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Uses This / Langan Kingsley
Who are you, and what do you do?
My name is Langan Kingsley - I am a writer and performer living in Los Angeles. Right now I am writing on a new Comedy Central show called "Robbie."
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18 days ago by rgl7194
Find video files that won't survive the 32-bit Mac apocalypse - Six Colors
In future years we’re going to cling to macOS Mojave. Not because of any particular love for desert desktop images, but because it’s the last version of macOS to run 32-bit applications. If you rely on old software and old files, keep a Mac capable of running Mojave around, or make a Mojave virtual machine in an emulator, or both.
Among the stuff that will break this fall when Mojave’s replacement arrives is QuickTime, not just the app but the QuickTime 7 framework that is essentially the final version of Apple’s versatile, groundbreaking multimedia plug-in technology. A QuickTime Player app may go on into the future, and the concept of a file that’s a “QuickTime Movie” will probably continue, but the old QuickTime—all 32 bits of it—is being swept away.
I’ve lamented the loss of versatility of the old QuickTime 7 player app numerous times now, but yesterday Apple posted a tech note that’s worth pointing out. The deprecation of the 32-bit version of QuickTime means that the next version of macOS will lose the ability to play or convert a bunch of old video codecs. If you’ve got old project archive that use DivX or Flash or JPEG 2000 or Perian or Sorenson 3 or dozens of other old video formats, apps that rely on QuickTime to read and convert them—apps like QuickTime Player and Final Cut Pro—will lose that ability.
It would sure be nice if someone came up with a utility that knew all these old formats and could scan your drives for them, and maybe even offer to convert them to a modern, compatible format. But one little-known feature of Spotlight might help. If you start a new Finder search by typing Command-F, you’ll see that you can constrain your search by all sorts of variables, as chosen via pop-up items. So for example, you can set “Kind” to “PDF” and constrain searches to PDFs. Or set “Last opened date” to within the last x days.
That first pop-up contains a pretty amazing option, “Other…”, that when selected will take you to an enormous list of metadata that Spotlight catalogs based on the contents of the files on your Mac. Among the attributes that’s available is one called Codecs, and when I selected that I was able to find a few ancient video files encoded with Cinepak, one of the formats that will be deprecated in this fall’s release.
That might be one way to quickly determine if you have any files in these ancient formats. It might be worth a look before you upgrade any Macs beyond macOS 10.14. And again, the most prudent among us may keep a Mac around that’s capable of running Mojave, just in case a few years from now we find ourselves needing to run a 32-bit app or open a video file encoded with an obscure codec.
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may 2019 by rgl7194
About incompatible media in Final Cut Pro X - Apple Support
[Many] legacy media files won't be compatible with future versions of macOS because after macOS Mojave because Apple will no longer include the QuickTime 7 framework.
Among the unsupported codecs: 3ivx MPEG-4, Cinepak, DivX, Flash Video, FLC, Indeo video 5.1, Intel Video 4:3, On2 VP3, VP5, VP6, VP6-E, VP6-S, VP7, VP8, VP9, RealVideo, Sorenson 3, Sorenson Spark, Sorenson Video / Video 3 / YUV9, Windows Media Video 7, 8, 9, Xiph.org’s Theora Video.
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april 2019 by nicoladagostino
About incompatible media in Final Cut Pro X - Apple Support
To prepare for future versions of macOS, detect and convert incompatible media in your Final Cut Pro X and Motion projects.
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march 2019 by ferdinandfuchs
About incompatible media in Final Cut Pro X • Apple
<p>As part of the upcoming transition from 32-bit to 64-bit technology in macOS, you may see an alert in Final Cut Pro or Motion about legacy media files that won't be compatible with future versions of macOS, released after macOS Mojave.
These incompatible media files were most likely created using formats or codecs that rely on QuickTime 7—an older version of QuickTime that is included in macOS Mojave for compatibility purposes. However, because versions of macOS after macOS Mojave will no longer include the QuickTime 7 framework, you’ll first need to detect and convert legacy media files to continue to use those files in Final Cut Pro.1
Before you upgrade to the next major version of macOS after macOS Mojave, make sure to convert all incompatible media files. After you upgrade, the option to convert the incompatible files will no longer be available.</p>

It's a long list of formats, such as 3ivx MP4, VP9 (which is Google's?), DivX, Flash Video, JPEG 2000, RealVideo (ah, memories of RealPlayer), and Windows Media Video (WMV) 7, 8 and 9. This is probably going to bite quite a lot of people.
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march 2019 by charlesarthur
Uses This / Lam Thuy Vo
Who are you, and what do you do?
I'm Lam Thuy Vo. I'm a (data) reporter for BuzzFeed News where I specialize in covering the intersection of technology and society. I also teach (data journalism, coding for journalists) a fair amount and am currently writing a coding book.
What hardware do you use?
MacBook Pro (though in rare cases when I still do videos and photography I shoot with a Canon 5D Mark II and a Sony α7S).
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august 2018 by rgl7194
Adobe Warns QuickTime 7 Codecs No Longer Supported | Larry Jordan
Larry Jordan explains the 2018 deprecation of QuickTime 32-bit codecs in Adobe products.
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june 2018 by chrismyth
Apple - QuickTime 1.0 Tour (1991)
Published on Apr 29, 2013
This tongue-in-cheek video was included on the QuickTime 1.0 CD-ROM, provided by Apple to developers back in 1991. The original clip was a whopping 152 x 116 pixels in size! Gotta love the portable QuickTime container for the DEC PDP 11.
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june 2018 by toastednut

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