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Colour: Features
Color library for Python that includes tons of color spaces, notations, and operations
color  python  software 
26 minutes ago by amitp Products: Python: eGenix PyRun - One file Python Runtime
eGenix PyRun™ combines a Python interpreter with an almost complete Python standard library into a single easy-to-use executable. Now with Python 3.4 support !
python  portable 
1 hour ago by dbehnke74
pipsi is a wrapper around virtualenv and pip which installs scripts provided by python packages into separate virtualenvs to shield them from your system and each other.
2 hours ago by Leonardo.Z
IPython tool to report memory usage deltas for every command you type. If you are running out of RAM then use this tool to understand what's happening.

This tool helps you to figure out which commands use a lot of RAM and take a long
python  memoy_profiling 
3 hours ago by jonmoore

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