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Create an army of Salt minions on DigitalOcean
This guide is for two audiences:
1. You want to learn Salt.
2. You plan on having a few DigitalOcean droplets and want an easy way to manage them.
-- We're going to combine the simplicity of Salt with DigitalOcean's snapshot and image feature.
-- Here's the plan:
1. Create a master server. You could use an existing machine to save a few beer tokens.
2. Create a minion - thank you Salt developers for using this word - and test it.
3. Tweak and snapshot the minion as a template for future droplets.
== The Salt chain of command ==
You need a single Salt master - a package called ```salt-master``` - in order to issue imperious commands to the unwashed, quivering minions. --- Your minions have a client installed, ```salt-minion```, and are told where the master is. The minions ask for permission to join up, the master says yes, and off we go. --- You can install a minion client on the master as well, if you want to be perverse. Implications of doing this:
* The master server can be managed along with everyone else. This is handy. === Posted: Sep 16, 2014.
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Wooey - Automated Web UIs for Python scripts
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