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Assuring Quality for Internet of Things
Since the number of test cases and data sets are much higher compared to typical software functionality, Automation is a must for any IoT Assurance project as it ensures better Test Coverage and faster release cycles. Quality Engineers will have to write "software" and not just "scripts" in IoT Assurance.
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november 2018 by djmonta
innovation.tank - eine Initiative der Seymar GmbH
innovation.tank™ verbindet Qualifizierungsmassnahmen für hochqualifizierte Erwerbslose mit innovationsfördernden
Impulsen für kleine und mittlere Unternehmen in CH.
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march 2018 by navegador
How to Walk From a Deal - by @kellblog
"A good walk-away process should pass three tests in the mind of the customer.

The customer should feel like they were treated respectfully.
In the future, the customer should remain interested in buying from both you individually and your company, should circumstances be different. (Ideally, they will be more interested in buying from you because you walked.)
The customer should feel like the decision was not unilateral."
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january 2018 by jonerp
Curbing your data addiction will help you make better decisions | WIRED UK
来自播客 lets know things 的 qualification 那期,但是感觉 argue 不是很强啊,了解数据的意义应该能通过万物互联来实现。
But the quantified-self movement is actually leading us to make worse decisions. The reason? There is a big difference between getting information and understanding, interpreting and processing it.
january 2018 by Qin

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