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The Half-Life of Code — Sandi Metz

In my experience, most applications are a mess. Successful business rely on long-lived applications that endure a constant barrage of new requirements. Changes are commonly made under urgent time pressure, which drives applications towards disorder. As entropy increases, it becomes harder and harder to add features except by way of one more hack. The accumulated mess leads to hacks, hacks lead to more hacks, and then you're in a loop. Velocity gradually slows, and everyone comes to hate the application, their job, and their life.
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Data management is key to Marketing Automation success - Smart Insights Digital Marketing Advice
How to effectively manage your data for marketing automation success As a data-driven initiative, marketing automation is heavily dependent upon the accura. Marketing topic(s):Marketing automation. Advice by Neil Davey.
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Standard Ebooks
"free and liberated ebooks, carefully produced for the true book lover"
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Tool for awesome interactive
visualization of publication data
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