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Pinterest's Hadoop workflow manager; 'scalable, reliable, simple, extensible' apparently. Hopefully it allows upgrades of a workflow component without breaking an existing run in progress, like LinkedIn's Azkaban does :(
python  pinterest  hadoop  workflows  ops  pinball  big-data  scheduling 
15 hours ago by jm
films by Kris .com
computers programming python videos videoediting
computers  programming  python  videos  videoediting 
18 hours ago by adamo
Boltons is a set of over 100 BSD-licensed, pure-Python utilities in the same spirit as — and yet conspicuously missing from — the standard library
python  library 
20 hours ago by lenciel
A decompiler with multiple backend support, written in Python. Works with IDA and Capstone.
python  decompiler  reverse-engineering 
20 hours ago by lenciel
Automagically import single file Python modules from GitHub.
python  github 
20 hours ago by lenciel
Animated 3-D Plots in Python
In a previous post, I discussed chaos, fractals, and strange attractors. I also showed how to visualize them with static 3-D plots. Here, I’ll demonstrate how to create these animated visualizations using Python and matplotlib. All of my source code is available in this IPython notebook. By the end, we’ll produce animated data visualizations like this, in …
python  3d  data-visualization 
21 hours ago by lenciel
Tox tricks and patterns
An overview of Tox and various tricks and patterns — Tox is a relatively new tool [1] that does one thing very well: test a python package in a set of virtual environments. This roughly translates to ...
python  test  patterns 
21 hours ago by lenciel

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