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Serial and the Podcast Explosion | Journalism+Design - YouTube
The Journalism and Design Program at Eugene Lang College The New School for Liberal Arts ( is proud to host this conversation with David Carr of The New York Times and Lack Professor of Media Studies at Boston University moderating a discussion with Sarah Koenig, host and producer of "Serial," Alex Blumberg, creator of the podcast "StartUp," former producer of "This American Life," and founder of NPR's "Planet Money," Benjamen Walker, host of the podcast "Theory of Everything" and one of the founding members of Radiotopia, and Alix Spiegel, a founding producer of "This American Life" and co-host of the New NPR series "Invisibilia," about the unprecedented popularity of "Serial," the creative explosion currently taking place in podcasting, and what it all means for the industry.

Since its October debut, "Serial" has taken the podcasting world by storm. A spinoff of the public radio show "This American Life," "Serial" is now the world's most popular podcast, with more than 5 million downloads and 1.5 million listeners per episode, according to iTunes. While this fame is partially due to the show's intriguing tale of a real-life murder case from 1999, it also speaks volumes about the public's growing interest in podcasts.
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Das goldene Radio-Zeitalter steht noch bevor | Deutschlandradio Kultur
Radiotopia - ein Kunstwort aus Radio und Utopie, genau daran arbeiten preisgekrönte US-Radiomacher. Online produzieren sie innovative Storytelling-Formate, finanziert durch Crowdfunding.
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