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How to Write a Spelling Corrector
"I figured they and many others could benefit from an explanation. The full details of an industrial-strength spell corrector are quite complex (you con read a little about it here or here). What I wanted to do here is to develop, in less than a page of code, a toy spelling corrector that achieves 80 or 90% accuracy at a processing speed of at least 10 words per second.

So here, in 21 lines of Python 2.5 code, is the complete spelling corrector"
programming  algorithms  python 
14 hours ago by ddribin
docopt—language for description of command-line interfaces
docopt helps you:

define interface for your command-line app, and
automatically generate parser for it.
programming  cli  python  argument  parsing 
14 hours ago by curiousstranger
Obfuscating "Hello world!" - Ben Kurtovic
A few months ago, I got first place in this Code Golf contest to create the weirdest obfuscated program that prints the string “Hello world!”. I decided to write up an explanation of how the hell it works. So, here’s the entry, in Python 2.7:
algorithms  programming  python 
16 hours ago by danwin
pytest-django allows you to test your Django project/applications with the pytest testing tool.
django  testing  python 
17 hours ago by piotch

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