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What are the best programming blogs? - Quora
Dr. Dobb's CodeTalk
Coding Horror
Joel on Software
Scott Hanselman
quora  programming  blog 
2 days ago by armandorf
What are some useful computer related technical skills I can learn within a day? - Quora
Raviteja Chirala's answer is very interesting and goes to the point.
Examples are Git, Regular Expressions, Pandas--for Python--, unit testing, and etc.
quora  learning  programming 
2 days ago by armandorf
(33) Why Did Mankind Decide Gold Is Valuable? - Quora
While recently walking through the antiquities section of a museum, I was struck by this turning point for mankind.  At some point in our timeline, gold becomes a highly-valued material to create art, decorations, adornments, and jewelry.  Why gold? How did gold become a prized material for humans?Edit
quora  gold  value 
5 days ago by armandorf
What Are the Simplest Things One Can Do to Make Oneself Happier? - Quora
Move closer to where you work, or get a job closer to where you live
interesting  article  read  quora  happiness 
6 days ago by josecruz

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