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How a phrase from popular quiz show in days of yore joined the idiom
stopthelights  BunnyCarr  Quicksilver  from twitter_favs
12 weeks ago by verwinv
Boardriders' acquisition of Billabong could help company expand its global focus – LA Times
Now with the acquisition of Australia’s Billabong International Ltd., Huntington Beach surfwear and active apparel company Boardriders Inc. — owner of the downsized Quiksilver brand, which has reduced its store count — is looking to tap global interest in the action-sports lifestyle.
Winter  2018  January  USWest  California  BWRT  SouthCoastRegion  vacation  OrangeCounty  HuntingtonBeach  Billabong  Quicksilver  Boardriders  PrivateEquity 
january 2018 by ahasteve
kupfer reborn
Kupfer is an interface for quick and convenient access to applications and their documents.

The most typical use is to find a specific application and launch it. We have tried to make Kupfer easy to extend with plugins so that this quick-access paradigm can be extended to many more objects than just applications.

We hope that using Kupfer is fun!
linux  quicksilver  programme 
september 2017 by archangel
"Reveal in Playlist..." action for iTunes · Issue #1008 · quicksilver/Quicksilver · GitHub | https://github.com/
I think the most reliable way is to hit ⌘X in the third pane to clear it out when creating the trigger.
quicksilver  mac  osx  filemanagement  tipsandtricks  solution 
september 2017 by kme
Two separate services (one internal and one not) can be confusing · Issue #409 · quicksilver/Quicksilver · GitHub | https://github.com/
So I've started looking into this, since the ⌘⎋ shortcut doesn't work on the Mac at work. Interestingly enough, this is not the fault of QS, but the fault of the keyboard (?!?). The ⌘⎋ just doesn't seem to work AT ALL. I've installed key codes and when I press ⌘⎋ it doesn't register. All other shortcuts do. This is on 10.7.4, new Mac Mini with an Apple keyboard
(P.S. international English is so annoying. Where's the £ sign?!)

The intersesting thing, however, is that when QS simulates the ⌘⎋ keystrokes using carbon (in QSGlobalSelectionProvider.m invokeService) it does work (this is invoked when you use the 'current selection' object with the 'pull selection from frontmost app' option enabled.

Seeing as there seems to be this huge limitation with ⌘⎋ not actually registering as a keyboard shortcut, here's what I propose:

We remove the 'send to quicksilver' service
We keep the get current selection (internal) service, but rename it to something more obvious so as it isn't changed. e.g. Quicksilver Internal Selection (Private)
We make a new default trigger called 'get selection' that literally just does select current selection in command window. People would be told NOT to touch the ⌘⎋ shortcut in the keyboard preferences (if they do, things will) but to edit the trigger keyboard shortcut.
For those who still like the ⌘⎋ shortcut, and for whom it still works, since it'll still be enabled (as a 'private' service) you can still use that.
Added bonus: Using the current selection proxy works more consistently than the service in Finder (e.g. try the service on a folder in Finder when in column mode) so it should fix a few problems

Once we're down to one service, I'll start working on the few bugs with the 'current selection' proxy :)
quicksilver  hotkey  finder  filemanagement  tipsandtricks 
september 2017 by kme
Issues with Finder Selection (Proxies and Service) · Issue #485 · quicksilver/Quicksilver · GitHub | https://github.com/
Mentioned in IRC, but ⌥⌘G is "Grab 'n' Drop". It's a shortcut for "move the Finder Selection here". Hitting it should result in the interface showing [Finder Selection] ⇥ Move to… ⇥ [Quicksilver Selection], at which point you can hit ↩ to confirm.
quicksilver  hotkey  finder  filemanagement  tipsandtricks 
september 2017 by kme
Alfred - Productivity App for Mac OS X
A ‘launcher’ for macOS, very much in the vein of Launchbar and Quicksilver.
launcher  app  core  quicksilver  automation  alfredapp  mac  alfred  software  keyboard  Workflows  launchbar  macOS 
september 2017 by Puddingstone
The Baroque Cycle - Wikiquote
“Pay attention, that’s all,” Eliza said. “Notice things. Connect what you’ve noticed. Connect it into a picture. Think of how the picture might be changed; and act to change it. Some of your acts may turn out to have been foolish, but others will reward you in surprising ways; and in the meantime, simply by being active instead of passive, you have a kind of immunity that’s hard to explain—”
neal  stephenson  quicksilver 
july 2017 by DCE

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