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How to Design Programs, Second Edition
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7 days ago by euler
Symbolic Execution: Intuition and Implementation | Hacker News
"dguido 9 hours ago [-]

Check out DeepState, a Google Test-like library for easily using symbolic execution in C/C++ apps. It's still very early on but it's already usable!



leipavoi 1 hour ago [-]

I think symbolic execution is quite an "academic subject".

Things could change as I think symbolic execution would very well fit when analyzing and verifying the correctness of smart contracts in blockchain.


fulafel 2 hours ago [-]

For those wondering about applicability of SE to other languages, see here for a compendium of tools: https://github.com/ksluckow/awesome-symbolic-execution"
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9 days ago by MarcK
Scribble: The Racket Documentation Tool
Scribble is a collection of tools for creating prose documents—papers, books, library documentation, etc.—in HTML or PDF (via Latex) form. More generally, Scribble helps you write programs that are rich in textual content, whether the content is prose to be typeset or any other form of text to be generated programmatically.

This document is itself written using Scribble. You can see its source at https://github.com/racket/scribble/tree/master/scribble-doc/scribblings/scribble, starting with the "scribble.scrbl" file.
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11 days ago by Jswindle
These pages are my experiment in marrying web documents with printed books: generating high quality print-ready PDF files from the same markup used to create the web pages.
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11 days ago by Jswindle
Coroutines, exceptions, time-traveling search, generators and threads: Continuations by example
implement powerful language features and algorithms, including exceptions, backtracking search, threads, generators and coroutines.
concurrency  continuations  scheme  racket  programming 
11 days ago by darren_n

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