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Leave Your Message after the Tone - OneWhoSitsWithTurtles - Hannibal (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Based on imagine-hannigram's prompt:

Imagine Will calling Hannibal’s cell phone after he’s incarcerated just to hear Hannibal’s voice on his voicemail.

Imagine Will leaving Hannibal voicemails about how he wishes things had turned out differently. Imagine Will spilling his heart out to Hannibal’s voicemail, assuming that the man himself will never hear them.

Imagine Hannibal listening to these messages.
pairing:hannibal/will  author:onewhositswithturtles  hannibal  archive:ao3  fic  length:5-10k  au  au[what-if]  rating:nc-17  radio/phone 
november 2016 by arinan
Not Part of the Plan - Annie D (scaramouche) - Supernatural [Archive of Our Own]
[After about 3 years, this behemoth is finally done. Very satisfying read.]

Castiel's spent most of his adult life keeping his head down and staying out of trouble. This is a deliberate choice on his part, because as a cousin of the King, he'd rather stay unimportant and forgotten. This changes abruptly when King Michael decides that he has a better use for Castiel: he is to be wed to a noble member of the neighboring Republic, as part of an agreement between their two nations.

Castiel knows he has to obey, but that doesn't mean he won't rebel in what small ways he can. Unexpectedly, his actions end up having far-reaching consequences.

Words: 311,677
Works: 7
spn  dean/castiel  arrangedmarriage  pining  separation  royalty/celebrity  length:>100k  author:annieD  rating:nc-17  radio/phone  fic  Michael  series  archive:ao3 
may 2016 by arinan
We Just Lost the Beat - knight_tracer, lady_ragnell - Daredevil (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Matt hears a lot in the city at night, sirens and crime--and the late-night radio show Foggy With a Chance, which sometimes runs a Daredevil Watch if he's been particularly active, but which mostly plays music. He probably shouldn't call in and request a song, but he does it anyway.
rating:pg-13  daredevil  fic  au  podfic  radio/phone  length:10-40k  mattmurdock/foggy  author:lady_ragnell 
september 2015 by arinan
The Emergency Broadcast | moriann
The Sheriff's Secret Police have a busy day, hunting down errant citizens, counter-suing StexCorp, and expanding the banned films and books list.

They do it because they care.

**||** [1.262 words]

nightvale  sheriffssecretpolice  length:1-5k  fic  strex  radio/phone  outsiderpov 
november 2013 by arinan
Flip Shut, Hang Up - thehoyden, twentysomething - Hockey RPF [Archive of Our Own]
By the fourth time Crosby has hung up on him, Alex has to admit that this has gone from funny to, frankly, a little hurtful.

With some delightful meddling from Ovie, best.
pairing:crosby/malkin  russianclique  author:thehoyden  author:twentysomething  humour  rating:pg  length:1-5k  radio/phone  hockeyrpf 
march 2013 by arinan
But It's a Good Refrain - lady_ragnell - Merlin (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Arthur doesn't care much about the popular radio program Dragon's Lonely Hearts until his ex-girlfriend calls in to slag him off and get advice. When he calls in and has an on-air argument with the host, it starts off more than he expected, including meddling friends, overinvolved fans, and maybe love.
merlin/arthur  au  merlinbbc  length:10-40k  author:lady_ragnell  radio/phone 
march 2012 by arinan
Late Night Phone Call
14,000 words | Arthur usually finds blatant fishing for compliments extremely irritating, but in Eames’ case he is reluctantly charmed. In fact, he writes the phrase “reluctantly charmed” into the Eames notebook the moment the words occur to him because they so perfectly encapsulate his entire situation.
radio/phone  au  inception  length:10-40k  via:jerakeen  pairing:arthur/eames 
december 2011 by arinan
In Love With My Radio
Merlin listens to the radio on his iPod, Arthur stalks Merlin, Morgana lives to create chaos in Arthur's life, and then everyone goes to McDonalds!
author:lunchy_munchy  fandom:merlin  pairing:arthur/merlin  au  modernday  radio/phone  ftw  fluff  humor 
february 2011 by cepaea
Since you're gone my empty arms have nothing left to hold - fic, Supernatural: Play It All Night Long (Dean/Castiel), NC17, for spn_j2_bigbang
Summary: the rom-com-ish one where Dean hosts a late night radio show, Castiel is a regular listener of his who starts calling one day and ends up calling more often than not and Dean finds himself liking it. This, until one day Castiel calls for not exactly petty reasons (just before Dean's brother Sam is visiting with his girlfriend for spring break) and things get very, very crowdy at his place. He also doesn't know it's just the beginning of it. Also features Gabriel, Chuck, Andy, the Roadhouse crew and a huge amount of music quoted. Especially Bob Dylan.
au  spn  supernatural  rating:nc-17  sam/jess  slash  bigbang  fluff  pairing:dean/castiel  length:40-70k  radio/phone 
july 2010 by arinan

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