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Generate QR code to help guests sign in to wifi
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4 weeks ago by esh
Object Detection and Augmentation: native vs userland
"The web as a platform for distribution makes so much sense for experiences like these that I think it would be remiss of us not to do it, but the above two groupings of issues leads me to question the long-term need to implement every feature on the web platform natively, when we could implement good solutions in a package that is shipped using the features of the platform today like WebGL, WASM and in the future Web GPU."
JavaScript  ShapeDetectionAPI  API  Camera  WebGL  WASM  QRCode  clevermarks 
6 weeks ago by nhoizey
How Cosmopolitan engages readers on mobile | WARC
In response to this trend, Pels has a clear objective. “My goal is to bring those two things together, and to bring the magazine to life through the phone as much as possible,” she said.


As an example, the publisher has partnered with YouCam, an augmented-reality (AR) app for cosmetics. This technology allows consumers to use their smartphone camera to virtually apply make-up to their faces.

It also updates, in real time, as the user switches between, say, different shades of lipstick and eye shadow, or moves her head to the left or right.
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7 weeks ago by JohnDrake
useQrCode hook - CodeSandbox
CodeSandbox is an online editor tailored for web applications.
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7 weeks ago by jimthedev
Web QR
Web based QR reader works with Chromebooks
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7 weeks ago by amann

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