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RT : This summer, we celebrated with our Science Series, which included stellar essays by ,…
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Being Cruised - Los Angeles Review of Books
Herein lies the complexity of cruising and being cruised. Cruising implies that we are just passing through, looking around, checking stuff out, window-shopping as it were. Will we or won’t we? Even if we are the ones doing the cruising, we might not ourselves fully know what we are looking for. Part of the pleasure comes out of the play of possibility, not always the follow through.
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The Gay Love Stories of Moomin and the Queer Radicality of Tove Jansson | Autostraddle
For too long, Tove Jansson's lesbianism has been ignored or written out of history. But scratch the surface, and the true impact of her queerness on her work becomes apparent
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Stormé DeLarverie
the lesbian who kicked off Stonewall
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positive masculinity
Being muscular or strong or rough isn’t inherently toxic. Being aloof or not incredibly emotional isn’t inherently toxic.
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