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Six-day queues into Dover feared under no-deal Brexit scenario | Financial Times
If the processing time goes up to 80 seconds the result would simply be “no recovery”, it says. “‘No recovery’ would mean the whole country is in a traffic jam,” one official said.
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8 days ago by yorksranter
blakeembrey/deque: JavaScript implementation of a double-ended queue
JavaScript implementation of a double-ended queue. Contribute to blakeembrey/deque development by creating an account on GitHub.
queues  collection  linked-lists  iterator  stacks 
14 days ago by jimthedev
Swift Tip: Atomic Variables · objc.io
objc.io publishes books on advanced techniques and practices for iOS and OS X development
queues  threading  swift  atomic 
28 days ago by boyvanamstel
A little bump in the wire that makes your Internet faster | apenwarr
"This approach just feels more magical, because you'll have a physical box that produces negative latency."

Fat flows fill big buffers and then thin flows get stuck behind them, so install a speed bump that keeps track of the different flows (Flow Queueing), puts the thin ones at the head of the line, and throttles the fat ones so the problem doesn't just move to upstream routers/buffers (Controlled Delay).
AveryPennarun  networking  queues  tcp  openwrt 
august 2018 by torbiak

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