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Three's A Crowd - Granjolrass - The Magicians (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
So..uh. Let’s call this chapter “Three’s a Crowd” or “How I singlehandedly managed to fuck my best friend and ruin my relationship.”
No. The first one is definitely better. Let’s go with the first one.
TheMagicians  Quentin/Eliot/Margo  first.time  Granjolrass  season1  missing.scene  pwp 
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Affirmations - Dreamwvr73, Lexalicious70 - The Magicians (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
When Quentin becomes overwhelmed about his sexuality, Margo takes him on a magic-fueled pub crawl, with unexpected results.
TheMagicians  Quentin/Eliot  Quentin/Eliot/Margo  first.time  Dreamwvr73  Lexalicious70  au  au:mirror 
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But feel the strange heart beating where it lies - CountlessUntruths (KaliCephirot) - The Magicians (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
A detailed account of the 1x11 threesome.
He doesn't hear Eliot waking up, not until he speaks--

("Should I...")

But Eliot doesn't finish, whatever it is he was going to say, looking at them. Looking at him, Quentin realizes. Eliot's wide open eyes on his eyes, lips, chest and up again and Margo stops kissing him, turning around and kneeling over the mattress so she can kiss Eliot, a different kiss than the ones Quentin has seen them share but also not like the way she was kissing him. It's softer, and not... something, that was there, with him, not in a bad way, he doesn't think, just--

Margo is taking hold of his hand and pulling him closer, slowly.

Take turns, Quentin thinks. Sharing.
countlessuntruths  themagicians  quentin/eliot  quentin/eliot/margo  quentin/margo  threesome  first-time  het  pwp  rimming 
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Here in Your Bedroom - knowledgekid - The Magicians (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Straight up smut. Q goes looking for Eliot but finds Margo instead.
“Eliot?” he said again. He felt like a kid sneaking into his parent’s bed after a bad dream.

A figure rolled over. “He’s with Fen,” High Queen Margo said sleepily, one camisoled shoulder visible over the mounds of pillowed feather and satin. “But I don’t think he’d mind if you hopped in, Q.”

“Thanks, Margo,” Quentin said. “It’s been a shitty night.”

“You don’t have to tell me twice,” she said into the blankets. “Do you want to talk about it?”

“Not really.” He paused. “Do you?”

“Fuck no. Now get your ass in here so I can go back to sleep.”
themagicians  quentin/eliot/margo  quentin/margo  knowledgekid  pwp  voyeurism  het 
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Real Hunger Has a Real Taste - celestialskiff - The Magicians (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
“He likes it when he’s naked and everyone else has their clothes on,” Eliot tells Margo.

“Everyone else?” she asks. “How many people are we talking?”

Quentin likes being told what to do.
TheMagicians  Quentin/Eliot/Margo  second.time  celestialskiff  Quentin/Eliot  established  season3  threesome  polyamory  d/s  kink  pwp 
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Fall - Bluesummers - The Magicians - Lev Grossman [Archive of Our Own]
Drunk sex full of seduction, repressed lust and self destruction - as only the Physical Kids are capable of.
TheMagicians  Quentin/Eliot/Margo  first.time  Bluesummers  pwp  missing.scene 
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What Else Can I Do? - BigBadLittleRed - The Magicians (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Quentin tries to move on after he's banned from Fillory in order to save all of magic, but he can't leave behind the memories of the people he loves most in the world.
TheMagicians  Quentin/Eliot/Margo  established  BigBadLittleRed  au  au:branching  pining  angst 
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Fair Share - yaskween - The Magicians - Lev Grossman [Archive of Our Own]
Fill-in for the threesome in 1x11, with a side of Margo unrequited feelings for Eliot.
He pushed inside of Quentin slowly, and Quentin's hips canted forward into Margo, and then it was happening all at once; Eliot was fucking him in earnest, and he was fucking Margo, and in some strange sense Eliot was fucking Margo in a way he couldn't otherwise, and Margo was getting some version of what she wanted. Quentin watched her eyes fall closed, her mouth moving silently, and he wondered what gods, if any, she believed in enough to thank.
themagicians  pwp  yaskween  threesome  quentin/eliot/margo  unrequited!feelings 
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Other People - lazarov - The Magicians (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Eliot & Margo fuck Quentin sometimes, no big deal. (AU as in, disconnected from the show's timeline, sometime after the original 3some but before the end of the season).
It’s obvious from the get-go that Quentin doesn’t have a lot of sexual experience. Little fumbles make his face flush with embarrassment and they’ve had to train him out of constantly mumbling sorry, sorry when his fingers accidentally slip from their hold on Eliot’s cock or he comes without warning against Margo’s thigh.

