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マチマチをGAEで動かす話 - マチマチ技術ブログ
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2 days ago by junya
The Ruby on Rails SaaS Template | Bullet Train
Bullet Train is a Ruby on Rails SaaS-in-a-Box that saves developers weeks of effort.
project  rails  saas 
2 days ago by shanly
Using Pundit for authorization in Rails - recipes and best practices
Using Pundit for authorization in Rails - recipes and best practices Web applications involving user management has two parts to it, which is authentication and authorization. And you don’t get to authorization without authentication, as we can’t determine what you can do unless we know who you are in the first place. via Pocket
ifttt  pocket  authorizations  programming  pundit  rails  ruby  tutorial 
3 days ago by jeremyday
This is pretty amazing. Both GitHub and Shopify are huge, billion dollar companies running on the original apps mad…
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4 days ago by vanderwal
RT : Hey, devs! Excited about or sad cause you didn’t get a ticket? Nonetheless, perhaps a new job can…
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4 days ago by andreaskrohn

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