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Fanny is oblivious that Dave is behind her planning world domination...
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august 2018 by thelogosmith
Just thought I would leave this here to brighten up the morning 😊
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february 2018 by amyfortuna
RT : This is what happens on "LONG" conference calls.
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march 2014 by etroxel
Van Dyk Entertainment Launches Premiere Application, Slice 'n Dice Ninja
Van Dyk Entertainment would like to announce the release of their premiere iOS application, Slice 'n Dice Ninja 1.0, now available in the App Store. Slice 'n Dice ninja is a physics-based castle-defense game, employing superb artwork, anatomically-correct ragdoll-physics and skeletal animation. Set in a beautiful historic Japanese environment, Slice 'n Dice Ninja allows the player to choose from a multitude of weapons, including a katana, ninja stars, grapple hook, spring-board traps and more.
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february 2012 by holaseniora

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