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Paul Craig Roberts -- Does America Have an Economy or Any Sense of Reality?
'We are having a propaganda barrage about the great Trump economy. We have been hearing about the great economy for a decade while the labor force participation rate declined, real family incomes stagnated, and debt burdens rose.  The economy has been great only for large equity owners whose stock ownership benefited from the trillions of dollars the Fed poured into financial markets and from buy-backs by corporations of their own stocks. -- I have pointed out for years that the jobs reports are fabrications and that the jobs that do exist are lowly paid domestic service jobs such as waitresses and bartenders and health care and social assistance.  What has kept the American economy going is the expansion of consumer debt, not higher pay from higher productivity. The reported low unemployment rate is obtained by not counting discouraged workers who have given up on finding a job. -- Do you remember all the corporate money that the Trump tax cut was supposed to bring back to America for investment?  It was all BS.  Yesterday I read reports that Apple is losing its trillion dollar market valuation because Apple is using its profits to buy back its own stock.  In other words, the demand for Apple’s products does not justify more investment. Therefore, the best use of the profit is to repurchase the equity shares, thus shrinking Apple’s capitalization. The great economy does not include expanding demand for Apple’s products. -- I read also of endless store and mall closings, losses falsely attributed to online purchasing, which only accounts for a small percentage of sales. -- Federal Reserve data reports that a large percentage of the younger work force live at home with parents, because the jobs available to them are insufficient to pay for an independent existence. How then can the real estate, home furnishings, and appliance markets be strong?'
economics  QE  greatestdepression 
10 weeks ago by adamcrowe
Fixed Income - Bloomberg
Bill Gross Sees ‘Much Less’ Alpha in Era of QE and Quant Trading
Bill  Gross  Sees  ‘Much  Less’  Alpha  in  Era  of  QE  and  Quant  Trading  bonds 
12 weeks ago by kilroy2
YouTube -- Keiser Report: The 1371 Days of QE (E1325)
'In this episode of the Keiser Report, Max and Stacy discuss the more than seven thousand euros per citizen of the EU created out of thin air by the ECB in its 1371 days of Quantitative Easing. Unless each citizen received the equivalent in asset price gains or cash, they have been robbed through inflation. They look at the conversation Stacy had online with an academic and a central banker about this very inflation. The academic couldn’t see inflation anywhere, whilst the central banker admitted that the point of QE was, indeed, to “cause” asset price inflation – i.e. house prices and stock markets. In the second half, Max interviews Professor Steve Keen, author of “Debunking Economics”, about the great unraveling of the Australian property market. Is it real this time? And what sort of government and central bank measures will be thrown at it to reflate the bubble?' -- Let them eat mortgages!
economics  centralbanking  QE  debt  malspeculation  rentseeking  landlordism  ponzi  SteveKeen 
december 2018 by adamcrowe
(112) Renegade Inc. & What to expect in 2018 - YouTube
UK BOE QE trap - the road to normalisation - without counter engagement (productive investment), and further Austerity, tax evasion, inequality, income gap, secular stagnarion, less money to spend for the average joe === very bumpy uncertain ride. ... and add Brexit even more uncertainty. OUCH. real growth for real people not gonna happen. // see also RAWerden Richard Andreas Werner for bank reform (local non-profit et al) // also consumers will hold back. especially w trickle down of bad news. job losses here and there retail inflation wage growth etc. creating a impression of a malaise especially for the 50% who voted remain. and 30% who didnt go vote. // see also news 8or7 out of 10 workers broke/permanently skinned - and consumer debt at 2008 high //
BOE  QE  trap  Richard  Koo  UK  Austerity  productive  investment  underinvestment  productivity  Brexit  Steve  Keen  book  RAWerner  debt  bubble  asset  alternative  WallStreet  GDP  output  gap  uncertainty  2018  business  consumer  confidence  fiscal  policy  NHS  monetary  Carillion  PFI  disposable  income  discretionary  spending  credit  malaise  secular  stagnation  stagflation 
february 2018 by asterisk2a
Capitalism’s Crisis of Stagnation and Austerity
After the 2008-09 financial crisis, the hope was that a combination of economic recovery, inflation and austerity would shrink the debt mountain. This, though, was too optimistic. Growth has been below par, inflation subdued and austerity self-defeating. (“Global debt is the danger: beware the butterfly moment” Financial Times 6 January 2018)
Kapital  Capital  productivity  Austerity  economic  history  secular  stagnation  demand  output  gap  UK  USA  Germany  income  growth  debt  bubble  inflation  service  QE  monetary  fiscal  policy  underinvestment  Exploitation  atomised 
february 2018 by asterisk2a
Budget 2017: Stagnant earnings forecast 'astonishing' - BBC News
real wages in aggregate to continue to stagnate fall eaten up by inflation. Does NOT help serving current debt levels. // The prediction that average UK earnings in 2022 could still be less than in 2008 is "astonishing", according to an independent economic think tank. // 'Adair Turner: neoliberalism not raising all boats'
secular  stagnation  productivity  inflation  Brexit  budget2017  paysqueeze  IFS  ONS  OBR  Philip  Hammond  skill  gap  output  wage  income  growth  disposable  discretionary  spending  debt  BOE  Mark  Carney  underinvestment  ZIRP  NIRP  QE  education  policy  college  GDP  Capitalism  GFC  recovery  neoliberal  neoliberalism  globalisation  globalization 
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