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Facebook labelled 'digital gangsters' by report on fake news | Technology | The Guardian
Labour moved quickly to endorse the committee’s findings, with the party’s deputy leader, Tom Watson, announcing: “Labour agrees with the committee’s ultimate conclusion – the era of self-regulation for tech companies must end immediately.

“We need new independent regulation with a tough powers and sanctions regime to curb the worst excesses of surveillance capitalism and the forces trying to use technology to subvert our democracy.”
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3 days ago by laurakalbag
Ground Penetrating Radar For The Masses | Hackaday
For those people in these fields, a less expensive GPR was the priority of a group presenting at a 2017 National Institute of Telecommunications of Poland conference (pdf warning). The presentation goes into specific detail on how to build a GPR for around €600, much less than commercial offerings.

The presentation begins by highlighting the basics of GPR, then details the hardware bill of materials for the transmitting circuit, receiving circuit, and the DC power supplies. It also details the theory behind the software needed to get the circuit running properly, and has code as well. The processing is done on a 32-bit Mbed platform, and the rest of the GPR is built with easy-to-source components as well.
radar  gpr  ground  projects  electronics 
5 days ago by bezthomas
Most Online ‘Terms of Service’ Are Incomprehensible to Adults, Study Finds - Motherboard
“While consumers are legally expected or presumed to read their contracts, businesses are not required to write readable ones. This asymmetry—and its potential consequences—puzzled us,” wrote co-author Samuel Becher, a law professor at Victoria University of Wellington, in an email to Motherboard.

We’ve all been there, signing up for a new digital service such as Amazon or Uber and being asked to tick the box saying that we agree to the terms of service, or ToS. These agreements typically include clauses on intellectual property, prohibited use, and termination, among many others.

Most of us accept the terms without bothering to read the fine print. But with these relatively new types of contracts, known as sign-in-wrap agreements, there is a danger in clicking “agree” without reading or understanding them—they’re regularly enforced.
termsandconditions  tos  consent  indie  radar 
6 days ago by laurakalbag
Is Europe closing in on an antitrust fix for surveillance technologists? | TechCrunch
“ The EU’s updated privacy framework, [GDPR](https://techcrunch.com/2018/01/20/wtf-is-gdpr/), requires consent to be specific, informed and freely given. That standard supports challenges to Facebook’s (still fixed) entry ‘price’ to its social services. To play you still have to agree to hand over your personal data so it can sell your attention to advertisers. But legal experts [contend](ªªhttps://techcrunch.com/2018/04/18/data-experts-on-facebooks-gdpr-changes-expect-lawsuits/) that’sºº neither privacy by design nor default.”

“So there are now two lines of legal attack — antitrust and privacy law — threatening Facebook (and indeed other adtech companies’) surveillance-based business model across Europe.”

“…the German FCO decision against Facebook hints at an alternative way forward for regulating the dominance of digital monopolies: Structural remedies that focus on controlling access to data which can be relatively swiftly configured and applied.”
antitrust  surveillancecapitalism  europe  eu  regulation  fco  germany  facebook  indie  radar 
9 days ago by laurakalbag
MIT Creates Antennas for Wearables That Harvest Energy From Wi-Fi Signals
Once of the biggest challenges in developing wearable devices is energy storage. Wearables, like any other mobile device, need to be as small and light as possible. That means that bulky, heavy…
14 days ago by twleung
Opinion | How Silicon Valley Puts the ‘Con’ in Consent - The New York Times
Data is powerful and can inform on us in unexpected ways. Companies learn all about you, but also all about your friends who haven’t signed up for these services. Consumers’ confusion about this gives rise to conspiracy theories that phone microphones are secretly snooping on users. According to academics who have done the research, that’s probably just paranoia. The likely truth is that all the other data you give away is enough to predict what you have said and will say in conversations.

Countless devices and internet services now pervade daily life. We don’t need to live in a world governed by their terms and conditions, propped up by the legal fiction of consent. If empowered and properly funded, the Federal Trade Commission can become the privacy watchdog that this era so desperately needs. And the repeal or modification of the Federal Arbitration Act can defang the very worst provision that so frequently pops up in terms and conditions — the surrender of the right to sue a company in court.
consent  termsandconditions  surveillancecapitalism  radar 
16 days ago by laurakalbag
Boosting local news with data journalism and automation - Columbia Journalism Review
Local outlets sometimes run the stories as-is and other times treat them more like leads, adapting them further to enhance the local relevance. Gary Rogers, the editor in chief of RADAR, told me that an audit of their content generated during October 2018 showed that print publications will rework about half of the stories, whereas online publications typically rework maybe one in five.
robotjournalism  automation  radar 
19 days ago by paulbradshaw
Echodyne gets OK to conduct drone detection at Super Bowl | FierceWireless Jan 2019
The FCC has given Echodyne the go-ahead to operate two low powered fixed radar transmitters in the immediate vicinity of Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta during Super Bowl LIII on Sunday.

The radars are intended to be used as part of a drone detection system that will be installed at the perimeter of the stadium to alert security personnel, including federal officers, of any unidentified drone activity during the big game, according to material the company submitted to the FCC.
FierceWireless  FCC  Echodyne  drones  detection  radar 
20 days ago by pierredv

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