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Some ways Wikidata can improve search and discovery | Bodleian Digital Library
Great read: "Some ways Wikidata can improve search and discovery", by m'friend @mlpoulter (mentions work I did adding @Quora topic IDs to @Wikidata)
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5 days ago by pigsonthewing
Alan Kay's answer to What advice would Alan Kay give a curious individual to improve their ability to think and learn? Is there a place to see his library — every book, person, and research he has studied? - Quora
Frank Oppenheimer — the creator of the San Francisco Exploratorium, a physicist, and the brother of Robert — once told me that when they first set it up he got many complaints from some of the sponsors and donors. They wanted and expected “a science museum” and they complained that what he’d made was a chaos of 2000 children running around and breaking things!

He said to them “You don’t understand. The door to Science is to realize that ‘the world is not as it seems’. We’ve made 500 different hands-on exhibits that show this, and we figure that 2000 kids bumping around 500 exhibits will produce matchups so that a particular kid and a particular exhibit will trigger off the deep hit that ‘the world is not as it seems’. Many children will never be the same after this, and they are ready to step through the door into Science.”

This parable works in the large. A particular “great book” may not match up to a particular curious learner. I advocate reading lots of books, and to get fluent enough in reading to also read books that don’t match up, or sometimes are even mediocre. Some of this overhead will pay off later as one changes and grows. A good library with a few thousand books is a kind of “exploratorium” for readers.
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7 days ago by jbrennan
If sin (x-20) °= (3x-10) ° then what is the value of x? - Quora
https://www.quora.com/If-sin-x-20-%C2%B0-3x-10-%C2%B0-then-what-is-the-value-of-x ;;;
tags: If sin (x-20) °= (3x-10) ° then what is the value of x? - Quora | komal neha harshu DPS 2017-18 2017-2018 20180112 Q5 || k sai siddhartha ;;;
question is stated incorrectly at the top of the page, but if you search for ONGC, you will get to the correct question and its solution.
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If  sin  (x-20)  °=  (3x-10)  °  then  what  is  the  value  of  x?  -  Quora  |  komal  neha  harshu  DPS  2017-18  2017-2018  20180112  Q5  ||  k  sai  siddhartha  vaibhav 
11 days ago by neerajsinghvns
What are some of the views most disturbing to Quorans that are held by the majority of US Americans? - Quora
The United States Constitution contains 7,591 words. None of them are “Jesus,” “Christ, “God,” “Christianity,” or “Bible.”

The only references to religion in the Constitution are in Article VI, which bans “religious tests” for public office, and in the First Amendment, which bans Congress from passing laws “respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.”

The founders, time and time again, voiced their support for the separation of church and state and purposefully excluded references to Christian beliefs from the Constitution.[2]
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15 days ago by cmananian
What happens if you're 85 years old and get released from a prison with no family? - Quora
12/11/17 Update. One more woman has complained about my fond remembrances of how women dressed in the 1960s. This one went so far as to lodge a complaint that it was in violation of Quora’s Be Nice Be Respectfully rule/policy. Not surprisingly, Quora sent me a warning. Never mind that this question, at this point, has received 207K Views and 6K Upvotes.
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23 days ago by foliovision
(3) Did Chandler and Ross, Monica and Joey ever kiss? - Quora
caution: some of the episode numbers in the best answer are wrong
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24 days ago by jaltcoh

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