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Tribal Menus — Week of July 19, 2015
Week of July 19, 2015


Spicy Chicken Wings & Grilled Pineapple chipotle chili rubbed chicken wings served with grilled juicy pineapple slices and sweet potato wedges

Sweet Pulled Pork with Sauteed String Beans & Apples pulled pork tossed in our sweet tribal bbq sauce served with sauteed string beans and apples

Cilantro Pesto Skirt Steak, Grilled Apples & Swiss Chard seared and marinated skirt steak with garlic cilantro pesto and grilled apples, caramelized onions and sauteed swiss chard


Sour Pork, Sweet Potato Hash & Spicy Tomatillo braised pork chop with a jalapeno, pineapple and sweet potato hash, caramelized plantains, and spicy tomatillo salsa

Roast Turkey & Sweet Potato Puree roasted turkey breast served with a vanilla sweet potato puree, dried cranberries, and toasted macadamia nuts

Pepper Crusted Steak & Baba Ghanoush seared pepper crusted steak served with baba ghanoush, roasted root vegetables, and pomegranate seeds
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