYOAKLAND, Calif. (AP) — Stephen Curry erased a forgettable first half for the Golden State Warriors with a fourth quarter to remember. Curry made a pull-up jumper with three seconds remaining to cap a sensational finishing stretch, rallying the Warriors from …Curry Rallies Warriors Past Mavericks, 95-93ABC NewsGolden State Warriors pull off another rallySan […]
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december 2013 by zennie62
GOOD.is | Rally Capitol
"From protests to rallies, marching on Washington has historically been an indicator of the nation's political attitudes."
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november 2010 by drewvigal
Go To Hellman: The User-Generated "Rally to Restore Sanity"
"This morning, reading the press accounts, I was dismayed to see that much of the "mainstream media" seemed to miscomprehend the Rally for Sanity by focusing on the show rather than the audience. Whether the rally was 215,000 people or 420,000 people, the media's mistake is akin to reporting that YouTube is a site for stupid pet trick videos. The best way to understand the Sanity Rally's significance, in fact, is to make the analogy that YouTube is to Fox (or CBS, for that matter) as the Rally for Sanity is to almost any previous political rally. Finally, crowdsourcing has come to the crowd."
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november 2010 by jschneider

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