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North Korean Economy Watch » Blog Archive » Rajin-Sonbong Minimum Wage Set at 80 Dollars
Labor in China becoming ‘too expensive’ at $167/month, so Chinese firms build factories in the DPRK.
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september 2011 by mlcastle
Seth's Blog: A relentless race to the bottom
One by one, store by store, the chains expand, earning a few more dollars a share and further insulating themselves from the communities they used to serve. No, my neighbors and I don't need another drugstore, we have plenty. That's not going to change Walgreen's mind, and it's not going to help Jimmy and his team, either. My heart goes out to them. Thanks for everything you did for our community, guys.
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june 2011 by nth
How to Price Your iPhone App out of Existence [Safe from the Losing Fight]
"There will be an iPhone app bust. The current prices simply aren’t sustainable." because pricing of iPhone apps has been in a race to the bottom
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april 2009 by ouroboros

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