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Slavery in the Ashanti Kingdom
Slavery was historically a tradition in the Ashanti Empire, with slaves typically taken as captives from enemies in warfare. The welfare of their slaves varied from being able to acquire wealth and in...
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5 hours ago by rdormer
The Hypocrisy Of Eating At Mexican Restaurants : The Salt : NPR
The restaurant industry, among the largest in the nation, is also one of the lowest-paying ones, with undocumented immigrant workers at the very bottom of the pay scale. The threat of deportation keeps them silent in the face of exploitation — from wage theft to unsafe working conditions — while the owners and investors of these restaurants pass on the savings to diners like Miller, Nielsen and us.

Miller and Nielsen's choices reflect how Mexican fare is now a part of the proverbial "American table." For them, as for the rest of the nation, "Mexican-inspired" food is a known quantity, normalized, welcomed, even "elevated" in upscale settings, and far from foreign — unlike many of the people whose culinary traditions helped inspire it.

But no matter what restaurant Miller and Nielsen patronize, we should be appalled by the flagrant disconnect between their gustatory desires and the people who make it possible to satisfy those desires. It doesn't matter what the name out front is or what the menu purports to offer, chances are, every restaurant in the D.C. area has a back-of-the-house (kitchen staff, dishwashers and bussers) who came from Mexico or Central America, with or without documents. In that sense, every restaurant is a "Mexican" restaurant.
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10 hours ago by corrales
The Exorbitant Costs of Banking if You're Not White - CityLab
The bill considerably scales back the Dodd-Frank Act reforms passed in 2010 in response to the financial crash and was passed with the votes of 33 Democrats in the House and 17 in the Senate. It essentially frees small community banks and credit unions from many of the Dodd-Frank regulations, including reporting requirements that would help identify racially discriminatory banking practices.

* overdraft fees are higher in banks located in predominantly black and Latinx neighborhoods when compared with the overdraft fees assessed in white communities.

* banks in black and Latinx neighborhoods are more likely to use credit-screening agencies for opening accounts than they are in white neighborhoods.

* Banks in predominantly African-American neighborhoods require higher opening deposit charges for starting a basic checking account.

* The average minimum balance needed to maintain a checking account without incurring fees is $625.50 in majority-white neighborhoods. In Latinx neighborhoods, it’s $748.80. In black neighborhoods it’s $870.50. In some non-white neighborhoods it’s $957.10.

* Because of racial wealth and income gaps in the U.S., people of color end up needing to deposit a higher percentage of their paychecks into their checking accounts to avoid fees or closure. African Americans and Latinx Americans usually have to deposit 6 percent of their take-home checks, on average. For whites banking, that amount is only 3 percent of their checks.

There is essentially a tax on being black and brown when banking in America no matter the size of the financial institution.
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10 hours ago by corrales
Authoritarians, Plutocrats, and the Fight for Racial Justice
Like every social movement, these efforts represent a threat to those who benefit most from the status quo. Atop that list are Trump himself and other tremendously wealthy Americans who choose to exploit their political power in order to advance selfish interests at the expense of the greater good. For them, billionaire tax cuts are worth any price and outspoken celebrities, including professional athletes, are a serious annoyance. That’s because they turn the public’s attention away from the mass consumerism that one-percenters work hard to cultivate and also give voice to the mistreatment of millions who, in light of their circumstances, might otherwise never be heard.
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23 hours ago by msszczep
Can the California Elections Usher in a Slate of Progressive District Attorneys? | The Nation
Based on the power of the prosecutor to lobby for or against legislation, the movement does mean something for the state, and country at large. So many DA elections have gone unchallenged for so long, allowing dynasties of prosecutors to remain in place, even as their more conservative values don’t reflect the ideals of their electorate. California has become a leader in reducing prison populations; now there’s a chance that the Golden State will vote for leadership that wants to keep these changes in place.
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23 hours ago by celine
An Electoral Vision for Black Lives | Dissent
Where is the plan to address the disparate economic recovery of white and black Americans? Where is the call for a civil rights investigation of Michigan state officials who have poisoned a generation of Flint’s mostly black children? Where is the plan to reverse the astronomically high risks of maternal mortality for black women? And where are the party’s advocacy and proposals for ending the disproportionate warehousing of black and brown people in jails and prisons as well as their often lethal harassment by police? Black voters feel this disregard keenly.
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