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The Hackett Programming Language
A Haskell-inspired (static, purely functional, lazy, …) Racket-based (Lisp, macros, metaprogramming) language.
programming-language  Haskell  Racket  lisp  lazy  functional-programming  static 
8 days ago by chris_johnsen
F*dging up a Racket
One of the most extensive tutorials on how to build a Brainfuck interpreter in Racket using Racket's built-in "language building" features.
brainfuck  lisp  programming  racket  scheme 
14 days ago by mrnugget
Furtle - a library for turtles
furtle is a small Typed Racket library that lets you create turtle geometry in a mostly functional way.
code  logo  racket 
19 days ago by frog
Server: Racket
An ebook on how to write web applications in Racket
racket  "web  applications"  lisp  scheme 
22 days ago by hersh.verthun
Lisp is for lovers | lisp.sh
A cookbook of how to do things with Lisp.
racket  lisp  cookbook 
22 days ago by hersh.verthun

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