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Bill Sempf | On Testing
QA Engineer walks into a bar. Orders a beer. Orders 0 beers. Orders 999999999 beers. Orders a lizard. Orders -1 beers. Orders a sfdeljknesv.
Unhooks the tap and orders a beer. Breaks all the glassware and orders a beer. Sets the bar on fire and orders a beer.

add 'tries to break the beer tap', ensures that the liquid coming from the beer tap is in fact, beer.

orders someone else a beer. has everyone order a beer. orders in russian. orders a beer for later. orders every beer.

Orders a bier. Orders a cerveza. Orders a pivo. Orders a cerveja. Orders a pia. Orders a øl. Orders a ເບຍ. Orders a 啤酒.

Walks into the bar backwards. Runs into the bar. Sits at the bar overnight doing nothing to see what happens. Tries to sell a beer.

Quickly orders a second beer before the first is served.

Orders two Orders betwoers asynchronousbeersly. asynchronously.

My favorite: interrupts the order midway and walks out. (^C)

Orders Null.

orders 1 ; select * from liquors; — beers.

Orders <script>alert('beer')</script>. Orders '); drop table orders; --Orders AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
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4 days ago by some_hren
What If?
These are all things that could, do, and will eventually go wrong, so if you’re a developer who decides that you’re going to forcibly hide a page until an event has taken place, you must also ask yourself what if that event never happens?
troubleshooting  blocking  images  lazyload  qa 
5 days ago by spaceninja
Automated Website Testing and Monitoring - Ghost Inspector
1. Add Our Extension
Simply install our extension in your Chrome or Firefox web browser. Click the toolbar icon on your website to start recording a test scenario.

2. Record in Your Browser
Our extension records all your interactions. You can then set assertions that will be checked to determine if the test has passed.

3. Run Tests Continuously
Once saved, your browser tests can be run continuously on a schedule or triggered via our API. We track results and even compare screenshots.

4. Set Custom Notifications
Get notified when tests fail via email or 3rd party integrations. Log in to investigate results and watch full video of the test run.
automation  browser  QA  testing 
9 days ago by mathieup
Testing iOS on a Mac (for Free!)
Full interactive iOS Mobile Safari browser testing is possible right on your Mac, no additional services necessary. We'll set up Apple's Simulator and configure it for testing Safari on a wide range of iOS versions and devices.
fridayfrontend  css  cssbasics  testing  qa  ios  vm  emulator 
13 days ago by spaceninja
The End of Life of Internet Explorer 11
Stop supporting IE 11. It is as simple as that. As soon as more and more Websites do not work in IE 11 the easier it is for the corporations to see the need to move on to another browser and nobody will be using IE 11 anymore.
ie11  ie  microsoft  browsers  support  qa  testing 
13 days ago by spaceninja
Coveralls - Test Coverage History & Statistics
Ensure that all your new code is fully covered, and see coverage trends emerge. Works with any CI service. Always free for open source. COVERALLS!
build-tools  software-development  qa 
14 days ago by arj197
minimaxir/big-list-of-naughty-strings: The Big List of Naughty Strings is a list of strings which have a high probability of causing issues when used as user-input data.
The Big List of Naughty Strings is an evolving list of strings which have a high probability of causing issues when used as user-input data.
testing  security  web-development  tools  qa 
19 days ago by techpeace

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