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Power packed performance in Pocket Size camera of Cannon
The PowerShot G1 X MARK III stands tall from all its predecessors with the first camera carrying an APS-C format camera with a zoom lens in its compact body.
Canon  PowerShot  G1X  Mark  II  image  quality  features  of  G1  X  III  price 
18 hours ago by dennyfar
IEEE Software Blog: Why Should Software Architects Write Code?
Observation 2: Non-architecture savvy developers introduce more defects into architecturally-significant code snippets than architecture-savvy developers.  
Architecture  quality  research 
23 hours ago by janpeuker
I Am Pressing The Spacebar and Nothing Is Happening - YouTube
The keyboards on the 2016 MacBook Pro's have reliability problems.
apple  hardware  macbook  keyboard  quality 
3 days ago by jefframnani
Cognitive Biases in Programming – Yash Ranadive – Medium
IKEA Effect
Overvaluing your own solutions to a problem, and thus in contrast undervalue other solutions
engineering  quality  bias 
4 days ago by janpeuker
xcatliu/cqc: Code Quality Checker - Check your code quality by running one command.
cqc - Code Quality Checker - Check your code quality by running one command.
code  check  quality  javascript  css 
5 days ago by oppara
Clojure and Scala are less bug-prone, Python induces more defects, study shows

Statically-typed and functional languages such as Scala and Haskell seem to be less error-prone than dynamic and procedural ones, though the effect is modest, study shows.
programming  functionalprogramming  quality  bestpractices  reference  interesting  clojure  scala 
7 days ago by tdjones

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