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Heathrow Airport security files: USB found on road 10km away
After discovering 76 folders with maps, documents and videos on the USB drive, which was not encrypted and did not require a password, the person handed it over to the Sunday Mirror newspaper.

According to the Sunday Mirror, the lost drive contained 2.5GB of critical security information, including the exact routes used by the Queen while travelling to the airport and the security measures in place to protect her, a timetable of anti-terror patrols, maps pinpointing the location of CCTV cameras, and details of tunnels and escape shafts linked to the Heathrow Express rail link.
cybersecurity  usb  airport  london  queen  terrorism  encryption 
13 days ago by bwiese
Reliquary : Queen - Rare Queen Sessions [SBD]
I agree with the original poster, great music but no information to be found. Which means, someone made a 'mix tape'. ...just sayin'
Rare Queen Sessions
Live Soundboard Recordings
Encoded: 256 Kbps MP3
Track List:
Keep Yourself Alive
See What Fool I've Been
Son And Daughter
Modern Times Rock and Roll
Stone Cold Crazy
Tenements Funster
It's Late
My Melancholy Blues
Spread Your Wings
We Will Rock You
Keep Yourself Alive
The Night Comes Down
The Great King Rat
Doing Alright (Smile Version)
I was given this with a batch of other random shows and outtakes of various different groups. I have no other information about this, and can not seem to find anything. -Original
music  SBD  hard_rock  download  bootlegs  70s  queen 
6 weeks ago by rgl7194
Queen Christina (1626-1689), the Porta Magica and the Italian poets of the Golden and Rosy Cross.
Queen Christina’s practise in alchemy preoccupied her for most of her adult life. Her interest in alchemy also has some intriguing Rosicrucian connections. The original Rosicrucians pamphlets of 1614 spread high expectations for a new age and a universal reformation of the arts and were circulated among radical Paracelsians in Northern Europe. The Rosicrucian elements that were to surface in Italy, however, appear to have grown out of a purely alchemical interest where the transmutational operations promised a future restoration of the "golden age" and was best expressed in poetry.
Queen  Christina  Roma  Alchemy  Magic 
8 weeks ago by dbourn
RT @smoofles: @smtm Easy! Use the tried and tested "Samo’s #howto become #queen or #king in 5 #easy steps" method!

Step 1: Go to…
queen  via:packrati.us  easy  king  howto 
9 weeks ago by smtm
Paradise Papers leak reveals secrets of the world elite's hidden wealth | News | The Guardian
Expose details (apparently) legal yet ethically questionable tax avoidance schemes used by global wealthy
expose  Q4  2017  uk  queen  trumpgate  elite  income  wealth  disparity  offshore  law  legal  tax  avoidance  report 
10 weeks ago by csrollyson

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