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James Altucher Shares His 9 Best Productivity Tips | Inc.com
So what is “productive”?

Things that increase my well-being: my feeling of growth or competence in a field I love (for instance, writing), my relationships with others, and my sense of freedom (which could, but does not always, involve money).
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yesterday by mstmorris
What are some real life stories of young entrepreneurs becoming millionaire before the age of 30? Is that goal even possible for most people?
I was big time into documentary films.

Keep working hard where your heart is. The rest will come to you on its own.
9 days ago by wunixme
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Consuming  protein first thing in the morning is ideal as your body may be in a  catabolic state after a night’s sleep - this means your body may be  breaking down muscle tissue to get its amino acid (building blocks of  protein ) source .

High quality protein like Kinetica Whey Protein is a  fast protein so it is rapidly absorbed and easily digested. It is  therefore a great way to way to kick start your day, boost your  metabolism and ensure that amino acids are quickly delivered to your  muscles to promote growth and recovery in conjunction with a healthy,  balanced diet and regular training regime.
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12 days ago by rufous
How does Facebook manage to answer so many queries per second if it still runs off MySQL?
What new technologies are they using and when did they switch to them?
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12 days ago by GameGamer43

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