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James Altucher's answer to How can I overcome disappointment after failure? - Quora
"Failure feels really bad. Don't let anyone tell you it doesn't. Don't let anyone tell you, "we only learn from failure".

"I also learn when I kiss. Or when I am kind to someone. Or when someone is kind to me. I learn when I read. I learn when I sleep and the dreams reignite parts of my brain I thought were dead.

"I learn when I am honest to someone, and how good honesty makes me feel. I learn when I clean myself and feel like a new person.

"My ratio of failure to success is about 20:1 in every area of my life: writing, business, friendships, relationships.

"Most businesses I've started have failed. Most deals I try to do fail. My things I write I have to throw away. Many of my family don't speak to me for their own reasons, and friends sometimes appear for a brief moment in the time of my life and then disappear, never to be seen agan.

"I cry over each failure. I mourn every single one of them.

"But then, as close as they were to me, as emotional as they were to me, they were the sun forcing my flower to bloom and then I wilted and died, I still have to say goodbye to them.

"It's never a mistake to say good-bye to anyone.

"Goodbye keeps us young. Dwelling on the past propels us into the future, into aging, into decrepitude and pain and bitterness and blame and complaining.

"Yesterday I complained. "if this had happened..." or "if he had shown up..." or whatever. I complained. I drained. I blamed. I aged.


"And then something happens. I kiss my wife. I breathe. I enjoy the changing of the colors of trees that are happening right outside my house. I'm grateful that I've been given the opportunity to fail. I know that I can learn from it.

"But I don't need to learn now.

"I just need to say Good-bye. To stop the aging that the leathery finger of failure beckons to me from the shadows. Hooded, yellow eyes, fear, "come here, James. Stay with me for awhile. Stay with me for part of your life so neither of us are alone." The finger, barely out of the shadows. Come here.

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