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Robert Frost's answer to Is moon dust available for purchase? - Quora
[[Only if it arrived as a meteorite. The 842 lbs (381.9 kg) of moon rock that were brought back to Earth during the Apollo program are the property of the United States of America and under American law it is illegal (19 U.S.C. § 1595 a(c)(1)(A)) to transfer public gifts into private ownership without explicitly passing a law to do so.

In 1973, President Nixon toured the world and gave plaques to 135 nations and states. Each of those plaques included a small flag (that had flown in space) of the nation or state and a small fragment (1.1 grams) of moon rock embedded in lucite. Those plaques became property of those nations or states and are therefore controlled by their laws. Some moon rocks are on loan to various museums and laboratories around the world. The rest are locked up securely about 200 meters from my desk.]]
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2 days ago by dandv
what are the best times of the year, month/day, to launch and end a kickstarter project, and the best days of the week to start and end it?
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6 days ago by pdurlej
Igor Markov's answer to How well-trained are Russian troops? - Quora
Key structural problems with training in Russia's military will take years to fix. For example, Russia's air force has a large number of airplane types, which complicates maintenance and makes it expensive (also, the pace of replacement is too low to make hardware more uniform). Moreover, relatively few pilots and maintenance engineers have been trained in the last ten years. To address these shortcomings, airbases have been consolidated, but this created logistical problems. This makes it less surprising that Russia has been losing military planes to accidents in 2015.
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7 days ago by trustfundbaby
Kolya Galston's answer to What do humans not know that we have clues about not knowing? - Quora
"Here's my answer in two words or less: Human consciousness.

"If you have ever had a disagreement with someone, where their position is so entirely different that there is no feasible explanation other than "their facts are different than mine," you have to wonder. What if they really did see something different? You have no way of knowing, since you can never actually be the person you're arguing with.

"In fact, when you have those sorts of argumentts are really just two people attempting to assert that the reality they see is the true reality. It is the natural position, since all of your life nobody has said anything to the contrary, and in fact most situations seem to reinforce the idea. Yet, it's not quite true.

"I carry the philosophy that each person is like a little candle in the darkness, separated by millions of miles of empty space. If perception falters, the candle flickers. That flicker in the candle creates a notch in that person's timeline, where their reality is different from everyone else's.

"In fact, this philosophy is pretty much integral to being a successful debater. You have to take into account that your opponent's reality is much different from yours, and so you cannot appeal to his or her own world with "facts" from yours. You must point to an outside source and say, "Look, we can both see exactly how that is, right now." and if they don't see, then there's nothing that can be done, and only the audience can judge who they believe is being the most reasonable."
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9 days ago by vasudhapande
Marcus Geduld's answer to Where do people go when they die? - Quora
"It doesn't even really make sense to say nowhere, because that suggests he's choosing to stay home. There's no him to choose. He's neither going anywhere nor not going anywhere. There's no he to go or not go. The question itself doesn't make sense.

"You can't (sensibly) ask "How long can a pig stay invisible?" because pigs don't have the power of invisibility. By the same token, you can't ask, "Where does a dead person go?" because dead people don't have the the power of going. "
quora  marcus_geduld  life  people  perception  philosophy  rationality 
9 days ago by vasudhapande
What are 20 questions to detect fake data scientists? - Quora
The answers should contain math formulas or a few lines of code (R, Python, SQL, etc), not just vague generalizations.
datascience  quora 
9 days ago by Tafkas
We are aware of the pros of Node.js, but what are the cons you have experienced with it? - Quora
Until it gets generators it simply doesn't have a good solution for multiple rounds of parallel I/O. I don't know your problem domain, but any large-scale web app will have to do this (hitting memcache in parallel in multiple rounds is one example, databases and third-party APIs are others).
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10 days ago by stewymac07
"Looks like I am moving to Dallas for ~30 months on a project. What should I know about Dallas?"
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12 days ago by handcoding

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