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Rain sensor & headlight sensor testing | HELLA
good tech info on windshield rain sensors, would be super cool if this site was a generally useful reference library ^.^
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15 hours ago by aaronbeekay
Active pattern incoming with periods of heavy Thursday and Saturday, as well as heavy snow at higher elevatio…
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21 days ago by eejay
All Raincoats Should Have Hood Brims: A Modest Proposal
My old raincoat was some $10 piece of garbage that was scarcely better than wearing a trash bag, so for Christmas I asked for and received a Marmot Minimalist, mostly because it came so highly recommended from our readers, but also because there was a really good deal that brought it down to about $113.
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24 days ago by kger
Rainy Mood
Helps you to focus, relax, and sleep. Now available for iOS and Android
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11 weeks ago by iorbita

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