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(1) Franklin Veaux's answer to Is Monsanto evil? - Quora
Seriously. I've never been impressed by the hysterical anti-GMO rants; they're as uninformed and anti-intellectual as antvaxxers. But I did still buy into the "Monsanto is teh eeeeebil" propaganda. In fact, I wanted to blog about how evil Monsanto was. But, because I like being thorough and citing my sources in my blog posts, I started researching the company's history.

And I learned that Monsanto totally is not the company I believed.
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8 days ago by cschrader
(14) Farmer Doug has some pigs and chickens. One day he counted 24 legs and 7 heads in the barnyard. How many of each animal did farmer Doug count? - Quora
Remove all the heads and with each head, remove two legs. All the remaining legs are pig legs, two per pig. This works for all of these type of questions that are asked in your homework.
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11 days ago by jmbond

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