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rvg is a set of graphics devices that produces Vector Graphics outputs. This package is providing:

SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) with dsvg. The graphic can be made interactive (tooltip, onclick and id attribute manipulation). To make that work in an HTML document, check for dependencies d3.js in the document. This is the svg device used by package ggiraph.
DrawingML for Microsoft PowerPoint with dml_pptx and for Microsoft Excel with dml_xlsx. Theses formats let users edit the graphic elements (editable graphics) within PowerPoint or Excel and have a very good rendering.
These raw XML outputs cannot be used as is. Functions ph_with_vg() and ph_with_vg_at() can be used with package officer to add vector graphics in PowerPoint documents.
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12 weeks ago by danimad
📊 Tools to Perform ‘Misinformation’ Analysis on a Text Corpus (wrapper for methods in https://github.com/PDXBek/Misinformation)
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may 2018 by danimad
Using Flexdashboards to Monitor Clinical Research
Study Background Flexdashboard Primer for the Unfamiliar Particularly Helpful Features Dashboards != Communication Much of my work involves prospective clinical research, where data collection can take months or years to complete and relies on continuous effort from multidisciplinary teams.
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march 2018 by danimad
Cluster and merge similar values: an R implementation of Open Refine clustering algorithms
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january 2018 by danimad
Run massive parallel R Jobs in Azure, now at a fraction of the price
doAzureParallel's second major release comes with full support for low-priority VMs, letting R users run their R jobs on Azure’s surplus compute capacity at up to an 80% discount. In addition to this capability, we are introducing new features to the package to let users take advantage of Azure Batch’s flexible infrastructure for parameter tuning, data-prep/ETL, and simulation.
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december 2017 by danimad
A Data Science Lab for R
In a previous post I described the role of analytic administrator as a data scientist who: onboards new tools, deploys solutions, supports existing standards, and trains other data scientists. In this post I will describe how someone in that role might set up a data science lab for R.
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december 2017 by danimad
datapasta is about reducing resistance associated with copying and pasting data to and from R. It is a response to the realisation that I often found myself using intermediate programs like Sublime to munge text into suitable formats. Addins and functions in datapasta support a wide variety of input and output situations, so it (probably) "just works". Hopefully tools in this package will remove such intermediate steps and associated frustrations from our data slinging workflows.
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december 2017 by danimad
Unpivot complex and irregular data layouts in R
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december 2017 by danimad
Slides material for the talk "A reproducible bike ride in Hamburg (…or elsewhere in Europe)" at Budapest BI 2017
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december 2017 by danimad
Tidyverse Cookbook
Simple cookbook for functions and idioms within the scope of the tidyverse.
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december 2017 by danimad
xray: The R Package to Have X Ray Vision on your Datasets
This package lets you analyze the variables of a dataset, to evaluate how the data is shaped. Consider this the first step when you have your data for modeling, you can use this package to analyze all variables and check if there is anything weird worth transforming or even avoiding the variable altogether.
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december 2017 by danimad
diffobj - Diffs for R Objects
Generate a colorized diff of two R objects for an intuitive visualization of their differences.
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november 2017 by danimad
RStudio Addins to Simplify Markdown Writing
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november 2017 by danimad
R package providing functions and data access for transport research
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november 2017 by danimad

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