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The art of DJing: Jeff Mills
"Well first, are you a DJ?"

"I don't use sync or MIDI or anything like that. Four CD players into one hub, and that's it."

"I'm thinking more about how I'm going to get this track out, rather than how I'm going to mix the next track in. My style is mainly of subtracting, not adding."

"I'm feathering it. I'm listening to the rhythm of the music, and I'm picking small areas in between the notes where I'm actually making the transition. So if it's a 4/4 beat, I'm in between the one and the two, the two and the three, and the three and the four. So, the listener doesn't really feel that anything is decreasing, because I'm making my movements in between the beats. That's why it looks like I'm doing something and sometimes I'm not, because I'm trying to find a way to get in between the beats to make the transition. So I'm touching it, trying to find a way to do it."

"I'll let it fall off a little bit before you hear it, so you can feel it coming together. Because, you know, we're dealing with people, and people are not machines. Perfection is not always the point. To hear a mix come together creates a whole different excitement in itself. When you hear the tracks merge together, conceptually it pulls you into the whole process. If you never let the audience hear that, then they might believe that you're perfect, and that you mix like a computer, like software. So that's not always really the point. Sometimes I purposely lag the beats slightly, and then bring them together again, and that's because I want you to hear that mix perfectly, and then we can move on."

"When I use vinyl, you have so many DJs playing on these things [turntables]. I need to learn the condition of them, learn which one is gonna be a problem, and then that's the one I don't use as much."


"I would first try to make it. Or I would alter someone else's track, just for me to use, not to sell it. But if say, I like someone's track, but just the bassline and the drums, I'll make a special version of that just for me.

There's that. And then, of course, I'll buy material. But I prefer to have some hand in what I'm playing, I prefer to go in the studio and come up with something that has a strange scale in the drums or something. I prefer to make that myself, test that myself."

"There are no symmetrical lines in a jungle, you expect things to be crossing over, you expect different layers of things. And sound can also be positioned in that way, to create the feeling that you just don't know what's gonna happen when you open the brush. I use sound in that way. Or very clean and minimal, almost to the point that nothing is there. But you feel that perhaps something was there, and this is the residue of what it was."
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april 2019 by cosmic
RadioShack Auction #1
Email Privacy Policy We have created this email privacy policy to demonstrate our firm commitment to your privacy and the protection of your information. Why…
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july 2017 by splorp
I was planning to work a bit on my model 1, but then I found back that copy of Asylum...
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june 2017 by one1zero1one
Farewell to the RadioShack in Reynoldsburg, Ohio. We hardly knew ye.
RadioShack  RIP  Ohio  from twitter_favs
april 2017 by schraeds
Inside the pages of a 1981 Radio Shack catalog
Back when Radio Shack was a "pioneer" in personal computing.
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october 2016 by otlib

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