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Plumbum: Shell Combinators and More — Plumbum: Shell Combinators
"Plumbum... is a small yet feature-rich library for shell script-like programs in Python. The motto of the library is 'Never write shell scripts again', and thus it attempts to mimic the shell syntax (shell combinators) where it makes sense, while keeping it all Pythonic and cross-platform."
software  python  shell  programming 
2 hours ago by schahn
What is Anaconda? - Anaconda
Anaconda Python and Jupiter notebooks
python  coding  linux 
3 hours ago by dpscott101
Firetable — firetable 0 documentation
Airtable is the best, but sometimes (nay, oftentimes) a web interface is not the best for a workflow. Airtable provides a handy and comprehensive API for downloading and uploading JSON data. Firetable is meant to bridge Airtable and the command line with: 1. git-esque command line tool that supports standard UNIX pipes’ and 2. a Python library for using the API directly.
airtable  python  airtableAPI 
3 hours ago by hazm8
chainer/chainer: A flexible framework of neural networks for deep learning
By Preferred Networks, who apparently operate privately the 12th strongest supercomputer in japan for the purpose of AI research
japan  python  deep  machine  learning  framework 
yesterday by asteroza
datasette: Instantly publish structured data to the internet with a JSON API
GitHub is where people build software. More than 27 million people use GitHub to discover, fork, and contribute to over 80 million projects.
python  sqlite  api  consulting  data  datascience  dataviz 
yesterday by gregoltsov

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