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African Burial Ground Digital Diaries - New York National Parks
PBS film 55 minutes long

From the 1690s until the 1790s, both free and enslaved Africans were buried in a 6.6 acre burial ground in Lower Manhattan, outside the boundaries of the settlement of New Amsterdam, later known as New York. Lost to history due to landfill and development, the grounds were rediscovered in 1991 as a consequence of the planned construction of a Federal office building. A memorial at the African Burial Ground National Monument honors the memories of the estimated 15,000 enslaved and free Africans who were interred in the burial ground.
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2 days ago by oripsolob
Harvard Is Wrong That Asians Have Terrible Personalities
There’s a moving passage contained in a deposition taken in the major class-action lawsuit accusing Harvard University of racial bias against Asian-Americans. An attorney for Students for Fair Admissions, the nonprofit group representing a dozen Asian-Americans denied admission by Harvard, confronts the assistant principal of Stuyvesant High School with evidence that white students applying to Harvard in 2014 from her school were more than twice as likely to be admitted to the university as were her Asian-American students.

The assistant principal, Casey Pedrick, starts to cry.
(Witness crying.)
Q. I’m sorry this is upsetting to you. Do you want to take a break?
A. (Witness shakes her head no.)
Q. You want to keep going? Do you want to tell me why this is so upsetting to you?
A. Because these numbers make it seem like there’s discrimination, and I love these kids, and I know how hard they work. So these just look like numbers to all you guys, but I see their faces.

That last sentence is worth lingering on for a moment. When Ms. Pedrick looks in the faces of her Asian students, who comprise more than 70 percent of the population at Stuyvesant, she doesn’t see any one of them as “yet another textureless math grind,” as M.I.T.’s dean of admissions was brazen enough to call a Korean-American student to Daniel Golden, the author of “The Price of Admission.” She doesn’t see her students as an arrogant, privileged “ethnic group” who think they “own admission” to these high-performing schools, as the new chancellor of New York City Schools, Richard Carranza, recently put it.
Ms. Pedrick knows that her Asian students believe they have to earn their admission to Stuyvesant in the only way anyone has for more than four decades: by passing a rigorous entrance exam. Their parents will often invest a major share of the family income into test preparation courses to help them pass — this despite the fact that more Asians live in poverty than any other group in New York City.
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2 days ago by jimmykduong
The Curse of Affirmative Action
A lawsuit challenges Harvard’s betrayal of “Veritas.”

Of all the names I’ve been called in life, including the usual anti-Semitic slurs, none has more sting than “affirmative action hire.”
I got that a lot on social media after I joined The Times. The meaning was clear: I was a quota-filler who had taken the place of somebody more deserving. Whatever I had accomplished, through talent or hard work, wasn’t enough. I was just fulfilling a misbegotten mandate for ideological diversity — and doing even that poorly, since, like every other columnist here, I’m also a Trump opponent.
The accusation always came from the left, and it contained an implicit admission. The very people who ordinarily championed affirmative action as a cornerstone of a decent society — for giving a needed leg up to the systemically disadvantaged — had no trouble understanding the other dimension of the policy — an unfair preference for the unqualified. They knew that “affirmative action,” whatever its benefits as a form of social engineering, was a synonym for mediocrity.
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3 days ago by jimmykduong
Study: Obama voters switched to Trump because of race - Vox
Kamala Harris’s new basic income-style bill is so frustratingly close to being great
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3 days ago by bekishore
Behind The Lies My Teacher Told Me – NPR
GENE DEMBY (host): Yeah. I always think about sort of one of the consequences of us not teaching this history directly is that it operates almost like a societal-level gaslighting. Like, all these things that happened to you as a person of color - as a black person, in particular, in a lot of places in this country - seems like it is not being reflected in the history. Like, you know, so you are having these experiences that you know are happening, that your parents know are happening, that all these people are talking to you about. And it's sort of not reflected, this sort of oppression that is coming out of the ether and has no beginning or, you know, it has no sort of context...

ANYA KAMENETZ (byline): Mmm hmm.

DEMBY: ...Which I think is an incredibly dangerous thing. I think it's an incredibly dangerous thing for society. But one of the effects of it for black children is, like, to make them feel like they're insane - right? - that this stuff is happening to them and they're making it up, you know?

KAMENETZ: I can only imagine. I also - I think about the authenticity - like, the teaching relationship, right? Like...

DEMBY: Absolutely.
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3 days ago by timmarkatos
PsycNET Record Display - PsycNET
hen Black negotiators violate those expectations, evaluators award them lower starting salaries (Study 2), which appears to occur because evaluators become more resistant to making concessions to Black than to White job seekers (Study 3).
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3 days ago by brycecovert

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