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yesterday by freiref
What are some hacks that everyone should know? - Quora
Grout-bleaching hack

Problem:— Over time, the grouted edges and channels of the washbasin, toilet bowl, tilings and other fixtures end up with a disgusting mildew stain. Very hard to clean even with heavy scrubbing. Scrubbing isn’t recommended because it damages the waterproofing qualities.

Conventional solution:— Buy all sorts of mildew stain removers, scrubbing, brushing and other expensive stuff or actions.

Hack:— Do it the ‘hotel’ way for ease of effort (and cost!). Wet strips of toilet paper with slightly diluted chlorine (undiluted doesn’t work too well). Place bunches of them all along the mould-stained areas. Let soak there for 15 minutes or so. Remove and rinse with clear water. All edges are now bright white and disinfected. Hack works on grout and silicone alike. Remove chlorine odour with diluted Dettol for a relatively more acceptable smell.
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9 days ago by jaltcoh

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