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Racket SICP Collections
This package contains two collections.

The sicp collection contains a #lang sicp language ideal for studying the book "Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs" by Gerald Jay Sussman and Hal Abelson. The book is usually referred to simply as SICP.

The second sicp-pict collection contains the picture language used in SICP. The non-standard primitives cons-stream and amb are also provided.

The programs in the book are written in (a subset of) the programming language Scheme. As the years have passed the programming language Scheme has evolved. The language #lang sicp provides you with a version of R5RS (the fifth revision of Scheme) changed slightly in order for programs in SICP to run as is.
racket  scheme  SICP 
2 days ago by rcyphers
An Introduction to Redex with Abstracting Abstract Machines (v0.5)
This article provides a brief introduction to the Redex programming language for semantic modelling. It does so by developing several semantic models of a simple programming language and then showing how to construct a program analyzer for this language using the “Abstracting Abstract Machines” method
engineering  language  racket  redex  research 
2 days ago by darren_n
Beautiful Racket
The idea of a pro­gram­ming lan­guage that can be molded by its users—I like the phrase lan­guage exten­si­bil­ity—is almost as old as our old­est pro­gram­ming lan­guages, given the his­tory of macros in Lisp.

So why isn’t every­one already using macros to extend lan­guages? Like garbage col­lec­tion, macros may seem like a cool idea in prin­ci­ple, but with too much over­head to be prac­ti­cal (but with the over­head in pro­gram under­stand­ing, instead of pro­gram exe­cu­tion). Like first-class func­tions, macros add an extra dimen­sion to code that may seem too mind-twist­ing for an aver­age pro­gram­mer. And like a type sys­tem, the the­ory behind hygienic macros may seem too daunt­ing to be worth the extra guar­an­tees that hygiene pro­vides. Maybe so.

But Beau­ti­ful Racket makes the case that the time for lan­guage exten­si­bil­ity has come. That’s why this book is impor­tant. It’s not an abstract argu­ment about the ben­e­fits of macros or a par­tic­u­lar style of macros. Instead, this book shows you, step by step, how to use Racket’s macro sys­tem on real prob­lems and, as a result, get a feel for its ben­e­fits.
programming  language-design  racket  lisp  scheme  DSL  book  textbook 
2 days ago by zzkt
Beautiful Racket by Matthew Butterick
Looks like a nice book for learning how to write languages with Racket. Looks very nicely typeset.
programming  book  racket 
2 days ago by micktwomey
Beautiful Racket by Matthew Butterick
how to make your own
pro­gram­ming lan­guages with racket
by matthew but­t­er­ick · ver­sion 1.0
books  programming  languages  scheme  racket 
3 days ago by timriley
Beautiful Racket by Matthew Butterick
How to make your own pro­gram­ming lan­guages with Racket.
language  programming  racket  scheme 
3 days ago by djwhitt
Beautiful Racket by Matthew Butterick
how to make your own
pro­gram­ming lan­guages with racket
by matthew but­t­er­ick · ver­sion 1.0
programming  book  howto  racket  scheme  languages  compiler 
6 days ago by masukomi

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