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Franklin Veaux's answer to If someone does not explicitly say no but shows signs of reluctance and lack of enthusiasm to meet, should you still keep trying to approach them? - Quora
"I have a simple rule: My life is better when I spend it with people who are enthusiastic about being with me. If someone is all lukewarm and "meh" about me, it doesn't matter how much I like her or how hot she is or whether she really digs my favorite TV show or my favorite sexual position--if she's "meh" about me, the relationship is going to suck.

"Who has time for "meh"? Why on earth would you waste what little time you have in life on "meh"? Who says "You know what really inspires me and makes my heart sing with joy? People who are meh about being with me!""
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4 days ago by vasudhapande
Jeremy Miles's answer to In general, if a prostitute or a pornstar got raped, would they handle it better psychologically than an otherwise ordinary person? - Quora
"Say that you own a bicycle. One day, you go for a ride on your bike and while you're out, someone threatens you (perhaps with a knife, perhaps they are just stronger than you), and then they pull you off the bike, push you to the ground and ride off on it. This would obviously be a traumatic experience.

"Now say that I happen to own a bicycle store. My job is to sell bicycles to people, every time someone rides off with a bicycle, I earn some money. One day (on my day off, perhaps) I go for a ride on my bike. The same thing happens to me - my bike is stolen either with force, or the plausible threat of force. Would the fact that I own a bicycle store mean that I could handle it better than an ordinary cyclist?

"Same deal with prostitutes and porn stars."
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5 days ago by vasudhapande
Adam D'Angelo's answer to Why are Twitter users unhappy about a switch to an algorithmic timeline? - Quora
I keep seeing lack of an algorithmic timeline cited as the reason for stalled user growth, and I keep seeing Facebook's mainstream success cited as an example of why this works, but I'm not convinced. Facebook is a very different product. Yes they ran a test that showed ranking helped them, but there is much much more irrelevant garbage in their candidate feed stories than in a typical Twitter user's timeline. A better comparison is Instagram, which is on the same model as Twitter and just crossed 400M users as it continues to grow very quickly (despite even more direct competition from Facebook).
With all of this said, I think this is a tough choice and it is hard to say definitively that it is right or wrong. If it were me, I would only make the switch if the a/b test had a very big impact: maybe a 10% increase in usage or something much greater than any other changes they could make.
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7 days ago by inspiral
Create a free classifieds website - Yclas classifieds platform -
The Most Suitable Classifieds Website Platform No advanced knowledge needed to have a classifieds website ready to start immediately Simple way to start a
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10 days ago by otlib

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