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There are who are scientists, engineers mathematicians designers etc Reduce barriers so PwD can participate in…
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19 days ago by mgifford
Education's the first step on the path to full .
If we don't train the teachers how to include we di…
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6 weeks ago by mgifford
Bill HR1377 phases out shameful practice of sub-minimum wage for . Ask you member of Congress to become a co-sp…
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10 weeks ago by andriak
RT : If you are a or love/care about someone w/disability PLEASE Tweet & RT share this ar…
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february 2018 by dsampson01
Great need to work with this software community Read post below
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september 2017 by mgifford
ADVOCATES: Its Day 2 of the Week of action! Join in where you are!
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july 2017 by kitoconnell
Disability Leadership Institute | DLI Consulting
Looking for experienced speakers with #disability for your conference, media event, or workshop? DLI can help.
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july 2017 by stringy

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