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Meaghan Lewis
QA Engineer at GitHub
qa  speaker  training 
4 hours ago by aeng
Angie Jones
Automation Engineer at Twitter.
qa  speaker  training 
4 hours ago by aeng
Sentry | Error Monitoring Software & Crash Reporting Tools for Apps
Inspect your source code right in the error stack traces. See what the app was doing leading up to a crash. Get additional environment context and release data.
it  qa  control  monitoring  analytics 
8 days ago by die_z
Signing Off « Developsense Blog
The pitfalls on "signing off" on testing of a product.
qa  testing  software  development  blog 
9 days ago by aeng
Testing Microservices, the sane way – Cindy Sridharan – Medium
Yep! The whole point of microservices is to enable teams to develop, deploy and scale independently. Yet when it comes to testing, we insist on testing *everything* together by spinning up *identical* environments, contradicting the mainspring of why we even do microservices.
microservices  qa  testing 
15 days ago by dberesford

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