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Arrow: better dates and times for Python
Arrow is a Python library that offers a sensible, human-friendly approach to creating, manipulating, formatting and converting dates, times, and timestamps. It implements and updates the datetime type, plugging gaps in functionality, and provides an intelligent module API that supports many common creation scenarios. Simply put, it helps you work with dates and times with fewer imports and a lot less code.

Arrow is heavily inspired by moment.js and requests.
18 hours ago by dserodio
tqdm/tqdm: A fast, extensible progress bar for Python
Instantly make your loops show a smart progress meter - just wrap any iterable with "tqdm(iterable)", and you're done
python  cli  commandline 
19 hours ago by dserodio
python - Flask redirecting multiple routes - Stack Overflow []
Update: to address the primary question "what's wrong with my routes", the simplest way to debug that is to use app.url_map; e.g:

>>> app.url_map
Map([<Rule '/user/<id>/<username>/' (HEAD, OPTIONS, GET) -> profile>,
<Rule '/static/<filename>' (HEAD, OPTIONS, GET) -> static>,
<Rule '/user/<id>/' (HEAD, OPTIONS, GET) -> profile>])
flask  python  webdevel  debugging  solution 
20 hours ago by kme
python - List all available routes in Flask, along with corresponding functions' docstrings - Stack Overflow []
from flask import Flask, jsonify

app = Flask(__name__)

@app.route('/api', methods = ['GET'])
def this_func():
"""This is a function. It does nothing."""
return jsonify({ 'result': '' })

@app.route('/api/help', methods = ['GET'])
def help():
"""Print available functions."""
func_list = {}
for rule in app.url_map.iter_rules():
if rule.endpoint != 'static':
func_list[rule.rule] = app.view_functions[rule.endpoint].__doc__
return jsonify(func_list)

if __name__ == '__main__':
flask  python  webdevel  rest  api  solution 
20 hours ago by kme
Convert sqlalchemy row object to python dict - Stack Overflow
You may access the internal __dict__ of a SQLAlchemy object, like the following::

for u in session.query(User).all():
print u.__dict__
python  sqlalchemy  solution 
21 hours ago by kme
Structured Logging for Python
structlog makes structured logging with key-value logging, incremental context building and arbitrary formatting very easy.
logging  python 
21 hours ago by dserodio
python - How to serialize SqlAlchemy result to JSON? - Stack Overflow
class User:
def as_dict(self):
return { getattr(self, for c in self.__table__.columns}
flask  python  sqlalchemy  json  serialization  solution 
21 hours ago by kme
sh documentation
sh (previously pbs) is a full-fledged subprocess interface for Python that allows you to call any program as if it were a function:
bash  python  shell 
21 hours ago by dserodio
Python API library and shell utilities to monitor file system events.
21 hours ago by dserodio
eofs: A Library for EOF Analysis of Meteorological, Oceanographic, and Climate Data
The eofs library provides a high-level Python interface for computing empirical orthogonal functions (EOFs) and related quantities, with a focus on correctness and ease of use. The library is implemented in a modular hierarchical fashion, allowing computations using plain arrays, or the inclusion of metadata. The software provides a convenient package for users wanting to perform EOF analysis in Python, and integrates with popular libraries from atmospheric and climate science. The software is available on Github.
python  atmosphere  climate  science  planetary  software 
21 hours ago by soto97

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