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The Queen's Brooches for Donald Trump's visit
itch. STILL my superhero name.
‏ @SamuraiKnitter
Jul 15

All right. You need ninety-two years of background. The Queen (hereafter QE) has always loved brooches and so everyone gives them to her as gifts. Everyone. A horse-racing org gave her a gift for lifetime achievements a while back - the 'trophy' was a brooch. You get it.
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Bitch. STILL my superhero name.
‏ @SamuraiKnitter
Jul 15

QE also does hundreds and hundreds of appearances, and maybe 95% or higher, she wears a brooch. And the brooch is ALWAYS significant. Badges of military regiments - she inspects some troops, she wears the badge of them to do it.
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Bitch. STILL my superhero name.
‏ @SamuraiKnitter
Jul 15

A head of state gives her a brooch? If they visit, she'll wear it or something else she'd been given by them as a gift. (This goes for other kinds of jewelry too.) To her it's almost like royal orders.
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Bitch. STILL my superhero name.
‏ @SamuraiKnitter
Jul 15

That said, she wore three brooches while she and tRUmp were both in town. The day he arrived, the day of the banquet, and the day she actually met him for tea. (BTW, he let her wait 12min for him to show up for tea. He showed up late to tea WITH THE QUEEN OF FUCKING ENGLAND.)
Queen  England  Elizabeth  Trump  jewelry 
4 days ago by Quercki
There is a conspiracy theory that the Queen trolled Donald Trump with her brooch
Queen Elizabeth is obliged to always remain politically neutral, however there is a theory going around that she isn't really president Trump's biggest fan, and that she communicated it through her outfit.
queen  trump  politics 
4 days ago by terry
, , , tea with the , thousands protest, drunker (claims) and there’s a…
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9 days ago by oliver.turner
This Woman Had The Perfect Response When ICE Boarded Her Greyhound Bus
Rock on
-- show them how a stands up for people who can't stand for themselves 💜💜💜
TianaSmalls  queen  from twitter
5 weeks ago by dionysia
Bed out Thursday i love you forever & ever
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5 weeks ago by matthewog

Her mental toughness is not only in tennis but also in life.

....hmm....I should go play som…
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8 weeks ago by kangaroo5383
Top 10 maps and charts that explain the British Royal Family - Geoawesomeness
The British royal family has long been a source of fascination for the entire world. This set of maps and charts will help you understand the phenomenon | by Aleks Buczkowski
maps  graphic  uk  realm  queen  royal 
8 weeks ago by N1cks
Queen Charlotte's racial features
18th century Queen of England probably had African ancestry via Portugal and the Moors. Europe has never been homogeneous.
portugal  race  racism  moors  england  royalty  uk  queen  genealogy 
9 weeks ago by nelson
Meet Team Kaleidoscope!

, pastor-in-residence, social
, producer, master…
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11 weeks ago by brchastain

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