And yet again, it’s all part of what Margo likes best about him: his lack of self-control and his clumsy but earnest reciprocations. He’s eager to please, and she’s always liked the awkward ones - they try the hardest.
themagicians  quentin/eliot/margo  threesome  lazarov  AU  pwp 
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The Cure for Insomnia - Charlie Rose (Night_Owl6) - The Magicians (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Things were going great and then they weren't. Turns out you can't hide from your demons forever as Quentin will soon realize. He begins to disappear into the dark corners of his mind and forgets how to function like a basic human being. Can the combined efforts of Eliot and Margo save him before it’s too late?
TheMagicians  Quentin/Eliot/Margo  first.time  CharlieRose  season1  hurt/comfort  au  au:branching  polyamory  depression  angst 
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Fair Share - yaskween - The Magicians - Lev Grossman [Archive of Our Own]
"'Accio condoms,' Eliot muttered lazily, flicking his fingers in a twist that made the air around them snow purple sparks. Two wrapped squares whizzed out from under the bed.

'Is that a real spell?' Quentin asked, stunned.

Margo rolled her eyes. 'Just the gesture. That little nerd joke was definitely for your benefit.'"

Quentin thought he and Margo were putting Eliot to bed, but Margo and Eliot have better ideas. Semi-requited Margo/Eliot (Eliot is gay, y'all), in that she uses Quentin to get what she needs. Whether Eliot gets what he needs remains to be seen. Quentin gets everything. Mostly a fill-in for episode 1x11, Remedial Battle Magic. Canon-compliant shameless smut.
TheMagicians  Quentin/Eliot/Margo  first.time  yaskween  season1  missing.scene  pwp 
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Vulnerable - ohmarqueliot - The Magicians (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Eliot and Margo have some introspection while watching Quentin practice a new spell.
TheMagicians  Quentin/Eliot/Margo  established  ohmarqueliot  au  au:mirror 
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sullyandlulu’s Timeline 12 ‘verse - sullyandlulu - The Magicians (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Saliva Makes for Shitty Lube:
After returning from Brakebills South to a mostly empty Physical Cottage, Quentin fails to adjust to a new relationship until he gets a little help from his friends.

See You Next Tuesday:
Sequel to Saliva Makes For Shitty Lube
After finding out he was not successful in getting Margo off during the threesome with Eliot, Quentin starts to spiral.
All it takes is a little push and Quentin gets his first real lesson in how to please a woman.

I Wanna Get Carried Away:
Set about a week and a half after Saliva Makes For Shitty Lube and a few days after See You Next Tuesday
Confused about where he stands with Eliot and Margo, Quentin consults his best friend for advice. Her answer, a double date at a Bleachers concert in NYC.
TheMagicians  Quentin/Eliot/Margo  first.time  sullyandlulu  Quentin/Eliot  Quentin/Margo  Eliot/Margo  polyamory  date 
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Warm - ohmarqueliot - The Magicians (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Warm skin pressed against his. A long body lined up against his from behind, pressed flush from shoulder to knee, an arm casually wrapped around his middle to keep them close. A smaller form curled into his front, hands pressed to his chest and head on his outstretched arm, hair tickling his cheek. His other arm draped around a narrow waist, his fingers brushing soft skin.

Eyes still closed, Quentin smiled into Margo’s hair. Yes, he was tired, but there were worse things than waking like this.


Basically PWP with a bit of fluff at the end.
TheMagicians  Quentin/Eliot/Margo  established  ohmarqueliot  pwp 
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Midway Between Gods and Beasts - Lexalicious70 - The Magicians (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Successful hedge witch Eliot Waugh finds his comfortable life in Chelsea with his best friend Margo unexpectedly interrupted when young, untrained magician Quentin Coldwater comes into his life, pursued by those who believe he is mentally ill and by a terrible beast from another world who wants to use Quentin as an unwilling pawn in its takeover of a magical world.
TheMagicians  Quentin/Eliot  first.time  Lexalicious70  au  au:mirror  hurt/comfort  Quentin/Eliot/Margo  polyamory 
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But feel the strange heart beating where it lies - CountlessUntruths (KaliCephirot) - The Magicians (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
"Anyway, now-a-days, we'd just flip a coin for it," Margo says. "But we rarely like the same people anymore, like that." Or, a more detailed portrayal of the threesome.
TheMagicians  Quentin/Eliot/Margo  first.time  CountlessUntruths  missing.scene  season1  drunk!sex  pwp 
october 2018 by southerly

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