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(3) Joe McCracken's answer to What is your most memorable white privilege moment? - Quora
First comment: "I think it's white privilege to believe this incident was a result of white privilege."
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11 days ago by mjs
(1) Ben Nelson - Session on Sep 13, 2016 - Quora
Session with Ben Nelson
Founder, Chairman, and CEO of the Minerva Schools at KGI

Answering Tue at 1:30 PM PDT
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17 days ago by gdw
Brian Roemmele's answer to What will the iPhone 8 be made of? - Quora
Apple will create an iPhone primarily from ZrO2 - Zirconian CeramicsThe journey Apple has taken to adopt Zirconia Ceramic as the their fundamental design material translates like an epic movie plot.
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18 days ago by Ciudilo

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