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Flask-SSE — Flask-SSE 0.2.1 documentation
A Flask extension for HTML5 server-sent events support, powered by Redis.
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yesterday by ianmclaury
The only problem with Python 3’s str is that you don’t grok it - Drew DeVault’s Blog
’ve found myself explaining Python 3’s str to people online more and more often lately. There’s this ridiculous claim about that Python 3’s string handling is broken or somehow worse than Python 2, and today I intend to put that myth to rest. Python 2 strings are broken, and Python 3 strings are sane. The only problem is that you don’t grok strings.
yesterday by FrederickYocum
Guia definitivo para organizar meu ambiente Python – Medium
Sabe quando você está no meio de uma tarefa, e precisa executar um comando rápido para seguir em frente, mas ele não funciona porque o ambiente de trabalho ficou zoneado? O efeito prático é que voc…
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yesterday by arthuralvim

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