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ADTs in Typed Racket with macros
Algebraic data types, or ADTs, are a staple of the ML family of functional programming languages. I won’t go into detail here—I want to focus on the implementation—but they’re a very descriptive way of modeling data that encourages designing functions in terms of pattern-matching, something that Racket is already good at.

Racket also already has a facility for creating custom data structures in the form of structs, which are extremely flexible, but also a little verbose. Racket structs are more powerful than we need, but that means we can implement our ADTs in terms of Racket’s struct system.
scheme  racket  algebraic-data-types  ADT  macro 
5 days ago by rcyphers
Beautiful Racket: Why Racket? Why Lisp?
Matthew Butterick's no-nonsense Lisp sales pitch.
programming  lisp  racket 
7 days ago by respatialized
Beautiful Racket: Introduction
This book teaches you how to design and imple­ment pro­gram­ming lan­guages using Racket. Racket is a lan­guage built for mak­ing other lan­guages.
racket  programming  language  computing  learning 
13 days ago by wrrn
The Rosette Language
A solver-aided programming language designed to help people express logical constraints. Constructed with Racket
programming  logic  racket  lisp 
17 days ago by respatialized
greghendershott/racket-clojure-cheat-sheet: My working notes about Racket and Clojure equivalencies organized as a cheat sheet.
racket-clojure-cheat-sheet - My working notes about Racket and Clojure equivalencies organized as a cheat sheet.
racket  clojure  compare  cheatsheet 
19 days ago by orlin

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