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The Set theory and Python + Tips & Tricks -
Set theory in mathematics deals with groups of objects. It describes the relationship of an object with a set or group. Python also implements the set as standard python module. The sets module provides classes for constructing and manipulating unordered collections of unique elements.
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6 hours ago by ronert
Understanding write-through, write-around and write-back caching (with Python)
This post explains the three basic cache writing policies: write-through, write-around and write-back. Although caching is not a language-dependent thing, we’ll use basic Python code as a way of making the explanation and logic clearer and hopefully easier to understand.
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6 hours ago by ronert
Encoder-Decoder Long Short-Term Memory Networks - Machine Learning Mastery
The Encoder-Decoder LSTM is a recurrent neural network designed to address sequence-to-sequence problems, sometimes called seq2seq. Sequence-to-sequence prediction problems are challenging because the number of items in the input and output sequences can vary.
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6 hours ago by ronert
apsw sqlite
SQLite alternate for Python
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6 hours ago by nelson

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