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What happens to older (over 30) programmers? Do they get fired as they get older and 'less innovative'? Does mid-career pay increase much for software engineers? - Quora
ver the time, among those young programmers who want to be a manager, some of them will become managers, while some others will figure out that either manager i
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6 days ago by somedirection
(1) Alan Kay's answer to Is Alan Kay correct that building software is still like the design and construction of ancient structures like the Pyramids, in the era before architecture? - Quora
"The essay quoted was written in 2001. And, 15 years later, it’s still a good question, but I think harder to answer — and especially for me: I haven’t been tracking software development generally for a number of years (and there’s been a lot more of it).

In any case, my essay wasn’t really about Egyptian pyramids, but about whether there could be a real “computer science” that could lead to a real “scientific software engineering” in similar ways to the revolutions in designing, testing, and fabricating physical, electrical, and biological structures over the last 70 years or so.

If I were to write the essay again, I’d try to be more clear about the above paragraph, and would focus less on “late-binding” (most definitely needed), and more on “debuggable designing” (I think more the key to the needed processes)."
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8 days ago by earth2marsh
To what degree are Turkic languages mutually intelligible? - Quora
Best explanation of the mutual intelligibility between Turkic languages.
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8 days ago by cmananian
What is sealioning?
Sealioning is the name given to a specific, pervasive form of aggressive cluelessness, that masquerades as a sincere desire to understand.

A Sealion is a person who, when confronted with a fact that they don't care to acknowledge, say, the persistence of systemic racism in America, will ask endlessly for "proof" and insist that it is the other person's job to stop everything they are doing and address the issue to their satisfaction.
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11 days ago by yolandaenoch

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