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(3) Do INTJs feel love in a relationship? What makes them fall in love? - Quora
About love: if I let someone, another human being, to share my premise, my couch, my space, and I don’t get irritated, that’s ‘love’ to me. If I can live with your existence in a very close proximity, if I can be myself comfortably without the subtle notion that I should tread carefully and it goes both ways, I think that’s ‘love’ to me.

How to make an INTJ fall in love with a certain person? Maybe it would be more accurate for me if it goes like this: “How to make an INTJ notice you positively?”. The answer would be ingenuity.

What makes an INTJ fall in love? This one fell in love with a woman who made it ok and safe to express vulnerable emotions and thoughts. She tended to my inner child. One such example was when she bought me dozens of birthday cards to make up for the ones my family never gave me. She made an INTJ cry.
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november 2018 by imaginaryfriend

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