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Shivam Mishra's answer to Who is affected more by a breakup, the boy or the girl? - Quora
"Ever seen two kids playing with a rubber band? Two innocent kids holding on to a rubber band and both stretching it.
"Do you know who gets hurt when the rubber band breaks or if someone lets go?
"The person holding on to it..."
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21 hours ago by vasudhapande
David Karger's answer to What qualities characterize a great PhD student? - Quora
"0. intelligence
"1. curiosity
"2. creativity
"3. discipline and productivity
"(interestingly, I'd say the same four qualities characterize great artists).
"In the "nice to have but not essential" category, I would add
"4. ability to teach/communicate with an audience
"5. ability to communicate with peers"
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yesterday by vasudhapande
Christopher Reiss's answer to Why should I live after flunking the JEE on my second attempt? - Quora
"Happiness and success are not to be found in racing others up the same mountain.

"They lie in finding your own mountain.  

"Don't allow others to dictate what you can do and how well you can do it.

"Rather, decide for yourself and show them."
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4 days ago by vasudhapande

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