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How is C used at Google?
The three main languages used at Google are: C++, Java, and Python. However, there are some projects that are programmed almost entirely in C (Example: gperftools). Can you give more example of such projects?
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yesterday by GameGamer43
Why are there so few Vulcans in the TNG series? - Quora
The need for a physically and intellectually superior, but "emotionally challenged" character was filled by Mr. Data.
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2 days ago by rufous
What is a bank account aggregation API (like Yodlee) that is reasonably priced for startups working in INDIA?
Thank you all. I went with intuit.. They are cheaper than all... $0.35 per account per month... min of $1000 a month.
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3 days ago by GameGamer43
(84) What is the biggest surprise about getting rich? - Quora
t to you every month.  If I don't trade or don't work my tech job, I won't have any new income.  I think real wealth and security come from building up an empi
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6 days ago by trustfundbaby

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