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Not sure if common knowledge. Brass sold... - Gavin Lim Kang Jie
Not sure if common knowledge.

Brass sold downtown in hobbyco, queen victoria mall.

~ $8 a feet. Longer 2-3 feet variant also spotted.
brass  nerf  store  hobbyco  queen  victoria  mall  sydney  breech  tub  9/16  17/32  k&s 
4 weeks ago by 44sunsets
“Fat Bottomed Girls”, Queen | What I Like Is Sounds
The original image that a bunch of prudes thought was inappropriate for the cover of a rock & roll record
queen  fatbottommedgirls  brianmay  freddiemercury 
7 weeks ago by timberwolfoz
Interesting murders not boring stuff: Happy Birthday, Freddie
He would have been 65 today.

I can't really tell you what an influence he was on my life. Freddie and Queen as a whole.

This song in particular.

On with the show, Darlings.
freddiemercury  queen  nannyjohn 
7 weeks ago by timberwolfoz
Heathrow Airport security files: USB found on road 10km away
After discovering 76 folders with maps, documents and videos on the USB drive, which was not encrypted and did not require a password, the person handed it over to the Sunday Mirror newspaper.

According to the Sunday Mirror, the lost drive contained 2.5GB of critical security information, including the exact routes used by the Queen while travelling to the airport and the security measures in place to protect her, a timetable of anti-terror patrols, maps pinpointing the location of CCTV cameras, and details of tunnels and escape shafts linked to the Heathrow Express rail link.
cybersecurity  usb  airport  london  queen  terrorism  encryption 
january 2018 by bwiese

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