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Undark and the Radium Girls • Damn Interesting
Hammer’s recipe was used by the US Radium Corporation during the First World War to produce Undark, a high-tech paint which allowed America’s infantrymen to read their wristwatches and instrument panels at night. They also marketed the pigment for non-military products such as house numbers, pistol sights, light switch plates, and glowing eyes for toy dolls. By this time the dangers of radium were better understood, but US Radium assured the public that their paint used the radioactive element in “such minute quantities that it is absolutely harmless.” While this was true of the products themselves, the amount of radium present in the dial-painting factory was much more dangerous, unbeknownst to the workers there.
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Why Radioactive Waste Is Being Melted into Glass
"This successful test confirms the science and engineering approach," Eaton said in the statement. "Seeing actual Hanford low-activity waste being converted to glass is really exciting. It ties together 20 years of work from the design and construction of the Waste Treatment Plant to the research and testing that has supported that effort."

If the glass breaks, as it did in the test, "then you have multiple pieces of glass," Eaton told Live Science in an email. "The waste components are chemically bound and are a part of the glass material. The dissolution of the glass over time (which happens very slowly) depends of surface area, so some minor cracking has a very small effect on leaching into the environment."
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Health Physics Instrumentation Museum Directory
The purpose of the Oak Ridge Associated Universities (ORAU) Health Physics Historical Instrumentation Museum Collection is to chronicle the scientific and commercial history of radioactivity and radiation. It has been deemed the official repository for historical radiological instruments by the Health Physics Society, and the Society has been generous in its financial support for the purchase of items.
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'Gwyneth glows like a radioactive swan' – my day at the Goop festival | Life and style | The Guardian
'Gwyneth glows like a radioactive swan' – my day at the Goop festival
With its kale ice-cream, rose quartz eggs and inhouse shaman, Paltrow’s ‘wellness adventure’ is silly and fun. But is it only for rich, white people who are disproportionately well already?

Lindy West. The Guardian. 14 June 2017
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