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Travel hacks for saving money - Business Insider
Rome2rio is a trip planner that maps out all of the available transportation options between destinations.

Rebtel's calling app allows users to make international calls without the use of WiFi or data by connecting to the company's connection points in their server.

Quora user Mylène Truchon recommends using Google Flights, which compares prices with different travel times, dates, airlines, and itineraries, and even gives you the option to view them in map form.

Adioso is another search engine that allows you to search for flights nearly a year into the future.
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6 days ago by tgarret
Tech hacks to learn in 10 minutes or less
YouTube, html editing, decrypting passwords, and more.
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10 days ago by jflorablack
Answer - Quora
"If one could only use a few fonts (from the Adobe font collection) what would those fonts be?"
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17 days ago by handcoding

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