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A command-line tool to download photos from iCloud
icloud  apple  python  linux  photos  opensource 
yesterday by adrian17
How-to: Use IPython Notebook with Apache Spark – Cloudera Engineering Blog
Here I will describe how to set up IPython Notebook to work smoothly with PySpark, allowing a data scientist to document the history of her exploration while taking advantage of the scalability of Spark and Apache Hadoop.
Python  ipython  notebook  pyspark  spark  apache  Hadoop 
yesterday by areich
What Does It Take to Be An Expert At Python
What Does It Take to Be An Expert At Python
yesterday by bfortner
pythad/nider: Python package to add text to images, textures and different backgrounds
Python package to add text to images, textures and different backgrounds
python  jukebox  images 
yesterday by bfortner
PEP 318 -- Decorators for Functions and Methods |
Enforce function argument and return types. Note that this copies the func_name attribute from the old to the new function. func_name was made writable in Python 2.4a3:
documentation  python  programming 
yesterday by atbradley
What are some common uses for Python decorators? - Stack Overflow
I use decorators for type checking parameters which are passed to my Python methods via some RMI. So instead of repeating the same parameter counting, exception-raising mumbo-jumbo again and again

def myMethod(ID, name):
if not (myIsType(ID, 'uint') and myIsType(name, 'utf8string')):
raise BlaBlaException() ...
I just declare

@accepts(uint, utf8string)
def myMethod(ID, name):
and accepts() does all the work for me.
python  programming 
yesterday by atbradley
Manage your Python dependencies with
Keep track of security and regular dependency updates by sending you automated pull requests straight to your GitHub repo.
development  python  security  service  packaging  pull_requests  vulnerabilites  automation  github  opensource 
yesterday by keimlink
Top 15 Python Libraries for Data Science in 2017 – ActiveWizards: machine learning company – Medium
As Python has gained a lot of traction in the recent years in Data Science industry, I wanted to outline some of its most useful libraries for data scientists and engineers, based on recent…
datascience  python 
yesterday by geetarista

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