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18 of the world’s best rail journeys
Some of the world’s wildest and most beautiful scenery is best enjoyed from a train window. From Lhasa to Lima,s brilliant and great value routes...Mettupalayam to Udagamandalam, India Duration: 29 miles/5hr Price: About 30p The Nilgiri Mountain Railway to Udagamandalam (or Ooty) hill station is India’s only rack and pinion railway, part of the Unesco-listed Mountain Railways of India. Its blue-and-cream trains ply the steepest track in Asia. The uphill leg takes about five hours, but it’s just three-and-a-half back down. It runs past ravines, tea plantations and forested hills; the train crosses 250 bridges and passes through 16 tunnels. This year, steam trains have been reintroduced, though priced for tourists (weekends to 24 June, from £8.60)
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Editor’s Corner—Private wireless networks are quietly becoming a thing | FierceWireless Apr 2018
"For years now, a number of wireless players have been promising that there is demand among enterprises and others for private wireless networks. The argument is that utilities, cities, manufacturing companies and others have specific applications that can’t or shouldn’t run over public wireless networks, and so they will need to build their own networks—and will spend money to do it."

Port of Los Angeles
Union Pacific Railroad

"Daniels said PACI is one of only a handful of companies that has obtained authorization from the FAA to conduct “non line of sight” flying, largely due to the company’s use of 700 MHz spectrum that won’t suffer from interference from other users. That means that PACI’s pilots will be able to install cameras on their drones and fly the drones by watching the real-time video (transmitted over PACI’s 700 MHz network) from the cameras."
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Mitchell Dakelman: New Brunswick, New Jersey · SFMOMA
recovering vernacular footage of human events
How many photos are there out there? the train passed so many people in so many places, and so many of them tried to record it.
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The Most Awful Transit Center in America Could Get Unimaginably Worse - Bloomberg
There are too many people in Penn Station because there are too many trains—more than 1,300 arrivals and departures every weekday, twice the number from four decades ago. With so much traffic, small problems routinely compound into big ones; a 10-minute delay for one train backs up dozens more, and then tens of thousands of people are kept from their destinations. Every late train bleeds the economy: Executives miss board meetings, tourists don’t spend, hourly workers get a smaller paycheck.
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