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Pint: a Python units library
Pint is Python package to define, operate and manipulate physical quantities: the product of a numerical value and a unit of measurement. It allows arithmetic operations between them and conversions from and to different units.
python  numeric  library 
9 hours ago by shannonlucas
TL;DR - 有关 Python 2 和 Sublime Text 中文 Unicode 编码问题的分析与理解 - V2EX
Python - Sylv - TL;DR##问题背景:相信很多用 Sublime Text 来写 Python 2 的同学都遇到过以下这个问题(例如这位同学 [/t/100435](
python  encode  decode 
9 hours ago by dofine
readlines considered silly
Calling readlines() makes your code slower, less explicit, less concise, for absolutely no benefit.
python  kpc15 
10 hours ago by shearichard
itertools – Iterator functions for efficient looping - Python Module of the Week
The functions provided are inspired by similar features of the “lazy functional programming language” Haskell and SML. They are intended to be fast and use memory efficiently, but also to be hooked together to express more complicated iteration-based algorithms.

Iterator-based code may be preferred over code which uses lists for several reasons. Since data is not produced from the iterator until it is needed, all of the data is not stored in memory at the same time. Reducing memory usage can reduce swapping and other side-effects of large data sets, increasing performance.
python  reading  kpc15 
10 hours ago by shearichard
Python: Name resolution order (LEGB)
Comments about how Python does name resolution.

Python  kpc15 
10 hours ago by shearichard
Arrow: better dates and times for Python — Arrow 0.4.4 documentation
Arrow: better dates and times for Python. Arrow is a Python library that provides a sensible, intelligent way of creating, manipulating, formatting and converting dates and times.
13 hours ago by deanpribetic
Semantic UI
Semantic is a development framework that helps create beautiful, responsive layouts using human-friendly HTML.
server  python 
14 hours ago by chris.leaman

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