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Fuck Twitter
Genius leadership says it's time to "begin considering" whether it's a good idea to continue to allow Nazis on the platform.
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7 weeks ago by nelson
Women and Terrorism: Hidden Threats, Forgotten Partners
May 2019 Council on Foreign Relations discussion paper
U.S. policymakers overlook the roles that women play in violent extremism—including as perpetrators, mitigators, and victims—and rarely enlist their participation in efforts to combat radicalization. This omission puts the United States at a disadvantage.
cfr  women  terrorism  radicalization 
7 weeks ago by strohps
Radicalized by Facebook
Evolution of one user from normal stuff to Fox News to Breitbart to straight up Nazi groups
facebook  propaganda  politics  nazis  breitbart  benshapiro  radicalization  terrorism 
7 weeks ago by nelson
How Facebook and Fox News radicalize and create online nazis
interesting thread from Gwen Snyder on Twitter:

"Fun fact about researching Nazis on Facebook? Facebook sorts "like" pages according to when something was liked. So you can literally look and see their progression from liking Fox to liking Breitbart/@benshapiro to liking pages associated with nazis & the extreme right."
redpill  alt-right  fascism  nazis  facebook  breitbart  fox-news  trump  radicalization 
7 weeks ago by jm
The Online Radicalization We’re Not Talking About
When you hear the word radicalization, what usually comes to mind is young people turning to Islamic fundamentalism. The internet has proven to be an effective platform for radicalization of this kind; ISIS has a host of YouTube channels, chat rooms, and Twitter accounts that are extremely effective at channeling the energy of disaffected and disenfranchised young people.

But the far right is doing virtually the same thing — and possibly even more effectively. In fact, a recent study shows that white-supremacist Twitter accounts have increased more than 600 percent since 2012, and outperform ISIS accounts by every possible metric. We’ve already seen the violence that can emerge from this trend: Dylann Roof and Elliot Rodger were both radicalized in online far-right communities before their respective shootings.
radicalization  politics  culture 
9 weeks ago by ramitsethi
The Terrifying Trend of White Men Radicalized Online Becoming IRL Terrorists - VICE
These incidents, all from within the past month or so, have variables, of course. Besides the settings, methods of violence, and kinds of weaponry used, distinct agendas seem to have undergirded them. But they all appear to generally fall under the far-right ideological umbrella.

They also have something important in common: They were all committed by young white men who had apparently been radicalized online.
radicalization  politics  culture 
9 weeks ago by ramitsethi
David Roth on Twitter: "This all just sucks. All these lonely old weirdos picking up a brain disease online that they can't shake; the people close to them watching them spiral into it and probably eventually cutting them out to some extent. We need less
This all just sucks. All these lonely old weirdos picking up a brain disease online that they can't shake; the people close to them watching them spiral into it and probably eventually cutting them out to some extent. We need less poisonous fantasies.
radicalization  politics  propaganda 
9 weeks ago by ramitsethi
The Rhetoric Tricks, Traps, and Tactics of White Nationalism
Memes, greentext, Karl Rove, and Twitter threads all on the deliberately tactics used in pushing people toward white nationalism/Nazism
redpill  racism  radicalization 
11 weeks ago by gunsch
In Conversation with Mahmood Mamdani | Warscapes
"MM: One night. They let you make one phone call, and I called the Ugandan Ambassador in Washington, DC, talked to him, and he said, “What are you doing interfering in the affairs of a foreign country?” I said, “What? We just got our independence! This is the same struggle. Have you forgotten?” Anyway, he got me out. Two or three weeks later, I was in my room. There was a knock at the door. Two gentlemen in trench coats and hats said, “FBI.” I thought, “Wow, just like on television.” They sat down. They were there to find out why I had gone – because this turned out to be big – it is after Montgomery that King organized his march on Selma. They wanted to know who had influenced me. After one hour of probing, the guy said, “Do you like Marx?” 

I said, “I haven’t met him.” 

Guy said, “No, no, he’s dead.” 

“Wow, what happened?” 

“No, no, he died long ago.” 

I thought the guy Marx had just died. So then, “Why are you asking me if he died long ago?”  

“No, he wrote a lot. He wrote that poor people should not be poor.”  

I said, “Sounds amazing.” 

I’m giving you a sense of how naïve I was. After they left, I went to the library to look for Marx. So that was my introduction to Karl Marx.

BS: The FBI. 

MM: The FBI. Then, of course, I took a class on Marx. Couldn’t just get Marx out of the library. But, basically, it is the US – the civil rights movement and the anti-war movement – which gave me a new take on my own experience, and on the Asian experience in east Africa. It gave me a way of rethinking my own experience of growing up in east Africa and growing up in an Africa with a lens crafted by the civil rights movement."
colonialism  academia  history  mahmoodmamdani  karlmarx  marxism  2013  interviews  fbi  radicalization  ideas  inequality  poverty  capitalism  unintendedconsequences 
12 weeks ago by robertogreco
Buttigieg: 'Americans are being radicalized' by Trump administration | TheHill
Democratic presidential hopeful Pete Buttigieg said in an interview published Thursday that he thinks "a lot of Americans are being radicalized" by the Trump administration.
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april 2019 by po

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