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Honda Civic Car GIF by Honda - Find & Share on GIPHY
GIF car, travel, race, cars, city, sunset, fast, drive, road, honda, views, civic, honda civic, type r, civic type r, power of dreams, honda love Giphy https://ift.tt/2B81BQ3 ______ http://goo.gl/3oHDPV
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GIF by Honda - Find & Share on GIPHY
GIF car, travel, race, cars, fast, drive, road, honda, views, civic, honda civic, type r, civic type r, power of dreams, honda love Giphy https://ift.tt/2OyE4cR ______ http://goo.gl/3oHDPV
car  travel  race  cars  fast  drive  road  honda  views  civic  type  r  power  of  dreams  love  wynajem  samochody  auta 
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White Worlds – Black Fem Geekery
Nine Worlds analysis, also relevant to conference organising in general, mixed-race groups, moderation etc
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Traveling While Muslim: The Case of the Exploding Chocolate - POLITICO Magazine
“What do you do for a living?” the supervisor asked.

I knew this question was coming. I detest this question. I know from experience that if I tell CBP up front that I’m a civil rights lawyer, they’ll let me go in a flash. As a general rule, I don’t—because it’s not fair. I shouldn’t have to be a lawyer to get equal treatment under the law. I travel internationally six to eight times per year, and it doesn’t surprise me to get stopped at least half of those times. Every time I mention I’m a lawyer, they release me immediately. Funny how that works—they know they’re illegally profiling me because of my name, skin color or religion.
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Latino Voters Will Deliver the Next Populist Revolt - The Atlantic
Many seem to assume that rainbow liberalism will remain deferential to the demands of avowedly enlightened, well-off people like themselves—yielding a future in which student loans for graduate degrees are forgiven, property values in gentrified urban neighborhoods and fashionable inner suburbs are forever lofty, service-sector wages never quite rise to the point where hiring help becomes unaffordable, and, of course, rural white traditionalists are banished from the public square.

But what if working-class Latinos aren’t especially interested in serving as junior partners in a coalition led by their self-proclaimed white allies? What if they instead support new forms of anti-establishment politics, rooted in grievances and vulnerabilities that place them at odds with liberal white elites?

The logic of rainbow liberalism says that the anger of working-class Latinos and other marginalized minorities ought to be directed at hateful working-class whites in the heartland. But it’s not hard to imagine second-generation Americans choosing a different target for their ire: the white overclass of coastal America.

This class has heretofore been able to count on the support of immigrants, in part because of their commitment to helping that group gain access to the safety net that the Democratic Party has championed and fought to protect. But second-generation Americans may have less patience than their parents for a status quo that offers them little hope of advancement, and for a strain of liberalism that talks about redistributing wealth without delivering the more sweeping changes promised by Ocasio-Cortez and others like her.

"...will white liberals be as enthusiastic about sharp increases in their taxes if they become something other than theoretical?"

"...in the near future, such efforts will be undertaken in the midst of “the Great Wealth Transfer”—in which trillions of dollars in accumulated cash, homes, and other assets will be transmitted from disproportionately white, native-born, college-educated Baby Boomers to their long-waiting heirs. In this context, a brown populism might emerge, one that is sharply to the left of today’s rainbow liberalism. Just as Donald Trump appeals to the ethnic self-interest of rural whites, a tribune of working-class Latinos could call attention to the dearth of Latinos in the uppermost echelons of American society and promise to do something drastic about it, such as redistributing the inherited wealth of privileged whites. In the post-civil-rights era, many charismatic African American politicians—and activists like Fred Hampton—promised to redress the racial injustices plaguing majority-black cities by confronting an ostensibly liberal white elite. Brown populism would pledge to do the same, but from a position of far greater electoral strength. Latinos already outnumber whites in California, and aren’t far behind in Texas; the electorates of the two most populous states will soon have a Latino plurality.

Yet brown populism could also take a rightward turn. The demands for decent wages and a modicum of respect will run counter to elites’ appetite for humble, disciplined workers willing to cater to their needs. This appetite has traditionally been met by immigration, and Latinos have for the most part been favorably disposed toward immigration policies that benefit their co-ethnics. Indeed, this shared enthusiasm for immigration has helped keep the rainbow coalition together. Now we find ourselves on the cusp of a possible reversal."
populism  america  race  immigration 
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How racism kept black Tacomans from buying houses for decades | The News Tribune
Like many African Americans across the nation, the Harold and Bil Moss were victims of redlining, the practice of banks lending money only to white people in certain neighborhoods. Linda Hurley Ishem, an urban studies senior lecturer at UW Tacoma, is quoted.
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Memphis Police Spying on Black Lives Matter Runs Deep - CityLab
he “City Hall Escort List” not only flagged the names of certain Black Lives Matter-affiliated activists, but it also included “associates in fact”—people connected to those activists via social media, prior arrests, or “often seen at unlawful assemblies with” them.

Police prepared “joint intelligence briefs,” or JIBs, that initially were about protests against police violence in Memphis, but quickly became a dossier of any kind of anti-police violence activity happening across the nation, namely “any of the organizations that arose out of Ferguson” or that were part of the Black Lives Matter network, even it had nothing to do with Memphis.

These intel briefings weren’t just shared within the police department; they were also shared with Shelby County sheriff and government officials, the county school district, the Tennessee Department of Homeland Security, the U.S. Department of Justice, the U.S. Military, the Memphis Light, Gas, & Water municipal utility company, the Tennessee Valley Authority (a regional electricity utility company), and, curiously, the private companies FedEx and Autozone.

The police used “social media collator” software, such as Geofeedia and NC4, to easily search and monitor open-source data and other social media “chatter” concerning protest activities.

Police also set up a dummy social media account under the name “Bob Smith” to access information and correspond with people whose social media profiles were private and not accessible to the public.

Undercover and plain-clothed officers used this intel to monitor African American-hosted events and activities even if they weren’t protests—like flash mob dance rallies. Among the events the police monitored in stealth mode: several black church meetings; a memorial service for Darrius Stewart, a teenager who was shot and killed by a Memphis police officer in 2015; a black-owned food truck festival; and a gathering at a local park where an organization gave out free book bags and school supplies to students.
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Memphis Journalist Detained by ICE Faces Deportation to El Salvador
Mr. Duran Ortega was attempting to comply with police orders to clear the street by moving from a crosswalk area to the sidewalk but was grabbed by MPD officers and not given a chance to do so. One protester explicitly told MPD officers that Mr. Duran Ortega was following their instructions. Mr. Duran Ortega did not resist arrest. Protesters alerted MPD officers to the fact that Mr. Duran Ortega was a journalist, and he was clearly identified as a journalist.
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