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Turpial: A light, beautiful and functional microblogging client
Turpial is a lightweight and beautiful microblogging client written in PythonDownload
software  python  twitter  linux  microblogging  client 
13 hours ago by goofrider
2014年10月26日 星期日 00时18分51秒
vim  configuration  python  ide  geek 
16 hours ago by bnpysse
csvkit 0.9.0 (beta) — csvkit 0.9.0 (beta) documentation
csvkit is a suite of utilities for converting to and working with CSV, the king of tabular file formats.
python  csv  data-science  commandline  tool 
16 hours ago by bkittelmann
Schematics — Schematics 1.0.0 documentation
chematics is a Python library to combine types into structures, validate them, and transform the shapes of your data based on simple descriptions.
python  data  orm 
16 hours ago by bkittelmann
Pattern | CLiPS
Pattern is a web mining module for the Python programming language.
data  python  text  linguistics 
17 hours ago by jonesbp
Python Data Structures for Humans
Schematics is a Python library to combine types into structures, validate them, and transform the shapes of your data based on simple descriptions.

The internals are similar to ORM type systems, but there is no database layer in Schematics. Instead, we believe that building a database layer is made significantly easier when Schematics handles everything but writing the query.
code  python 
17 hours ago by mfrey
RQ: Simple job queues for Python
RQ (Redis Queue) is a simple Python library for queueing jobs and processing them in the background with workers. It is backed by Redis and it is designed to have a low barrier to entry. It should be integrated in your web stack easily.
development  python 
18 hours ago by mbischoff

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