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DocPy - Packages - Package Control
Sublime 3 Pydoc plugin. This plugin autocompletes Docstrings if using python function definitions.
sublimetext  package  python 
8 hours ago by mgacy
Python Fix Imports - Packages - Package Control
Automatically split and sort your import statements in your Python scripts
sublimetext  package  python 
8 hours ago by mgacy
Audio fingerprinting and recognition in Python
audio  fingerprinting  pattern  recognition  python  github 
8 hours ago by khartoum
Write scrapers in Ruby, Python, PHP or Perl in collaboration through GitHub. Scrapers are isolated via Docker. Grab your data via an API, receive email alerts for broken scrapers.
scraping  python  ruby  php  perl  opensource  docker  github  collaboration  opendata  api 
8 hours ago by keimlink
Better Documentation Through Automation: Creating Sphinx Extensions - YouTube
Doug Hellman covers docutils/sphinx roles and directives and how to make your own.
sphinx  python  docutils 
9 hours ago by jonathansick
GPIO Pins to control volume : Help - Volumio
Ads helps Volumio remain Free and Open Source. Please consider donating to help us continue to serve you. GPIO Pins to control volume by smartroad » Tue Dec 09 2014 13:07 Hi I was wondering if…
controller  python  volume  audio  raspberrypi  radio 
9 hours ago by monks1975

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