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D-Wave Systems Inc.
D-Wave Systems Inc. has 26 repositories available. Follow their code on GitHub.
dwave  quantum_computing  quantum  computing  simulator 
4 days ago by fareed
Physics - Viewpoint: Black Hole Evolution Traced Out with Loop Quantum Gravity
Loop quantum gravity—a theory that extends general relativity by quantizing spacetime—predicts that black holes evolve into white holes.
5 days ago by colindocherty
Setting up the Q# development environment | Microsoft Docs
Thank you for your interest in Microsoft Quantum Development Kit preview. The development kit contains the tools you'll need to build your own quantum computing programs and experiments. Assuming some experience with Microsoft Visual Studio or Visual Studio Code, beginners can write their first quantum program, and experienced researchers can quickly and efficiently develop new quantum algorithms.
microsoft  quantum 
11 days ago by WIZARDISHUNGRY
Good start on the new year. Do you plan to start to develope applications this year?
The Quantum Le…
Quantum  from twitter_favs
11 days ago by tguemes
An Introduction to Quantum Computing | Primary Objects
Learn how to write a program for a quantum computer. We'll walk through a brief history of quantum physics, describe how quantum computing works, and even write a game on a quantum computer. You'll al
quantum  computing  intro 
12 days ago by gilberto5757

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