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Treant (5e Race) - D&D Wiki
When walking through the forest, have you ever gotten the feeling that the trees might be watching you? Or maybe you heard something walking through the dark and assumed it must be a very large animal. These occurrences can be attributed to the treant. Mainly a docile race treants prefers to keep to themselves, and tend to the forest around them. Make no mistake, though. They are very protective of the forest around them and have been known to take retribution for anyone harming it.
Treant  5e  dnd  rpg  Race 
25 minutes ago by fozbaca
The Treant Race for Dungeons & Dragons (D&D) Fifth Edition (5e) - D&D Beyond
Trees imbued with the natural magics of the world, giving them the ability to move, think, and when their forests are in danger fight.
dnd  treant  race  rpg  5e 
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Tristan Walker on the Roman Empire and Selling a Start-Up to Procter & Gamble - The New York Times
I was 24 when I came to Stanford. The other 24-year-olds here were not only making millions of dollars but fundamentally changing the world. Why did I not have any idea this place existed? There was this world, this innovation economy, that by design I was unable to participate in because I didn’t know about it.
marketing  identity  men  black  business  beauty  corporations  aesthetics  race  culture 
yesterday by allaboutgeorge
SERIOUS SEX BATTLE - Artforum International
Beyoncé went to the Metropolitan Museum of Art and saw, at an exhibit called “Superheroes,” a costume worn by Lynda Carter for the purposes of being, on television, the first official live-action Wonder Woman. Beyoncé, a Carter herself, was impressed by the tiny waist and the spangliness.
Pocket  feminism  race  wonder  woman 
yesterday by j-l-r
Ethnic markets and community food security in an urban “food desert” - Pascale Joassart-Marcelli, Jaime S Rossiter, Fernando J Bosco, 2017
"In recent years, the concept of food desert has come to dominate research and policy debates around food environments and their impacts on health, with mounting evidence that low-income neighborhoods of color lack large supermarkets and therefore may have limited access to fresh, affordable, and healthy foods. We argue that this metaphor, which implies an absence of food, is misleading and potentially detrimental to the health of poor and racially diverse communities because it ignores the contribution of smaller stores, particularly that of so-called ethnic markets. Current applications of the food desert concept in this setting reflect classed and racialized understandings of the food environment that ignore the everyday geographies of food provision in immigrant communities while favoring external interventions. Our investigation of ethnic markets in City Heights, a low-income urban neighborhood in San Diego with a diverse immigrant population, offers evidence of their positive role in providing access to affordable, fresh, healthy, and culturally appropriate foods. Our results contribute to research by providing a nuanced description of the food environment beyond access to supermarkets, focusing specifically on immigrant neighborhoods, and pointing to ethnic markets as valuable partners in increasing food security in diverse urban areas."
2017  sandiego  cityheights  food  supermarkets  markets  fooddeserts  race  ethnicity  class  culture  geography  immigration 
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