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‘They Were Abusing Us the Whole Way’: A Tough Path for Gay and Trans Migrants
Violence and persecution in Central America had brought many transgender women such as Ms. Quintanilla to this crossroads, along with countless other L.G.B.T. migrants. They are desperate to escape an unstable region where they are distinct targets.
While the Trump administration has tightened regulations on asylum qualifications related to gang violence and domestic abuse, migrants still can request asylum on the basis of persecution for their L.G.B.T. identity. But their chances of success are far from certain, and the journey to even reach the American border is especially risky for L.G.B.T. migrants.

Trans women in particular encounter persistent abuse and harassment in Mexico at the hands of drug traffickers, rogue immigration agents and other migrants, according to lawyers and activists. Once they reach the United States, they regularly face hardship, as well.
Warnings about trans migrants being neglected and abused in United States custody have amplified fears for Ms. Quintanilla and other trans migrants. A 2016 report by Human Rights Watch detailed pervasive sexual harassment and assault at detention facilities, based on interviews with dozens of transgender women.
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“Everyone But Cis Men”: Creating Better Safe Spaces for LGBT People - The Toast - The Toast
some of the problems that can happen with a rule of "everybody but cis men"
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Against the Couple-Form | LIES Journal
Animate other modes of social organization with love and eroticism. Have a seminar, a reading group, a political party, a street gang, a rock garden more satisfying than two people in a bed ever could be. Love in such a way as “to annihilate the outworn, neurotic, and egoistic categories of subject and object,” as Mario Mieli suggests.5

Interrogate and challenge the ways that the logic of the couple constructs families. Reconsider the bounds of the family and whom one visits over holidays. Rethink social bonds outside of the couple tie, the blood tie, the legal tie.

Construct autonomous feminist spaces where women produce their own action and discourse. Banish the mediation by men of relationships between women. Prevent a single relationship from alienating oneself from the processes that contribute to liberation and the abolition of capitalism and patriarchy. Let no single bond stand in the way of friendship, organizing, and advancing the interests of the class.

Make intelligible the movement of history and revolutionary praxis as the only possible love story.
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Night Owls
“Nice to meet you both,” Jacky said. He looked around the empty lot, as if to confirm to himself that, yes, it was still the middle of the night. “So you guys come out here often, or what?”

Marcus opened his mouth to answer, then shut it again. Honestly, he’d never even considered the need to explain to someone else just what, exactly, was going on here. Sure, he’d mentioned to Cash’s teachers that Cash had trouble sleeping and sometimes they walked around at night to wear him out. But it felt way different being confronted with the facts while caught in the act. Surely there had to be a way to frame this so he didn’t sound like a complete parenting disaster. Right?
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Creating Change - January 23-27 - Detroit, MI
The National LGBTQ Task Force sponsors and organizes the Creating Change Conference, the foremost political, leadership and skills-building conference for the LGBTQ social justice movement. Register today!
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