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(83) Ethan Hein's answer to Why is pop music boring? - Quora
Pop music is not supposed to demand your complete attention. It's there to accompany other activities: dancing and socializing, first and foremost, but also watching videos, cleaning your house, shopping, brushing your teeth, working, or whatever. Pop songs are written and produced carefully to appeal to the largest number of people, to grab the ear, to aid inexpert listeners in following along, to be memorable and pleasurable, and in the past few decades, to signpost where you are in the underlying dance groove. Pop is boring in particular ways (lyrical subject matter, melody, song form) and staggeringly intricate in others (instrument layering, sound treatment and mixing).
Ethan  Hein  Quora  popular  music  pop 
7 days ago by ernie.bornheimer
Dave Baggett's answer to How did game developers pack entire games into so little memory twenty five years ago? - Quora
A great story about how one of the Naughty Dog developers optimized Crash Bandicoot to fit into the 2MB of RAM in the Playstation 1
programming  quora  naughtydog  crashbandicoot  playstation  games  optimizing 
11 days ago by amdavidson
What can I eat for under 10 dollars a month? - Quora
A grocery list to eat for about $10.00 a month in the United States.
quora  reference  food  budget 
12 days ago by nerdynick
(84) When it comes to music, what is your opinion on the ratio of importance when it comes to production vs lyrics? - Quora
Production is about a thousand times more important than lyrics. A beautifully produced track with silly or nonsensical lyrics works better than a weak track with wonderful lyrics, every time. The Beatles' lyrics are trite and banal. Michael Jackson's lyrics are unintelligible. My favorite current pop song, "Turn Down For What" by Lil Jon and DJ Snake, barely has lyrics at all. By contrast, Leonard Cohen writes the most beautiful lyrics in the world, but few people can tolerate his depressive drone and tedious arrangements. There's a reason why covers of his songs are better known than the originals. Kanye West has okay lyrics and unbelievable production. Talib Kweli has brilliant lyrics and okay production. I'd rather listen to Kanye.
music  production  Ethan  Hein  Quora  lyrics 
17 days ago by ernie.bornheimer

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