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What would happen if someone were to be placed in a room covered in Vantablack?
"Vantablack is a recently invented substance formed out of carbon nanotubes. Basically, it's the blackest substance in existence, so dark that anything covered with it looks like a tiny black hole. There’s a lot of valid scientific applications, but Vantablack would also be ridiculously awesome for not-so-scientific purposes…"
vantablack  quora  fascinating  materials  nanotubes  nano 
3 days ago by countfloortiles
Why Design at Quora? – Quora Design – Medium
I support a team of product designers at Quora, have worked in companies as large as Facebook and as small as a pre-seed startup, and know a lot of designers. I think Quora is a great place to work…
design  designthinking  quora  why  medium  article  post 
3 days ago by tsanzer
How are co-living spaces different than other luxury apartments with nice amenities/community spaces and events? - Quora
The intention behind a coliving space has a lot to do with the difference. Most apartments, luxury or otherwise, don't actively foster the connection between inhabitants.

This means the activities of management staff are very different. They spend more time working on cohesion and community oriented activities than they do merely on filling up the building.

In fact, a coliving space might hardly be considered luxurious in some cases. Intentional community isn't about having all the amenities one could ever want, it's about living with or near a groups of people who belong to your tribe.

For example, a coliving space focused on artists would inherently imply that you would meet other artists there and be able to talk about your work and how you promote it at community dinners and gatherings.

Coliving is addressing the issue that is all too common in city centers, which is not knowing your neighbors.
coliving  quora 
18 days ago by mclinn
Airbnb 如何招聘数据科学家?
Airbnb 数据分析负责人 Riley Newman 在 Quora 上分享了 Airbnb 招聘数据科学家的流程,阅读量高达 10万+。这里是网友自发完善的中文翻译整理。
airbnb  quora  data  datascientist 
18 days ago by xdash
Pourquoi Quora, le wikipédia des questions-réponses est si intéressant en 8 points forts | Jean-Luc Raymond
Pourtant mise en ligne en juin 2010, la plateforme Quora, le wikipédia des questions-réponses a été lancé enfin en version française début mars 2017 : Fr.Quora.Com dans un terrain vierge pour ce genre de service si ce n’est l’offre Yahoo Questions Réponses qui a connu son heure de gloire mais qui est désormais discrètement caché sur le portail Yahoo!

Quora a été pensé par Adam d’Angelo ex-directeur technique de la première heure de Facebook et Charlie Chever, lui aussi de la même entreprise.
quora  médias_sociaux  raymond 
19 days ago by sentinelle
Why Haven't We Found Civilizations Older Than 7,000 - 8,000 years?
Adam Wu, Evolutionary neurosurgeon, on Quora:

To start a civilization you need to have a large food surplus, which frees up the majority of your people to specialize in doing things other than food production. To get this kind of food surplus by hunting and gathering you would need a kind of edenic environment that does not exist on planet earth. The only other know way of obtaining such food surpluses is by farming. ....

The harsh environmental conditions (even well away from the glaciers, the world was much drier than it is today, because so much fresh water is locked into the ice sheets) also meant that human populations remained very small, and grew only slowly, if at all, and the needed population densities that would support a civilization probably were not reached. Indeed, with low population densities, hunter gathering is likely a superior way of life on a per person basis than early farming-based civilization. Fossil evidence shows us that late neolithic hunter gatherers were on average taller, stronger, healthier and lived longer lives than the early farmers of the first known civilizations. What we know of the political systems employed in hunter gatherer societies suggests that individual hunter gatherers also on average had more freedom and autonomy, and greater overall equality between individuals, than the societies of the first civilizations.
agriculture  hunter-gatherer  civilization  surplus  conclusion07  quora  forbes 
22 days ago by berendes
Real-time list of @TEDTalks speakers who are also subject of a @Quora topic, listed in @Wikidata
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25 days ago by pigsonthewing

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