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How will pay for in ? Definitely not the radiologists according to the panel here in
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19 days ago by rebeccarobbins
[1803.11244] Phronesis of AI in radiology: Superhuman meets natural stupidity
"Advances in AI in the last decade have clearly made economists, politicians, journalists, and citizenry in general believe that the machines are coming to take human jobs. We review 'superhuman' AI performance claims in radiology and then provide a self-reflection on our own work in the area in the form of a critical review, a tribute of sorts to McDermotts 1976 paper, asking the field for some self-discipline. Clearly there is an opportunity to replace humans, but there are better opportunities, as we have discovered to fit cognitive abilities of human and non-humans. We performed one of the first studies in radiology to see how human and AI performance can complement and improve each others performance for detecting pneumonia in chest X-rays. We question if there is a practical wisdom or phronesis that we need to demonstrate in AI today as well as in our field. Using this, we articulate what AI as a field has already and probably can in the future learn from Psychology, Cognitive Science, Sociology and Science and Technology Studies."
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22 days ago by arsyed
Is market becoming a red ocean (even with no mature product on the market and weak business case) ?…
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5 weeks ago by rebeccarobbins
nanoparticles in brain cancer treatment
[PDF] Surface Modified Solid Lipid Nanoparticles for Brain Cancer Treatment V Soni - Asian Journal of Pharmaceutics (AJP): Free full text…
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6 weeks ago by asaltydog
RT : is changing the face of . and 's model detected lung cancer better than radio…
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7 weeks ago by TomRaftery

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