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Building New Gulf States Through Conscription - Carnegie, Sada, April 25,2018
The Gulf monarchies are gradually reshaping their traditional pattern of civil-military relations, which had been strictly based on regime security and coup-proofing strategies wherein there was a clear separation between soldiers and citizens. In mobilizing national identities, soldiers are now playing the role of “modernizers” forging a strengthened relationship between society and the armed forces. In this framework, Gulf states increasingly conceive of and use conscription as a national engineering project to give them the public support needed to make the transition to post-rentier models amid a tense regional environment.
USE  nationalism  Qatar  military  recruitment  Kuwait 
3 days ago by elizrael
A New Standard for the Gulf States | LRB blog
Pretty shocking stat from Oliver Miles: over 1200 workers have died in last 3 years in Qatar, largely on World Cup 2022 projects.
qatar  labor 
3 days ago by arabist
Fifa threatens action against BeoutQ for infringement of broadcast rights | The Drum
- this is interesting given that BeoutQ seemed to be a way of attacking Qatar-owned sports TV stations that come under the gulf states stand off with Qatar
saudiarabia  qatar  legal  ip  totwitter 
4 days ago by renaissancechambara
What Happens in the Gulf Doesn’t Stay in the Gulf
Rob Malley on how Qatar-UAE rivalry is destabilizing Somalia
qatar  uae  somalia 
14 days ago by arabist
Pro-Saudi Tory MP accepted $20,000 to speak at Qatari opposition event | Middle East Eye
Speaking at the conference in September, Simpson told MEE that he had been paid for his appearance, but he did not know how much as it had been arranged by his agent.

A BBC spokesperson said: "John was chairing the panel in [a] private capacity. We have reminded him of the BBC News guidelines." // pathetic!
qatar  bbc  simpson  wanktanks  monarchy  chancer 
21 days ago by yorksranter
Qatar National Library by OMA | 2018-04-11 | Architectural Record
There’s no mistaking that the new Qatar National Library was designed by the Rotterdam office of OMA. Like a lot of OMA’s built work, it is slightly odd, slightly off-putting, but impossible to ignore. And the building quite literally borrows from earlier OMA projects, most conspicuously from the Casa da Música in Porto, Portugal with its unusual crystalline geometry and large swaths of corrugated glass, and, inside, from the Bibliothèque Alexis de Tocqueville in Caen, France—though Rem Koolhaas would say otherwise about that.

As Koolhaas described the design during a recent tour of the building, “We started with a square then lifted two corners.” The resulting structure appears like a rocky outcrop amid a bizarre hardscape of craters and faux mounds—by Dutch design firm Inside Outside—that might fit as easily on the moon as in this desert setting. Massive columns, nearly four-feet wide, protrude from the building’s concrete underbelly—where the main entrance is—to support the entire structure and its 80-foot-long sloping spans. Circling the exterior, the library changes appearance from different angles—the “pinched” corners are unquestionably the most intriguing aspect; where the building meets the ground opposite those corners, not so much....

Despite the books, the vast, pitched main room feels more like an arena than a library. In fact, one of OMA’s early plans for the lower central space included programming for sporting events. It now houses the heritage library where rare manuscripts are kept and exhibitions mounted—its exposed sunken, mazelike, travertine-covered walls suggest the excavated pit of the Colosseum in Rome. As in the OMA design for Lab City outside Paris, parts of this pit are covered with platform-like expanses accessible to visitors and, since the building opened last November, where musicians play during recitals.
media_architecture  libraries  middle_east  qatar 
29 days ago by shannon_mattern
Strelka Мagazine - ​Restoring an Arab renaissance: Inside OMA’s Qatar National Library
The book is not dead, Rem Koolhaas reaffirms as the grand National Library opens in Doha.
qatar  library  national 
6 weeks ago by griffey
Banks Forced Into Qatar-Saudi Feud
JPMorgan, Chase pull out of Qatar bond release, citing Saudi pressure
Gulf  Saudiarabia  Saudi  Qatar  UAE  Economy  Banks 
7 weeks ago by elijahz

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