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QTS 4.3.4 - QNAP
QNAP explored the full spectrum of storage management, and developed the comprehensive and user-friendly Storage & Snapshots Manager. The revamped user interface not only simplifies storage management but also further emphasizes visualized snapshot management with helpful information.
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yesterday by dvand5
TS-253B - 特色 - QNAP
TS-253B 全新流线外型,搭配高辨识度 OLED 屏幕及防尘电容式触控按钮,打造简约时尚风格。其配备PCIe扩展槽增添更多应用潜能,可安装 QNAP QM2 M.2 SSD/10GbE PCIe扩充卡新增 SSD 快取及 10GbE 网络,搭配 Qtier 储存自动分层分区,加快数据访问速度;亦可配置 PCIe 无线网卡让 NAS 成为基地台,或是 USB 3.1 10Gbps 扩充卡快速备份外接装置数据。TS-253B 内建 USB-C QuickAccess快速存取端口及 SD 记忆卡槽,无须网络即可轻松存取档案,同时支持4K @30Hz 影音播放与实时转档,以及热门的 IFTTT 网络自动化服务,为丰富娱乐生活、同时提高工作效率的高性价比储存方案。
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15 days ago by FreemanZY
How to access QNAP NAS by SSH? - QNAP
Let's take a look at how to access your QNAP NAS by SSH both from Windows and OSX.Before following the below steps, make sure your SSH service is enabled in the QTS Control Panel > Telnet/SSH settings page.Windows1. Download and run putty.exe from here.2. Enter the IP address of your NAS ...
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4 weeks ago by hyunsoo56
Tweaking4All.com - QNAP – Automatic TV-Series download with Sonarr (NZBDrone)
Download TV Series automatically with Sonarr on your QNAP NAS. In this article you'll find how to install, configure and opti0nally migrate from SickBeard or SickRage to Sonarr on your QNAP.
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4 weeks ago by evansthompson
omvs 프로그램을 이용한 L* (U**ls) IPTV 주소 따는 방법 | 나스모에
이번에는 L* (U**ls) IPTV 입니다. 대략적으로 따는 방법은 알고 있는데 제가 L사 회선이 없기에 사진이 부실한 설명이니 이해를 해주시면 감사하겠습니다. K사는 - S사는 - 오히려 L사는 K사랑 거의 유사하고 대역이 3개만 있으면 되므로 간단합니다. 이 프로그램에 대한 질문을 받지 않습니다. - 여기에 질문 글을 올려주세요. 도와드리지도 않습니다.
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4 weeks ago by hyunsoo56

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