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Rainbird ESP TM Controller
Schepers Lawn Sprinkling97,317 views
00:45 to 02:05, water budget.
02:05, daylight savings time.
02:40, Run Program manually. For example during exceptional dry weather.
03:20 to 03:50, Prevent your system from running, for example during a rainy season.
03:50, battery backup to save programming in case of power loss.
04:35, Program or Set the clock.
06:00, Program Start Time for the sprinkler system. Program start times (i.e. 1, 2 & 3) indicate that the sprinkler system can be made to turn / come ON at three different times on any given day (Sun, Mon, etc.).
07:30, Days to water. Days on which the sprinkler system will turn/come on OR Custom watering schedule.
08:20, Watering times per station.
09:20, Howto turn a specific station/zone completely off.
09:55, Water Budget.
10:40, Manual Start and Advance. Run some extra water once in a while. e.g. Just fertilized and want to run some water.
11:20, Running Manual Start and Advance will not interfere with normal programming.
11:30, Manual Start and Advance. How to skip a zone.
11:45, Manual Start and Advance. How to stop manual run.
11:55, How to Resume Normal programming (i.e. Programmed Watering Schedule).
12:00, How to Stop the sprinkler system from watering on a programmed schedule.
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Programming the Rainbird ESP-4TM Irrigation Controller (Pre 2016 Model) - YouTube
https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Wc2cSanXmOA ;;;
tags: Programming the Rainbird ESP-4TM Irrigation Controller ( Pre 2016 Model ) - YouTube | video HowTo program sprinkler system needsEditing ;;;
Programming  the  Rainbird  ESP-4TM  Irrigation  Controller  (  Pre  2016  Model  )  -  YouTube  |  video  HowTo  program  sprinkler  system  needsEditing 
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Twitter's ZooKeeper + Cassandra based realtime analytics solution: lots and lots (and lots) of counters...
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