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6 days ago by kcarruthers
The New Lobbying: Qatar Targeted 250 Trump ‘Influencers’ to Change U.S. Policy - WSJ, Aug 29, 2018
Blockaded by Mideast neighbors, the emirate deployed an unconventional lobbying campaign to win over an unconventional U.S. president
Qatar  lobby  foreign_policy  TrumpAdministration  AmericanJewery 
28 days ago by elizrael
The truths that won't be heard, by Alain Gresh (Le Monde diplomatique - English edition, September 2018)
Kleinfeld’s contacts told him they were spying on US citizens with the help of Israel’s Ministry of Strategic Affairs, founded in 2006, which reports directly to Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu. One official said: ‘We are a different government working on foreign soil, [so] we have to be very, very cautious.’ And indeed some of the things they do could be subject to prosecution under US law.

To discredit the messenger, as the documentary reveals, the pro-Israel lobby has built up a spy network over the last few years to gather information on opponents’ private lives, careers and political convictions. Baime said: ‘The research operation is very high-tech. When I got here a few years ago the budget was $3,000. Today it’s like a million and a half, or more. Probably it’s two million at this point. I don’t even know, it’s huge. It’s a massive budget.’ He and his colleagues are keen to stay invisible: ‘We do it securely and anonymously. That’s the key.’
Vaknin-Gil admitted that to gather information, ‘we have FDD. We have others working on this.’ The Foundation for the Defence of Democracies (FDD) is a conservative thinktank that has played an important role in the recent rapprochement between the UAE and Israel. It took part in the 2017 campaign against Qatar and Al Jazeera, which was accused of being a destabilising force in the region. Under US law, organisations and individuals working for foreign governments must register with the Department of Justice. Would the DOJ dare take the FDD to court for failing to register (9)?
Israel  AIPAC  lobby  BDS  USA  Qatar  Press_freedom 
29 days ago by elizrael
Impatient with temporary deescalation deal, Hamas demands immediate Qatari funding in meeting with Egyptian delegation | MadaMasr
Israel, however, remains afraid that the Qatari money intended to pay administrative employee salaries will be directed toward Hamas’ military operation, a fear that the Egyptian delegation communicated in Tuesday’s meeting, according to the source. There are approximately 450-600 Hamas administrative employees also working for the Qassam Brigades, its military wing,  all of whom Israel has refused to pay, according to the source.
Qatar  Palestinian_Authority  Gaza  Hamas  salaries  UN  Israel 
11 weeks ago by elizrael
Free Nawaf al-Rasheed - Voice Project
Al-Rasheed’s arrest comes amidst a recent crackdown on freedom of expression inside Saudi Arabia as well as increased targeting of Qatari citizens and fabrication of charges against them. In all circumstances, recent analyses of Saudi Interior Ministry information show that arbitrary detentions of longer than six months without court proceedings or contact with family and lawyers have become the norm.
ksa  qatar  art  government  corruption 
october 2018 by craniac
Exclusive: Mesa to include nine countries while prioritising Iran threat - The National, Sep 26, 2018
In an interview with The National on Wednesday, Mr Lenderking divulged details about the structure of Mesa and its long term prospects. He said besides the Gulf Cooperation Council members – Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar and Oman – the US and both Egypt and Jordan would be members of such an alliance.
Gulf_region  GCC  Saudi-Arabia  USG  Iran  Qatar  Oman  Bahrain  UAE  Jordan  Egypt 
october 2018 by elizrael

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